No rekt mofos? REKT!

No rekt mofos? REKT!

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/gif/ has better rekt threads. They have sound!

/gif/ has way more porn to sift through also

and more rules




Awesome, you see the difference between pistols and rifles

Rifles bust your fucking brains out

holy fuck. real life frogger

Lulziest rekt



Story ? Please

omg is he ok?

best magic trick i have seen in a long time.

ooohhh geezzz rick i don't know









That's genuinely amazing


hahaha wow what a way to snap your own neck

he would have lived if he didn't get out


I envy her dreams

rip my nigga


woman with two pits.
Why am i not surprised to see an american flag?

Pits are a product of their enviornment. It has nothing to do with their genetic makeup

Like niggers in camden and detroit, right?

>Like niggers in camden and detroit, right?

Yes. The white male oppressors have created the outlandish negroid villain. It has nothing to do with their origins.

Thou shall not pass!

Probably the last time she ever moved her dumb black ass on her own.

Isn't /gif/ affected by malware supposedly?


Magnets, how do they work?

Got access to my gfs younger sister computer, shes 21 before you pervs get any ideas.

I know for a fact she is spending her new years eve away from home and my gf is sleeping so now is the time.

Tell me nice, fast ways to search for files and hidden shit and Ill post here

>yeah im an autist.



the cat didnt even run

Makes me mad how slow she's going after those fucking dogs. I would fucking kill those dogs instantly if that were my property.

It's her fucking driveway.

it's just a cat


They're just dogs.

lmao nigguh wat

What happened after that.

Dogs: Niggers of the animal world.


and some people like cats
imagine if that was your pet
fuck you

dogs gonna dog, neighbour


it was a suicidal cat

I was blaming the american woman


I have 3 cats. And my cats get along with all my dogs. They are not used to hostile dogs. They even sleep together. That's just my yellow lab. We also have a Doberman.

Going by what my cats learned about big dogs, they'll assume they're all friendly and will not be attacked by then.

Pic related. My Dog and cat.

I like that they are friends. I’m now going to smoke some drug.


HAPPY NEW YEAR Sup Forumsros...


happy new year faggot

It's funny because I've seen people say the same thing about cats here before

I don't know what to believe anymore

Who's the real nigger?

not surprised

is that the sweater guy from trump town hall?

It was funnier in your head

Seriously, what are the chances? This is almost too perfect.

Why are women so worthless?

this has to be fake, or can someone confirm that's how getting grinded looks like

put a bullet in your own head

Cat lived somehow, assuming dogs didn’t live much longer after this.

I think they got him

Nut hard 11 times
P.S Trips daddy please

Chinese Batman origin story

Yeah he's all fixed

niggas gonna nig

Bitch was drunk streaming for IG, the dead person was her sister, she has a life sentence for manslaughter.

lol same thing i thot lol

organ donor in progress

That's some serious gunt.

Smoked ham for New Years

......sometimes anal is not the answer.

I've shot hundreds of cats (no exaggeration) for trespassing on my property.

It's legal here, they're an invasive species.

*lands in lap*

Did I win a new tire?

This is the exact opposite.

Those dogs are trespassing on the property of the cat's owner.

Guess what. In that particular instance. It would have been legal for the owner of the cat to shoot both those dogs on-site.


Dogs aren't an invasive species. It's illegal to discharge a firearm in most urban areas unless a human life is in danger.

Know your laws, libby

HAHAHAHAHA. I love how it's clearly a marked crosswalk but nobody even thinks of yielding. God damn shitskins are so useless.

Congrats. I've never raged so hard at a webm. I'm all for stopping animal abuse, but if those were my dogs, I would have started bashing them. Want them to stop? Hurt them.

I like dogs more than cats, but I would have shot both dogs as soon as I seen the mean spirited fuckers coming up my driveway. Hell, I shot my brothers pit when it snapped at me. Not chancing it with an angry animal.

Doesn't take much... All I'd have to do is help my cat while those dogs are on that cat.

I then can show the video of the dogs attacking the cat. My life then is in danger. I can then shoot both those dogs. And "accidentally" shoot the stupid owner too and get away with it. Won't be tried. No jail time. Know your corruption.

you should be shot.

cats are filth. their owners refuse to spay and neuter them.

cat owners are so lazy, they just let their filthy creature roam the streets.

I run over them whenever I get the chance, and torture the shit out of them.

You're the outlandish negroid villain, pal. Not me.

China and Thailand are the same, pedestrian crossings mean nothing