It's January 1st...

It's January 1st. You’ve been kidnapped by a mysterious organization and forced to live in an underground chamber for the next 10 years. Upon your release you will be awarded $100 million, adjusted for inflation. You are initially given only a simple bedroom with a twin-sized bed, a modern bathroom stocked with hygiene products, and a wall mounted 55’ 4K TV that only plays a continuous collage of various landscapes and relaxing music. Your meals consist of a tasteless pudding and water. You are handed this menu and told you have 50 points to spend on additional amenities. You may decrease your payout to $5 million for an additional 20 points. Choose carefully, and quickly.

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Wait wait


I would choose
Fast food
King sized mattress
Lego area
Streaming on TV
Sex doll
Playing cards

Ok i take this
High end pc
Highspeed internet
Food cooked by chefs
Ned upgrade

Ok i take this
High end pc
Highspeed internet
Food cooked by chefs
Bed upgrade

Edit replace skylight with aquarium

Why? You like watch fishies?

Haha why are you like that?

Gormet food, nice bed, pc vidya with interet
^ better than my current life

fricky fricky fresh

Not him, but if do the same. Fish are companionship. Forget the sex doll.

>Gourmet Meals
>Sound System
>Medical Care

Adds up to 49 points.

Might as well get the cards too

Gourmet Chefs

Upgraded bed + Aquarium (just to round out to 50)
I could totally live a happy life like this

267 points to have it all
you already get 50

divide that by 20 points per transaction
and multiply THAT by 5 million and you would only have to lose 66 million to get everything.

so you can have ALL of that, and still pocket 45 million, way more than enough to not only live comfortably but to live lavishly.

but you dont need sandiwches. art is for fags. i dont play music, i dont need a high end system. Aquariums are stupid, as are cigarettes, i dont want any drugs either. dont need a sex doll if i got a partner. and lets say fuck it i dont want a dog.

at 149 points (after my first 50) id only have to lose 49 mil, meaning i can picket 60 mil.

if you want this to be fun, you should have higher stakes man

I read it as, 'if you want 20 more points, your payout is decreased to $5mil from $100mil' sounded like a scam, but now that you've said that I would totally sacrifice a load of money.

misread. 10 points, not 20. so halve everything. still a good fucking deal to take it all.

oh shit i didnt read well sorry im drunk guys lemme re think this

But that is what it's saying in the pic. Decrease payout TO 5mil, not by 5mill. So you can only get 20 extra points.

fuck it, 22 on internet. 15 on medical. i dont care if its an isolated room, ill find a way to get cancer. 10 for chef food and 2 for a nice bed i guess.

gonna be a boring time... though maybe not all that different than the life im living now. kinda scary.

>55 million actually, which probably includes have all of the meal options at the same time
Also OP meant instead of getting 100 mil you only get 5 mil

What you talking about?
You can decrease it TO 5 mill for 10 extra points.
any other exchange for pts is not allowed.
Your whole theory is wrong.

im drunk, i misread, and mismathed. forgiveth me. updated:


That'd be it.

in the pic it says 10 points

i chose medical over a clone. clone bf sounds sad

Wait replace clone with music room and sanwiches with gourmet

the 10/10 girl
acid every 2 weeks
and the gym
thats all i need bro

The clone
The sandwiches
The library
The bed
The skylight.
A deck of playing cards.

I'd reduce it to 5 mill for 10 more pts. So I get 60.
King Bed

I could live very content like this.

10/10 partner
king bed
and cards just to round it out

10 years with a 10/10 gf and split screen co-op as much as I want also sounds good.

Probably a typo in the text version. Always go by the pic

Until you realize she's better than you at Mario kart and you get tired of rage fucking her after every loss, and then you strangle her and wear her skin because it's year 6 and you can hear colors

If you're an unstable child, maybe.
I'm a grown ass man and can lose fairly.
Plus, she's built to be submissive, she'll spend 99% of her time watching me play and loving every minute of it.

You go crazy if you don't have human contact for a long time so go for the clone, or at least the puppy.

>human contact

This isn't really true. The studies about this were done with people in COMPLETE isolation, just a dark room and tasteless food.
Even then, not everyone just went crazy, a majority showed signs of mental degradation, but some were fine, a very few went nuts.
I'm willing to bet an internet connection and/or a puppy would pretty much completely satiate most peoples need for social contact. Having good food would make A HUGE difference aswell.

I still picked teh clone though, because 10/10 blowjobs at my every whim would make 10 years just fly by.

Didn't see that but you're right.

fast food
playing cards

it's gonna be a shitty 10 years

op, this version is better than the 100 point one (that one was too easy), but I think you could improve it by having some more options for certain items. Internet eats up half the points right off the bat, so maybe a less expensive option for slow dial-up that knocks you offline intermittently. I'd take slow internet and shitty computer if it saved me enough points that I could get a clone

Soups & Sandwiches
Medical care
Phone call
Playing cards

should make it into a movie ?????

Gaming PC
Sandwiches and Soup
Sex doll


Internet, high end computer, gourmet chefs. medical care, weekly delivery of cigarttes.

Internet and computer of course, at least i could socialize online and not go fully crazy. Gourmet chefs because i can't cook, and if you went fast food, i'm sure you would be dead after a month. Medical care for things like dental just in case. Cigarettes, i don't smoke but i ran out of points, i guess i can stock pile them and sell them when i get out. Ill swap the cigarettes for a 30 minute call if you can't use the internet to call people, id want to call my wife :'(.

I take 60 points

Fast Food

Where does the puppy poo?

>twice monthly supply of meth

Keep the other 15 points

I've done good in the past, i will do it again

Gym, library, degrees (as many doctorates as I can finish) medical, sandwiches, cards

fast food

Doctor and food délivery is more than enough human contact.

High speed internet
High end pc
Sex doll
And cards

can i refuse the 50 points, earn more 100 mil and give half of it to someone?

>Randomly generated clone-partner
>Gourmet meals
>High-end gaming PC

Why not just split the 100 mil with them? 50 mil goes a long fucking way

Gym medicalcare and clone and sandwitches

just happens that "someone" special can really use this amount of money to be happy for some more years to come. idk how much, but for me, its worth it. for real, i think that even 100 mil is not good enough for it.

Medical 7
Sandwiches 9
Skylight 14
Pool 24
Degree 34
Drugs 44
Phone 49

If the the degree doesn't include anything to take notes, I'd replace the drugs and the phone with the computer. More annoyed at myself that being limited to 50 is not so much about the money, but about limiting my ability to waste my time.

Stop spending your savings on cam whores

I'd say trade your drugs for library. I'm sure you could ask for notebooks, plus the librsry would really help with your studies.

my dad got cancer haha
and i'm really in bad mood and depressed right now
idk user, just got here because i got nothing else good to do, 2017 or 2018, doesn't really matter, my life it's a mess like me and this post haha

Money isn't going to make him forget you being gone for 10 years. Get a phone and make sure you call him from this prison.

let's see.
king size bed - 2 pts
Swimming pool - 10 pts
sandwiches and soup - 2 pts
PC - 15 pts
Play area - 7 pts
art studio - 10 pts
aquarium - 2 pts
playing cards - 1 pt

49 total

The gym the kitchen the library the card the bed and the sandwichs

Clone sex doll, King sized bed, Sandwiches, Cards, Degree, Phone call. Imma fuckin' nerd.

Cut me down to 5 million
PC -15
internet - 22
10/10 clone - 25
fast food delivery - 5
bed upgrade - 2
cards - 1
exactly 70 points

Gourmet Chef - 10 points
Skylight - 5 points
Swimming Pool - 15 points
Fully stocked bar - 10 points
Upgraded Bed - 2 points
Medical Care - 7 points
Deck of Cards - 1 point

50 points is too much

Fresh sandwiches/soup - 2
Internet - 22
PC - 15
Bed - 2
Pupper - 7
Aquarium - 2

you got internet and no PC or gaming system... gotta rethink that

you're 10 points over

10 gourmet chef
7 pupper
7 doctor doctor
15 movies and tv
5 phone calls
5 sky light
1 deck of cards i guess