Request food assistance

request food assistance

Im the first one on

my story:

I co own a company. I am currently writing code for it. We are a startup and have been through the ringer. Finally are sales are picking up and we have figured it out. The sales coming in are still not at a point where we can give ourselves a salary or receive funding at a sane valuation. Current monthly sales is $4,000 needs to be at least $10,000 before we can take on investment. I haven't taken a salary in 2 years while we grow this company. I have used most of my life savings to fight a nonsense law suit by our fromer CTO. We kicked is butt. I drive for lyft 8 days a month to make money while we build the company. My payment doesn't come till Wednesday and I am without food for the next few days. A pizza would be wonderfuly. Just want to eat and keep coding.

I would man but I have less than $10 in my account at the moment. best of luck

Thanks brother. You too!

Are you hiring?

Not yet. No one is taking a salary right now. Everyone is working for free. I do need more coders though. Can you code? Do you live in chicago or willing to move?

MERN stack. What are you guys working on? Don't need to give too many details, but what is the category? And I probably would, honestly.

Angular front end with a django rest framework backend. Backend is connected by RESTful api giving CRUD functions. Also connected via web sockets with rabbitIQ and redis message broker. Can't go into detail other than we are a double sided market place for corporations. That is one of our products. The next uses big data, to allow our partners to make better bussiness decisions, with their prime costs.

u should not have ur address on the site... could be dangerous

I don't im asking people to go to where I have a post and execute a transaction through them

thank you though

I'd consider buying you pizza as an investment in the company. How much of the company will I own if I buy you pizza? How can I ensure I will receive ownership?

Not bad, seems interesting. Would work for free, but I don't have experience aside from personal projects, and LambdaSchool(bootcamp type thing). How is the startup life(if you're classified as such)? Might be able to throw you some dollars from some old gift cards lying around. Will check 'em out

Oh shit, nvm. Didn't realize I had to buy some shit. Sorry man, you should have chose gofundme

considering our current valuation at the average cost of a pizza being 20 you would own 0.05% of our company

hmm would you be ok with chase quick paying me? I'll have to nuke my email address after but thats fine. if we do that I can pay you back on Wednesday

hello sir this site is a scam did you actually look into it at all

yes its actually legit but I would prefer chase quick pay to be honest. That way I can pay you back when I get paid on wednesday

it's a legit shitty merchandise website

Need any IT nerds or just purely codemonkeys?

not at the point of codemonkeys need people who can solve complex problems on their own.

fair. well would you be willing to buy me a dominos gift card and email it to me or chase quick pay me so I can pay you back?

Got sales staff or you just slangin it yourself?

whats your fax number

What are you actually selling? SAAS? How many of "you" are there? Why not consider a business development co-founder with more business acumen. Or perhaps a pivot? Ramen profitable and starving after two years is terrible.

Sometimes it takes getting out of the code and taking a serious look at product market fit. Don't get married to an idea, but think of it as an experiment.

this thread is already better than anyone here. gimme your email, ill buy a dominos card for you.

so we have 1 person doing sales we call them our venue relations director. We are very high touch do to the nature of the bussiness. So its me (co founder new CTO) founder, director of venue relations, 2 interns, and a marketing manager

thank you very much.

[email protected]

How does one get into coding and what could I gain to acomplish in two months?

you'd be better off buying ham and sandwich bread instead of eating pizza every night you fucking fagit

so we have partnered with several companies already which our market place and greater product (which will be built starting 2 quater next year) serves. Its never been a question of does our product work. It does, its a matter of dealing with that lawsuit I was talking about. We were stuck. But like I said we pushed through hard.

>How does one get into coding
First, figure out what you want to code. What is it?

>what could I gain to acomplish in two months?
Not much.

I only need the pizza until my job driving for lyft pays me on Wednesday

this is accurate

my best bet for you is to go to look at the nano degree supporting courses which are free. The paid nano degrees are made up of free supporting courses. and take coding courses there. Start with intro to programming

fuck me sideways. i can't buy the card. i overestimated my fucking money. im so sorry man.

why the terrible spelling? on the pizza site and in the op? seems english isn't your first language...

its ok thank you for trying I appreicate it!

Not a bad idea there. I’d be willing to work >for free in the Chicago area but probably don’t have skills you’d need at this juncture.

english is my first lanuage I am just typing fast. I think because I have hope that someone where will help me buy a pizza. I am born in chicago. I am from the US.

"Deals Fall Through" - Paul Graham...

I knew the ( crew long before they were anybody and they had his picture framed in their living room with those quotes, and you're fucked at the bottom.

"Greater Product"? It doesn't sound like you have a product market fit on your current product. Is this a pivot or are you just adding feature creep?

As far as lawsuits, I've been served papers by FB and sued by the federal government. They're not as bad as you think. It doesn't sound like you had much to lose in the first place as you had taken on no investment. A lawsuit like that shouldn't hold you up, especially for a product that doesn't really make money and can be pivoted into something else after CTO guy is already long gone.

Anyways, congrats on getting two "interns" to work for you while trudging away in the mud.

Is that email your paypal too?

it is not. My paypal is connected to a email I dont remember the password for.

You look like a real nice person i hope you sucedd best of luck to you user

and yes, I'll buy you a pizza. Any medium blog or something to keep track of your progress?

Same, I'm the MERN stack guy, but my skills probably aren't polished enough for a real job. Maybe I'm dunning-kruger spectrum and underestimate myself. I've been programming for over 4 years now.

Come about 6 hours south of chiraq and you can drink and eat with me m8. Fuck this shitty state

Do you have a crypto addy or something to send you money in?

Part of the reason I will admit that we are in this position is my fault. So This is my first website I am building. I recently graduated with a computer science degree.4

Im 31 though. I served in the marine corps for 9 years worked to get a bio chem degree (though I wanted to be a doc) realized thats stupid. then went into computer science. Started the entrepreneurship route, met up with a guy who had an idea. Left mine on the way side to start his. In the mean time after that I needed to get my coding and architecture skills to where they needed to be. Took me about a year. So that plus lawsuit puts us here. Happily we are pushing through hard!!!!

I definetly will donate as I am in similar shoes. What do you recommend for a quick paying tech job with minimal skills/college/experience? I am in labor atm and want to leave to fulfill a career.

guess you got into my ip and turned my camera on? Figured that would happen. Took the risk I just want to eat

finally, a good thread. WIll donate. Just don't forget to give back where you came from and those who supported you when you were starving for success.

I dont. At least it wont be liquid enough to help me. Chase quick pay would be best. Or if you wish to go to and buy me a e gift card? Happily will pay you back

ill give you my sperm, all you need is protein anyway

will for sure!

Kek sounds a lot like me

I normally just use paypal dude. I can sent you btc or pp right now. I'm not using that weird ass site.

Nah you just left a googleable name m8

Your best bet in that case is to apply to the big companies. Motorola, best buy, walmart, etc. Any massive co that can afford to train you!

are you comfortable chase quick paying me or sending a e gift card to my email? [email protected]

ah thank you. makes sense. Yeah I know im DOC ing myself but again risk I will take. I know that people are normally good!

were brothers in struggle

You don't have 8 bucks?

if any of you are willing to send me a egift card. Here is the website link my email is [email protected]

thank you so much!!

i have $1.45 until Wednesday

Pizza hut btw

>15 people in thread
>60 replies
lot of samefagging OP
no one donating post proof

yes mommy im a hot n ready boy

proof i am connected to the email

This is the only way to actually receive donations. Nobody is dumb enough to get trolled OP.

how would you guys like proof wanna see my account?

There, I sent you pizza $$ on dominos giftcard. Please do heed my advice earlier.

Got any cheap pie places nearby you’d walk to? Having fell for the med meme myself I can’t drop on Lou’s and delivery and shit

not going to buy anything from you, it will be rotten way before it come in my country kek

anyway, wish you the best Sup Forumsro

thank you so much!!!!

that's not the same email op posted

If this is legit OP, you better lingering around this thread until the pizza arrives to help all the faggots who wants to better themselves in tech. You owe Sup Forums that much.


Its the "from" email that the receipt gets sent to (mine) that got marked over. I just pasted OP's email into dominos.

Im sending you an email. I want to pay you back on wednesday!

not op but i'll give advice as well for $50

A real human bean, nice job user
Was worried I was gonna have to shell out myself for a fellow alum. Godspeed Opie, maybe I’ll come watch your racks when y’all get big.

I will post the confrimation page of me ordering the pizza and when it arrives

yeahh right op i know you changed the HTML and took a screenshot to make it look like someone donated so that others will join

nigger nobody cares about you, we're compassionate about OP because he is a desperate fuck who may become successful.

Hope it fails. It'll get to your head if it becomes successful.

i can haz to kind user?


Programming fags: who else is excited to get another year added on to your github profile? I'm fucking pyumped m9s

im going to send you all an image. I have to convert it though my phone takes images greater than 2 mbs and Sup Forums isnt happy

i am eagerly anticipating The Image
thank you

>have to throw it on my laptop and photoshop it real quick

thank you /b im going to order it now!

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what kind are u getting? enjoy

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LARGE pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and pineapple

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Nice, glad to see. Grats to big dish user for coming through. You good on gas an shit opie?

thank you guys. Here is what I got. I had to do a 18 dollar min for them to deliver it

so excited I could pee on my interns desk cause fuck her

i is a veteran it is a habit