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welcome to the great white north


Only if you want...

__ ____ ________

Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня
I'm not really bothered by it

Still here

Either way it's a waste of time. But do what you like, read anymore of 1984?
What part of the world are you in?
>>Inb4 the cold part.
Thanks, I'll see if I catch up!

Ulchan claimed.
Have a safe new year celebration

claiming my waifu as always

Hi dog.

Sleeping is important.

PtF my good sir?

I don't make the best decisions when I'm with friends

Don't welcome me to the north, american

No, drop dead

the background looks interesting, what kind of show is it?

Technically I did consent to my boyfriend, mostly because I'd been used to it by then
I still wasn't ready to be used like that though

I re-read the first chapter, but that's it so far

that's okay, I never make good ones to begin with.

Good you do that!
Good due to you is good friendo!
You are protector of the wall?

Minnesota, twin cities area, gunna be around this cold all week. I keep my house cold because gas is expensive


Ehh it only happened because of the sick

I hate hollandaise on pizza now.

The hell is that?

its a Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance anime. its really good

Um you too and more legs

a disgusting egg sauce

>boyfriend hurts her
>she lets him use her back door
>I hurt her
>get rejected
Fuck this gay earth


Never put icecream on pizza, retard


Its good when made right. Pizzas used boxed shit.

You monster. Or should I say, the person who would make such a thing.

I just re read that and have no clue what I was trying to say...
Sounds horrid...Eggs dont go on pizza.

Claiming best girl

Why do people have to put weird stuff on pizza?

You don't have the history with me that he did
Why would you expect any other outcome for you?

well then, warm up and preparation is important for that kind of stuff, going in with the biggest shit you can find without being ready isn't smart

bad decisions buddy

I am, no white walkers are getting through

who's this big cute

Guess I need to PHYSICALLY hurt her to get those beef curtains.

>80 or 100 smirnoff?
About 40%. Like taking shots here and there but prefer pepsi or coke with what ever.
>I am catching up
Well you take too long, I've moved onto drink seven and shot 4.
Nothing wrong with clearing your head but try and avoid it while drinking, You just end up miserable. It's not fun.
Cheer up user.

>"muh history"
Oki doki, roastie.

new years plans thrown out i guess
ill spend it lurking here

How far is the first chapter again? Is it just him talking about his Victory Rations?
You have my sympathy as a califag. I don't think it ever drops below 40 in my area
Susaaan what up?

It's ok legs you are drunk

i wish i knew

hello hello
just watching the last 3 episodes of Mr Robot right now

Eggs, bacon and ham go well.
Because 'muh fancy pizza'
I feel bad for the second slice.

so 80 proof

i decided on everclear, i wanna get real drunk real fast

it'll be 3-4 months until it's in the 40's here

you're missing isekai, adventure and harem...
that sounds really generic... what's the name?

Yes! Sing the song of belt fed hatred to the white walkers!
Dear god I giggled because I havent listened to the gorillaz in a long time thanks!
That I am and more intoxicated to come.
I want breakfast now uwu...

your at least spending time with your waifu. so not all plans are thrown out

Rory you fucking nigger why did you put icecream on pizza?


>people are already firing off fireworks
>it's only 8 fucking 39

listen here motherhugger
this is my sixth glass, I don't have any other drink with me

Hi Saya

surprise it me
just less sober than 2 hours ago

I have 2 box of 200 hatred each for these fucks!

Hollandaise is just straight memeing it, I wonder what else got wasted on that one.

I'm sure someone's already found a way to put smashed avo on a pizza.

Hope you get well soon.

what is she destroying here

.556 or .762? I know your a 249 kind of person but sometimes the extra umph is good!

i can tell
i'm envious

Well I hope you enjoy yourself legs
Yeah I want to work tomorrow

this is true, might get drunk later.
so how are you and what manga is that?
i think youve mistaken me ;\
no clue who saya is but im nyarko, what are you up to?


Its 9:40

those poor panties

Ni:b::b:a do you even timezones?

Its basically a breakfast pizza, yeah.
Onion and bacon. Ive seen smashed avo on pizza, I refused.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
(The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior)

it might sound generic but its really well paced. sadly it ends on a cliff hanger so you gotta read the manga that crunchy roll is holding hostage

Why is their a chairarm on the toilet and why is she standing on herself


there's a pizza place near me that will put giardiniera, sauerkraut, or refried beans on pizza

Ya niggas ready for the new year?

My resolution is to be honest with myself and others.

Will try haha.
mmmm yes!
sauerkraut...The hell is wrong with people!

She accidentally pulled them out in class and her classmate saw them. I think she had put them in her jacket pocket and forgot, later she needed a tissue and pulled out the panties by mistake.

Fancy Japanese Toilet.

>resolution is to be honest
About time

5.56 only, I really hate walking with the 240 and its ammo
But goddamn is it fun to shoot

don't take advantage of it :^)
too bad it only makes you slow

I know I know, was making a joke about how both of these waifus are cosmic horrors

I am getting drunkl, you?

looks like you already failed uwu
what's up Sono

mangabait... not gonna touch that then

I didn't have much of a choice, at least he was gentle when he "broke me in" first

Why do you have to insult me when I tell you the obvious?
What part of "I don't want to date" don't you understand?

He wrote a diary and basically had a huge crisis

Only fancy pizza should be traditional pizza

Mine is to be happy, I hope it happens

Hi sono. Resolutions are dumb

Still not as bad as pineapple on pizza

lol thats not a manga. the artist that draws her asked to draw her for a blood donation. but if you want to know where she is from. she is from the manga Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou


Is that series any good? The ads for it were a bit odd so I never watched it.

suit your self

Just use a shit ton of CLP and never clean the fucker. Then they sing like nobody's businesses. That is the true secret to the 240.
That indeed.

to be fair, there's a lot of germans and scandinavians around here, but yea, it sounds fucking awful

So you would let someone who beat you fuck you but someone who called you a mean name on the internet is disgusting?
All of it.

how would i even take advantage of that
good thing i'm already slow when sober

i'm really enjoying it
feels like it's kind of just making shit up as it goes in order to milk more seasons, but it's still very good
i'd recommend it

oh ok i see, im thinking about getting drunk and what games to play. any ideas?
oh, well in that case thats pretty cool. ill google the manga, so what are you up to?

I know right?

W-what did you fail?

The sky is up.

Being happy comes from within. Its better to make yourself first by getting rid of the things that bring you down.

I will die if I don't have them! What are yours? I'm curious.

Who is she and hwy dudd you clam her?

A hampster

A eldritch cute

A creep

Cant help the autistic I guess.
>coming from me
Did cute ears appear out of nowhere? Or been here the whole time and I didnt notice...

Hallo, Sono

I can do onion and bacon, but it wouldn't be my first or second choice. But with hollandaise...damn.

Imma guess the refried beans is for some kind of shitty taco pizza? But sauerkraut? I got no idea where that would go.

Yep, 2018 will be a faster version of 2017. No resolution because I'm too old for such things. I either do whatever or I don't.

None. No point in waiting for a specifc day to try and become better

m o u s e

i've been here, just not posting
so i guess i just appeared

if you ignore the weird toppings, that place makes 10/10 pizza

I have absolutely no clue, because they make chicago style pizza, it's like 3 inches thick and weighs 20 pounds for a medium

there's no "at least" in those situations

>never clean the fucker
and regret it when the Major's inspection is coming up

I can think of a few ways, lets not get into details though
slow with replies, I noticed

just get drunk and blow off some steam in a fps game

no u
you mean the ceiuling

Its known as the Aussie
I actually feel sick now

My resolution is to crush my enemies in battle and lose some weight.

Isnt hollandaise icecream?

>so 80 proof
That sounds about right.
>i decided on everclear, i wanna get real drunk real fast
Well i wish you luck user and i hope you don't get hungover off it.
Old gorillaz is always good, Easily can improve a mood. Glad you know them.
>this is my sixth glass
Congrats, We you have now joined the drunk club.
>I don't have any other drink with me
CAN ANYONE SPEAR A SHOT FOR THIS MAN, He's apart of my drinking buddy club.
>listen here motherhugger
Now you listen here astolfo poster. If you come at me with those fighting words i'll come at you. I'll kick your ass and i'll kick it in wrestling or cock fighting, So come at me.


Are you new?

Why Mako?

It's never too late to start something new! Don't be like that!

That's why the time is now!

Wait you failed me, or I failed you? :0

Losing weight is so easy! Just give up sugar and replace everything with water!


>traditional pizz
Literally what