Why is it so hard to not become fat?

Why is it so hard to not become fat?

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Only beta faggots get fat.

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Fatgots just need to follow what easy steps this innocent soul has done to help change the world

Just use Google instead of putting crap food into your body you fucking autist

I've been gaining weight lately, but I want to say it's good weight. I've been sitting at 155LB since forever and am currently 175LB as a 6'1" man.

I have shirts that used to fit comfortably around my chest, but have gotten tighter and some of my shorts don't fit anymore either. I really don't feel fat, I just know I've gotten "thicker" all over. I used to only be about jogging, but now I've been doing pushups and lifting weights more often.

Because we live in a time of plenty where most foods are ludicrously calorie dense and physical work is vanishingly rare.

If it's not muscle it's bad weight. Stop crushing your vital organs you brainlet

it isn''t just stop fucking eating everything you look at you obese nigger

dude, I've been trying for the last 3 years to get fat but I cant. I eat wendys and mcdonalds multiple times a week and drink 6-12 beers every day but i'm still 6 ft 145 pounds. I want to live the fat lifestyle, i'm a fat man in a skinny man's body.


You could gain 20 pounds and still look normal skeletor

I bet it's because you walk to these places to get the food. You only put on weight of the most excercise you do is going from your room to your kitchen. Another is from your house to your car. It's so common. Just get up. Move about for no reason. These fatties just stay still

But there is no February 29

nah, i have a car, but I do walk my dog for an hour every day and work at a big university with a large campus.

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Because our body is built to accumulate nutrition (in the form of fat) for periods with less-than-enough food.

Literally. I was 17 stone when I started college. The elevators were shit and my classes were all on the fourth floor. I was 11 stone 2 years later. I got fat because I played league of legends for 8 hours a day, drank alcohol, ate crap and drank soda. Soda is a devil

You can develop good exercise and diet habits and not be fat. Everyone can do this. You just don't care enough to do it.

>mfw i eat whatever i want and don't exercise and im still underweight


Because you consume too many calories. Consume fewer calories and the weight will drop.

yea, i smoked a lot of weed when I was 17 too, but I started college when I was 19.

Protip : this isn't food, it's just sugar and fat.

It's not hard at all. Record precisely what you eat and watch out to not eat more than 2000 kcal a day.

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Use real units of measurement, you cunt. This isn't the middle ages.

Only the braindead ignorant american race struggle so much to keep fit, no food culture, able to eat only junk food and not capable of cooking at home.

The calorie density of processed food is too high. Watch some Jeff Novick...


True, but that patty has protein. Old. poor me would have bought a ton of those and just frozen the patties.

Also limit 10 per customer my ass. You can just keep coming back. They won't refuse a sale if it's a different transaction.

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6'1 180 pounds of lean muscle. Live in one of the leanest states in the US. Made some chorizo, bean and kale soup earlier.

Can confirm. Full time student. Literally walk everywhere. Uni campus is massive so burn about 200 calories probably just walking around going to classes and doing things. Getting home is probably another 60-100.