Post your best/boring way to celebrate the new year

Post your best/boring way to celebrate the new year.

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Drinking alone and playing runescape

Are you me?


Drinking alone and playing horizon zero dawn

i was thinking on that but i remember that i don't have someone

Drinking alone and playing WoW

Drinking alone and playing crash bandicoot

i don't have a ps4

i don't like that shit

Drinking alone and playing mario odessey

Lying in bed feeling dizzy and waiting for my next mood swing. Happy New Year Sup Forumsros

Being in Sup Forums?

drinking alone
watching re-runs on comedy central
and talking to you fagits

Drinking alone and playing sonuc and allstar racing transformed

same thing we do every day pinky , try to take over the world ... by drinking , gaming, programming and lurking ... cest la vie!!!!!

Gonna shoot my gun at midnight towards Mexican part of town

getting started on Sup Forums.

it's gonna be a great year.

Smoking weed and playing videogames

Drinking alone and playing piano

damn nice quads, sevens too. maybe that means you'll have luck in 2018

I fuck this

Drinking alone and playing with myself

pretty much this. i've been dpsing as a protection palladin, it really pisses people off, it's hilarious.

holy shit son, i didnt even notice. heres hoping

im gonna start drinking

Already masturbated. Meant to edge but came early and it was disappointing. Not a good omen for this coming year lol

Drinking alone and playing final fantasy 14 online

>sucking on the entire top of the can

Drinking alone and playing scrabble

Wtf its 9:53 pm I'm masturbating at midnight. Fuck this shit, I'm gonna paint my house white tonight

Drinking alone and playing innocent

you cant get off like 5 or 6 times in one sitting?

pretty solid lawl. thanks user.

Not an experienced masturbator. Grew up conservative Christian.
My record is three in one day. I'm really annoyed tbh

Maybe by midnight I'll have calmed down enough to try again lol it's only 8pm for me

Drinking alone and playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, see ilegal porn

Drinking alone watching TLZ marathon.

damn dude. get a fleshlight and a big jug of lube on amazon, I can go like 10-15 times in one day if i'm really bored.

This without drinking

drinking bourbon, setting some fireworks off every hour, playing retro games, turning the hear up to stay warm, cooking my favorite food, and watching tv celebrations

>Going 1000 years in the future

are you watching dick clark's rocking new year featuring mariah carey?

Bro I don't have a dick and live with four other conservative Christian girls, I don't dare have sex toys anywhere. Honestly I'm pretty jealous of guys, vaginas are finicky as hell and it's kinda difficult to get anything satisfying. Seems like if you have a dick you can get off doing almost anything


Sitting alone. Doing nothing. Friends all had other plans. Gf fell asleep. Cable box doesn't work, so I can't even watch CBS and pretend to be a normie

You got wifi though dude, the internet is a world at your fingertips

what happened to your dick? greentext story time, we all want to know.

>be me, a fetus
>chilling in the womb, just waiting for some real organs and shit
>ten weeks
>wait wtf
>no testosterone surge
>remain female
>instead develop vagina and clitoris instead of dick and balls like typical Sup Forums user
>get to bleed every month bc of this shit

Drinking alone while drinking alone

post pics of your boobs or get out of here.


It was more likely that a dickless man was browsing 4 than a woman

drinking with my dad initially then totally quitting cold turkey to play LOL

drinking alone with "The Wall" on the tv surfing Sup Forums

Lol I know you meant to call me a cunt or something but my brain pronounced that "cun-tul" and idk why it's so funny to me

this. I thought maybe an old girlfriend cut it off or they got cancer or something.

So I hear. I wonder what a dickless man would look like. Would it just be smooth skin down there? Does he still have balls, just no shaft? I'm suddenly curious

I ate an entire rye boat and jerked off to this.

Drinking alone, binge watching the office, snapping with an ex

Oh second thought, "cuntl" sounds like some ancient Aztec weapon or food or something

dude have you considered just like starting this new year w/o fapping?

well what else is there to do

fuck you

drinking alone, fapping while playing Sven Coop with a nude player model while in Sup Forums on Steam interface...

I really did though, when he throws back his legs and shows his hole I came so hard. Probably gonna watch it a couple more times before the nights done. :)

drinking at a family party, thinking of ways to end it all with a bang. i've got 4k which isn't much but surely enough for one last happy day

Once i had no where to go on nye and planed to stay with my parents but they invited some guests over so in order to be not seen as the weird guy with no friends i lied to them i would meet with some guys.
So all i did was driving for about 6 hours with my bike through the cold night.
And as i got home the guests were still there ...

its pretty much full moon, so u can enjoy that

if you're capable of being happy then why would you want to kill yourself, idiot? mind you that I don't actually care so don't bother responding, go do it.

Was going to go to a concert but everyone is sick or away so i am going to spend it alone. It’s okay though i sold my tickets and made double my money

do they even sell tvs that arent 4k anymore?

beating my meat off to loli's

Reading pretentious books and drinking Johnnie Walker