I am 41 years old. I have a disability, I am visually impaired, have depression...

I am 41 years old. I have a disability, I am visually impaired, have depression, anxiety and OCD and can't do things like drive a car. I live with my parents and have my whole life.

When I trued 38 I moved into an apartment to be closer to a girl I knew, she is bi polar but eventually stooped coming over and talking to so I moved back to my parents house, she still calls me though, but has a bf she said, so idk how long that will last, because she always had lots of guy friends. I talked to her dad and he said she don't have a boyfriend.

I will probably eventually have to move back there, my parents pay rent, it's a luxury apartment in a nice neighborhood. But I'm scared because last time I hated being alone except when she came over I was fine but when she left, it's like I could not stand to be there myself. So I idk what to do when I move back there, I have no job skills and never went to college, only jobs I ever had were wal mart and a movie theater and I have not worked since 2007.

I am just terrified of being by myself over there, I can't make friends and girls never talk to me and I can't relate to anyone because of my disability. I am also getting to where I can't handle life anymore, it's just so depressing and only gets worse with age, I hate being this old, I feel like life is just getting worse ever year.

What is really bothering me about moving back to the apartment is I will miss my dog Maya, a Siberian husky that is ten years old, and she can't go with me because she won't be happy in an apartment, plus she has diabetes, would be hard to take care of her.

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Why aren’t you on your nation’s disability service to get housing, money, and free services?
Your dog could also be considered a service animal with the proper classes and certifications - which would be free if you get disability.

>Why aren’t you on your nation’s disability service to get housing, money, and free services?
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Uh, no. SSD can provide a housing allowance as well as utility help that has nothing to do with Section 8.
Source: my greatnephew is profoundly autistic - he’ll never drive, and likely will never go to college or have a real job. His guardian passed away, and my mother became his guardian. She is now provided with utility and housing assistance because of her guardianship to him since he is on SSD.

>SSD can provide a housing
yes government housing

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My life was on track, decent job, wife, two kids, no debt. Still poor, but comfortably so. I was 33. One day I went to work and almost died. Traumatic brain injury. My life went to shit over the next year and stayed bad for about three years. Nothing helped anything. Everything I touched turned to shit. By some miracle, my family didn't fly apart (started to, though). We all ended up living with my parents. My father had cancer and died a few months later. We are still living with my mother. Everyone has just more or less accepted that's how it's going to be.

2014, all I did was smoke weed and study the Bible. Arnold Murray showed me how. That crotchety old man has helped many who were on a dark path.

He taught me who Jesus Christ was, Son of God and messiah of the Jews. He also taught me that He died for my sins, was buried, and rose again. He showed me where the Bible had foretold this.

Then I prayed. I read my Bible. I studied to try to understand it in context. I prayed more.

Slowly, but SURELY, He has healed me. I'm emotionally stable, have a decent job, my marriage is better, have three kids now who all get along better since we started doing ttb.org's daily Bible study together. I still hate the world, but I can bear it. Plus, I have not just Hope, but I know it gets better one day. I'll spare you the discussion of prophecy, but remember any moment can be your last. It's time to get right with Jesus!

Chuck Missler's Cosmic Codes & Learn the Bible in 24 Hours are good for dispelling most doubt. Ttb.org has J.Vernon McGee's loving wisdom. Robert Breaker can show you how it all works together.

Arnold Murray doesn't have everything right in my opinion, but he will get you to Him and put a foot in your behind when you need it.

Screw the world. It has no future. Hit YouTube and get saved!