What is Sup Forums drinking for New Years Eve?

What is Sup Forums drinking for New Years Eve?

try not to drink it all in one night... you might actually catch a mild buzz



This is my 2nd bottle m8 I started drinking a few hours ago

Sorry to break this to you, but that is definitely not all jack daniels in that bottle. Piss or water added i would guess.

Got 3 10 barrel apocalypse ipas leftover from last night, then ill probably have 2 or 3 pbrs and be in bed before midnight.

Kek w0t? I literally just opened it

this is my third you little bitch

Bookers and Makers 46.

Almost done with this one about to crack this one open next

Plus Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPAs

I'm on duty today so this.

What's your job user?

Disgusting. As a true Canadian I apologize you have to drink that

wow thats cute how bout drinking some real shit

a Police Officer.

gin and depression

Have many niggers have you beaten today?


That shit tastes like woodchips and absolut tastes like soap and rubbing alcohol
Nice be safe user


Someone turned me on to Kraken, so just sippn' on some pic and cola. Damn I wish my friends wanted to do something, though!

kill yourself faggot

this and playing fallout 4 later. Going to build a fire as well

hahha still better than faggot daniels

All the time is 'where are the damn police' good or bad in your mind.

that peppermint shits actually pretty good straight


I'm drinking mead and

i want to get fucked up, what do? I wanted to smoke some weed and shit but i finished it and don't want to/doubt my dealer has tonight especially just for a dub since after tonight i have to productive

hhaha i dont need no fuckin police i got that thang on me 24 7

it is. Cheap as fuck too

Kraken is the shit I ended up getting a bottle a week ago and their commercials are always really cool

>not drinking your alcohol straight

sure is pussy-faggot in this thread


haha have fun feeling like shhhit tommorw i can drink 3 eights of aboslut and feel great in the morning.

3 shots of kraken and i got the shits for a week lol u faggot

pork ribs
>yes drinking.

how much did you pay for that? honestly wine is terrific - it beats any other type of alcohol. my favorites are Marsala and Port wines

Well Jack doesn't taste like rubbing alcohol or woodchips so to each their own

drinking with guns. even the nra wouldnt approve.

i got this at the woodmen's by my house it was $25.99

I fucking love that shit.
wish I could find it for under 30 burgerbucks tho.

whho give a fuck how it tastes its about getting fucked up you faggot and not feeling like nigger shit in the morning

fuck the nra

Lol, bullitt is for poorfags from Louisville who actually attend the derby

Absolut is some of the cheapest liquor I've ever had the displeasure of tasting it's one of the worst vodkas you might as well be drinking Burnett's at least you'll get more out of it. How you don't feel like shit after drinking practically rubbing alcohol is beyond me

t.drunk, stupid or both

wow, youre such a racist piece of shit. I bet you put cream in your coffee because you "dont like it black." did you know tim horton died because he was drinking while he was driving? he could have literally murdered someone.

it's not if u didn't shove ur glock i would belive u euro and then maybe secound but I easy tell u amerifat and it is like 7pm at you

Kentucky > Tennessee when it comes to the bottle.

People who make and post in these threads are always adults who never grew up from high school.

glocks are for fags thats a smith and wesson u dumb bitch

You're not wrong at all user Kentucky whiskey is the best I've had

im a loner

truth. Im 26 and still smoke weed every day.

Bro. Real? How is it?

Way too pale for jack.

yet here you are. faggot

Smooth as a motherfucker.

I just use milk.

Time stamp or it didn’t happen

>on Sup Forums talking about how mature and adult like they are
We are all pathetic manchildren, accept it.

Also This is me too

Somehow I think you're one of those people who browse and comment on the porn threads


flavored absolut and needlessly adding guns to the picture...such a weenus.

>I just use milk.
The fuck you just say??? You racist fucking cracker ass motherfucking white bread motherfucker

Jealous man. I’ve had many kinds of whiskey and bourbon over the year but pappy is just way, way too expensive to even try and get.

that's one hell on a selection you have there user nice very nice in deed

Probably the lighting from the tv

someone is jelly

Sorry. No time stamp. But I Got lucky and scored it and another bottle at Kroger in Versailles in a lottery. Still had to pay $93 dollars each for them. Trying to find a buyer for the second. Got a spare $900 you want to part with?

Flavored vodka is for 12 year olds.

And club douches.

>lavored vodka is for 12 year olds.

One more step to identifying your tinder profile

Just finished the last of my Woodford Reserved, now for a little Japanese porn then bed.

So... boys, or girls?

The rest of my Captain Morgans Spiced Rum. If this runs out and I'm not feeling good enough I'll dip into the private reserve.

You're drinking raspberry vodka and you have the gall to call this douche a bitch?

good shiet!

Got a few bottles of this in at work last month. Grabbed one for myself and opted to save it for a special occasion. Given that I just got divorce papers on Friday, I'd say this counts.

Nah. Tell me about what you're drinking. I'll pretend to be impressed and talk with you about the positives and negatives of each drink like i'm not talking out of my ass. I should fit right in.

Denatured Ethanol

With Ginger Ale.

I'd prefer a Gin Mule, but a Gin Buck'll do in a pinch.

Are you excited about divorce? Obviously it’s atleast a little crushing but are you excited to live your life exactly the way you want as a single man?

I’ve got a gf and everything is good and I’m happy but there are certainly things i wish i could do that i cannot. I’d like to move somewhere nice and different, go explore stuff like that that my gf doesn’t like to do. I wouldn’t leave her, not now atleast, as I’m happier than I have been in forever and I’m excited to see where it goes but i wouldn’t be that devastated

Bar Louie is pretty much giving away alcohol so im drinking knob creek manhattans and several bottles of wine with good people

Strange. I made a thread his morning about rum with someone with your avatar this morning. Slept well from the booze btw

Jagermeinster and José Cuervo Gold

I was pretty blindsided by it, to be honest. I haven't really processed how I feel about it, but more than anything I'm concerned for our kids. We have two young ones, and I don't want them to suffer the consequences if things get acrimonious.

6 pack of Milwaukee best ice


Oooooh man that’s some real shit i dunno why but i didn’t think about that. Hope it all works out man

> Who gives a fuck about the taste
He says as he drinks flavored vodka either drink it straight like a man or get better quality alcohol that doesn't need artificial flavors and sweeteners to be good



Anyone fucked as me?

> Implying everyone on Sup Forums isn't a basement dwelling manchild


whey protein

i wake up tomorrow morning big as fuck still while you wake up skinnyfat-obese and hungover.