Should i be worried Sup Forums? its been the pain and had puss the other day but no blood...

Should i be worried Sup Forums? its been the pain and had puss the other day but no blood, I banged it at work today and now da blood. Is this star of ingrown?

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love u 2 bb

Yes it is ingrown go to a doctor and have it looked at, otherwise you may lose the toe nail all together

pic related, my toes.

That's pretty bad I'd get that checked out ASAP

Maybe if you didn't cut them so short holy shit.

put some damp turmeric powder on it and wrap it with a bandaid. pain will go away immediately and it will heal quick. thank me later.

Yeah, that's ingrown. Take it to a doctor and they can get it fixed up for ya.

In the meantime, try using some peroxide on q-tips to clean it out. Helped me loads when I got them.

Ive had ingrown toenails get that bad a couple times, heres my trick

>dig into infected part of toe with a small knife
>find where the nail is growing into your toe and use leverage from the knife to pop it out
>cut it off with finger nail clippers (this part may take a few tries)
>keep wound clean with peroxide and rubbing alcohol

Never had to go to a doctor using that technique, but be warned, it will hurt

I've had these before. Either it's mild gangrene, or a paranychia. It's usually the latter. Just soak it in some hot water and then drain it with a needle. Disinfect it afterwards. You'll get them from time to time, but eventually, they'll stop coming up.

just dig deep and rip it out retard. I do it all the time

Ok this is what you really need to do put your foot into a bath of soda forr like 15 -20 minutes and then fuck around with a knife trying to fold it back again after that dont fuck with it just keep it clean but your better off going to a docter since you will probably not use any clean tools.

If you lost weight you could cut them properly

How does it heal?

it heals fine. it hurts like a motherfucker but it's gotta be done. do ppl really go to the doctor for this shit?

im like fucking 100 pounds im juust a fucking idiot not fat boyo XD

>and now da blood.

Just wait until they have to take it off at the knee.

i guess so, ive cut them like this my entire life didnt know it was a problem. i guess lesss around the sides. but fuck if i keep them long i go full retard and cut myself with my own fucking nails

okay will do bb

Yeah it's ingrown. I always cut my toenails too much and an ingrown gets in the way and gets a bit painful for a few days or a week but nothing to worry about. Just soak it in hydrogen peroxide if you're worried.

>now da blood
da gangsta ass mofo in ya rise up heal da issue u be fine mon.

sounds like a buncha pussies tbh. it does hurt but I've never considered going to the doctor over one of those. I get them fairly often. hbu? often or are they very rare for you?

toe man here: ill see in a week where it goes and if continues i will go to doc

i have never had one my entire 18 years of life, so i dont know what to think. its mostly been just bothersome untill i banged it up and it feels like fucking shit. i work at a theater so i walk around so much and it just gets aggitated

thank u mon i do the good heal re quik my toe will do da boom boom fix

yueaaaa i would rather not thanks boi

what is this a fucking saw movie? id rather have my insurance maybe pay for it and for me to be dead while they do it no thanks, im a pussy

You've obviously never had bad ones. Mine got so bad I could barely walk at one point, and this was being used to them. When I had my right nail removed the nurse couldn't believe I'd walked into the room without support.

oh you're OP? fuck yeah I forgot about how bad it hurts when you bang it on something. I usually just make sure the clippers or whatever I'm using is clean, then put it /them under the nail in the middle of the toe and slide it over until I can get some leverage underneath where it begins going in the skin. then I just cut and tear. line I said it hurts but not unbearable

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That is infected, you should go to the doctor.

I had something like that recently, it is infected and they will give you antibiotics. Do not just let it fester, you could lose your toe or the foot, no bullshit.

Not often but every couple of months or so. Depends how badly cut my toenails. I've had some bad ingrowns before to the point where I had to dig and cut in deep.

well i am OP but the post you responded to wasnt me. i dont know fucking know i have never been OP before fuk me. but i am OP now, i did the whole clipper things when it pussed the other day and cleaned and drained what i can. it just sucks that i have to walk around the next four days in a row and kill myslef cause of it

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well i think it looks worse than it is. i should have washed the blood off. its no longer pussing or oosing its just like "hey im in pain and if you kick your own foot it hurts like hell" im probably going to get it checked out tho to be safe

I went to the Dr for my first one because I was a kid, after that I just used a pair of pliers to cut the nail and pull it out myself when it happened a few times after.

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this guy is right. I had it multiple times and this is the way.

if you are concerned see a health professional


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Cut a little v shaped cutout on the center of the nail.

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Infected. Go see your doctor before that shit turns serious.

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Might be paronychia

its cancer

Nah, that takes too long.

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