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"You are a real follower of our survival gamers. It is fantastic to be atrocious! You must be the one beyond good and evil."

Sonokawa Momoka-sama is now OFFICIALLY claimed! ^^

Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня


Am saving now and I wont be until summer when I get out. I should be pretty well set. Six years rolling into seven is enough haha.
Get to work smugs!


Still here

Ehh it's just something to keep me busy

I'm Sheriff John Bunnell, and you just read this in my voice.

Well is it new years over there?
Not new years yet

>Sameji claim'd


Work was part of the reason why I decided to step up my game with Chinese cooking- getting to see the ingredients they used in restaurants made the trips to the local Asian market that much more productive.

We got some solid take out choices on lazy nights though.

Sbarro is as bad as it gets. At least Little Caesar's can do a serviceable 5 dollar pizza.

For waifu/3D only.

lil smug please

well neither am I
sorry bud

hope that'll be enough money my military dude

I'm sorry, I just have a tendency to apologize when I feel like I'm burdening others with my issues

You really seem like a "nice guy"

I don't think I can have an online relationship, I'd want somebody to actually hold me so I can feel safe

claiming ritsu as always

only 2 more hours intill the new year



claiming Hitagi poster

Will check out
>but you just influenced Andrew wk on me
>I will listen to she is beautiful
Well at least i got someone to listen to him. Seems like no one knows who he is.
>well duh, i'm eating too
Then you got all the bases covered, But everclear might still kick your ass.
>I am, onto another glass
Keep going, You're the only one i know who's keeping pace with me for a lightweight.
>I think we're getting along just fine, drunk user
T-thank's user but now i have to kill you, This is a no friends zone no weakness allowed.
>I-I have a year of Judo from back when I was 14
YA well i had an older brother who was 10 years above me, So i can take a beating, So i'll see you on the battlefield.

Claiming best girl

>I'm not drunk yet

She used to "mhm" or something when Tomoko asked that..

Cuphead made me REEEE, enter the gungeon was good, Skyrim.. still playing it. SSE now..

I stand corrected...

REA are you here?

again, how do you live?

little ceasar's is ass, there's a place in minnesota and iowa that's called $5 pizza, they serve one size and type of pizza for $5, great for feeding parties

But I have been am drunks allready!
Nice! That does sound awesome I should look up more chineese dishes they would be fun to cook.
Should be enough for 6 months where im at now. I plan on going straight into school too so that will be good.
Periphery is a metal band haha. I love Andrew wk! How do people not know who he is esspecally after Jackass?
No clue tbh...Booze.

im not drunk either, am i a scrub?


I said I was going to drink tonight, but I forgot to buy alcohol and all the liquor stores are closed. You are not alone in being sober.

sounds about right


Best song he did as well!

I know that it's sarcasm, but I really am on the outside. Ask Shinoa if you dont believe me.
2 hours until.
Sadly I'm spending it alone

Bye-bye thread!

She coming now so I have go clean up.
I think you'll be one of the best if you keep at it. People well pay a lot for your services too.

I don't respect the law lmao

Yay I was linked! ^^
Damn she's lucky...
>not even kidding

Fine its okay I'll figure it out soon enough.

Aw cute, I'm sure a guy would be lucky to have you. Remember to communicate. A guy can't read your mind. If you're not in the mood just tell him to fuck off for a while.

I think she gets an email whenever someone mentions "Rea" but it's off now.

cuphead, i got really good at it to the point where i A+ king dice. skyrim i havent played nearly enough
oh wow rip, well its really fun. ive put around 47 hours into it and only stopped because i couldnt be fucked to farm how large my farm was
yea i guess but i dont really care to either. i mean i dont mind talking to people if ive met them or messaged them before

>i didnt realize a new thread started

Cool and it's a personal hobby I do for fun

you're not burdening me, don't worry

i'm trying at least
Grantr me the sweet release of death, user. Please

I went military to avoid school. I got death by PowerPoint instead

see you

you do you I suppose

That's a smart business model at least, you have places with value options, but not one where it's THE option. And hell, you can't really get much cheaper without it becoming frozen pizza.

I'd say Totino's is near the bottom of the basement, though it's solid drunken munchie food for a buck.

Do it man, it's cheaper than you think, and not nearly as intimidating as it may look.

On another note, I think I might join in on the drunken festivities shortly. Icy outside and everyone's cozied up here.


Canadians have death by powerpoint too? God I thought that was just a US thing...Fucking kill me every time.
Do join! I was thinking the same thing and I want to try doing Korean food too because I really like it.

(Image related)

I think it'll be nice once I finally find somebody I can talk to, I can't get rid of the past so they'll have to understand how it affects me

That makes me feel better
Though I feel like I tend to end up talking about it a lot



That's hardcore..
Tell I said happy new year.

Get mods, start a new game, get more mods, start a new game. Repeat into infinity.

i never drink

thats pretty much the cycle isnt it
nice numbers

this is a NATO thing, I'm sure of it
I struggle to stay awake every time

Well, I kinda asked for it, didn't I?

best part of it was, there used to be one of their locations across the street from a place called "$6 pizza" ....... $6 pizza is no longer in business

the dollar stores here sell frozen sandwiches which taste almost decent when you're hammered


>he's a teetotaler

>a metal band
Feed me more, Metal is my main genera of music.
Check out at the gates, Light this city, powerwolf.
>How do people not know who he is esspecally after Jackass?
This. It's like people never grew up proper.
Good song but i really like, I get wet, she is beautiful and i get wet.
>i'm trying at least
I'll give you that my drinking buddy.
>Grantr me the sweet release of death, user. Please
Do you choose death by impalement, Hanging or neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon.

I don't get it.
I really am nice on the inside. I'm only mean on the outside so I don't look weak.

no u


Here is a better quality.

I'm taking my time drinking, okay?
Well hi there
I'm a lightweight fuck off
I have friends and reletives


It is the modder's curse

You just need to git gud

Making you a pleb.
Everyone does...The only ones that get pleasure out of it is officers.
I will!
Hmm have you heard newer slayer?
Thanks haha

Context Clues or Google, use one.

D-did i find a fellow leaf suffering from the cold.


>Death by PowerPoint
So the stories are true



>I'm taking my time
liar, you get drunk off 1 beer

I am not Canadian friendo Alstolfo is.
And they are horrid...

I don't know, it feels like I end up venting without warning

I'm fragile, obviously weak, so having somebody that insults me can really bring me down

Hello Shinoa, I need to think of a pun greeting for you
How are you on the last day of the year?

I have no one here rn

no u

i googled, why do you even know that word? you're not a britfag

Id say its the prebought hollandaise.

I used to read a lot of books.


I'm fragile too but I don't seem so on the outside.
I'll try not to insult you anymore, I promise.

Korean- that's one I enjoy eating, but not very familiar with cooking. Do it, you'll enjoy it even more since it's something you already got a taste for.

Hah, 6 dollar pizza? That's like all of the Chicken N' Rice places here that all claim to be the original. They even steal each others logos and menu items.

Those dollar store sandwiches are definitely hit and miss. Bacon cheeseburger is guaranteed chance of heartburn if drunk, while the grilled chicken is like rubber.

Time to start on the rum.

yea, honestly i didnt wait to install mods and halfway through my first playthrough i said fuck it and downloaded a ton, but none that would break the game too hard.

why are people afraid to look ''weak'' i never understood why we always want to look big,strong and bulky in front of pepole


smug please

i'm sure even they hate it

you don't know how awful it is

you're not to me anyway

He's still in highschool and seeks validation.

shut the fuck up towelie

I don't want to be picked on.
Fuck off back to /bant/ or whatever shithole you came from.

believe it or not, the "fish" and "cheese" ones aren't so bad, haven't gotten that sick from them before

I've had enough of promises that aren't kept in my last relationship

Young people want to feel like they can handle everything themselves

No wonder people think I have a crush on you

I think it will be more fun and theres a Korean food store near by so it should be fun! I really enjoy cooking in general though.
Rum is a good choice tonight thats what im drinking.
I dunno I have one LT that hates the shit out of it and is considered smart and the other one just prides himself on how many people he can kick out...

I said i get wet twice i meant one to be take it off. My bad.
>have you heard newer slayer?
Yup i'm almost forced to listen to them here. It seems like everyone who likes metal here listens to the same bands over and over.
>I am not Canadian friendo Alstolfo is
Well at least i'm not the only leaf in the thread.
You have chosen a most honorable death, Waifu threads all over will sing about your sacrifice in the great shitposting war.

I'm from Sup Forums but /bant/ is better.

I dont wana!

I keep my promises. I ain't a fink.

>but /bant/ is better.

I think you need to go back to /r9k/ or Sup Forums

you're the worst character ever towelie


if your an adult. you don't really need to worry about that. for example look at traps they are adults that look like girls. girls in the eyes of society are weak and they don't care one bit

You really are a monster. Enzyme modified egg yolk, citric acid, oils all in delicious protein gel form.

Can't be any worse than a McFish. I'm not above returning to my roots with poor man's food whether I'm lazy or drunk. Now I want some Mac 'n cheese with spam.

Yep. No one's invincible. The ones who realize that sooner tend to mature faster than the ones who try to hang onto that illusion.

Doubly lucky- I have to drive out a bit for a decent sized Asian market, but they're always worth the trip. I'm always cooking something up too, keeps the meals around here from becoming boring. Plus it's good healthwise.

What rum are you drinking? Kraken spiced here. Got Guinness for when that runs out.


Ok haha was just trying to gauge your taste in metal haha.
But you cant go wrong with ABR
No u


Do youp lay oldrim or sse?


(sideways) uuuuuuuu

i play oldrim because i couldnt be fucked to dl sse, hbu?

Sailor Jerry here! Thats right im a cheap pirate tonight! Ah that sucks but the drive is worth it id imagine.

High five on calling Shinobu a scrub!


We'll see
Just remember, I am not looking to be in a relationship anytime soon

I know I can't bear my burdens alone, it'd be nice to have somebody to help me cope, but I also don't want to rush for an emotional support

That's only Mi Liu

>other one just prides himself on how many people he can kick out
That's how you know he's a shame to the rank

「キラ•クリン」 バイツァダスト!
You'll see. You all'll see!
*storms away*

Satan would approve of your cheap piracy tonight. And hey, I won't knock Sailor Jerry, Admiral Nelson was a fine companion and still is from time to time.

Thank you kind sir.

All in due time, as you've said, you'll be getting things together at your end. It falls into place pretty quickly once you're settled in with someone.

As far as coping mechanisms, simply having people to talk to counts for something as well, even if it's only to get your mind off of heavier things.

I will eventually
I can imagine

Yeah, I guess so
It was probably him, but earlier I was asked which user I'd want to date, somebody said it was obviously you

Um, goodnight

There are people I can talk to, I also use humor to make things seem less severe so they're easier to deal with

Id beat his ass if I could get away with it...Same with my soldiers and I know it. Very much agreed on that statement.
That meme...Its glorious and im stealing it for a photoshop for hitagi.
>I will eventually
You plan on joining then Saber?

>But you cant go wrong with ABR
Not to bad so far.
I really like caliban, Death lock, Make them suffer, system of a down. Grew up on system of a down, Rise against, Gorillaz, Lamb of god, Slayer, Metallica, escape the fate. So i guess i'm more metalcorefag.
But if you like that stuff, Try soilwork or greeley estates.
Not to make this a Sup Forums thread.

you will spend your worst time there uwu

most likely him, yes

you know what kind of person I hate the most? the one who use their rank in an argument and goes "whatchu gonna do about it, huh?" and when you step down they act all mighty. "That's what I thought"
Nigger if I got in a fight with you I'd end up in military prison