Greentext relationship thread:

Greentext relationship thread:
Ill start

>Be me
>eight grade, middle school
>best friend; we'll name him Caden, says he got a qt3.14
>days pass
>Caden calls me, asks if i want to meet with him and his gf at the pool
>Caden and his gril walk into the pool, im already there.
>catch a sight of girl
>she came in wearing this laced, tan swimsuit with black accents
>black, short hair
>purple streak in bangs
>thick as fuck
>she was the ultimate big tiddy goth gf
>jaw drops
>going to the pool with caden and gril become regular
>Caden breaks up with gril
>perfect chance to drop in


yes op u dont have to ask every time

>she invites me to hang out in the park
>she vents to me about her relationship with Caden
>shes really beat up about it
>i see potential, and take it
>acting hella nice, buying her shit, inviting her to my house
>she notices my plan
>one day, at the pool, her top comes off "by accedent"
>asks me to tie it back on
>hell yes.mp4
>small things like this continue to happen; we share towels, i lotion her back, etc
>the school year comes to an end, and wehave not officially started dating
>she text me "How long have you liked me?"
>be honest
>she asks why
>be honest
>i return the same questions
>she says "same"
>we kind of start to date, until it slows down near the end of the summer
>she stops talking to me


>last weeks of summer break before school starts and she hasnt talked to me
>flipping my shit instead of starting a conversation like the betafag i was
>nineth grade starts
>i show up and find her, we speak
>she seems distant
>a week later she is dating a gay dude
>holy shit.html
>i dont say anything to her about it because i am a pussy
>the week ends and she breaks up with the pink haired faggot
>somehow i gain enough confidence from that to talk to her
>homecoming dance is coming up and i am alone
>ask her who she is going with
>she says "you"
>am ecstatic
>buys hella nice suit
>ego is huge
>dance time.jpg

b u m p

Next time, type it all up before you start posting.

More OP

good idea

I hope this was the last time anyone of the opposite sex ever showed any interest in you. No one has ever seen anything in me during my 21 years of existence, and for that I am bitter and jealous of everyone and everything. So fuck you, Op

thick hot goth qt. 9/10 story user, continue

i was bitter too until i became mgtow and see prostitutes

Are they expensaive?


>best night of my life
>Sydeny shows up in a dress, with stars, and planets, and galaxys on it
>its super tight
>shes super thick
>oh god yes.png
>i didnt even mention her glasses
>thick rim glasses
>super hot
>the dance was divided into to large rooms
>the food court, and the dance floor
>in between are long hallways
>music was shit, but we danced like no one was watching
>and dayum can she dance
>dancing get tiring, we go to get drinks
>before we start walking, she grabs my hand
>she grabs my hand
>we are holding hands like a couple
>my tiny fourteen year old mind cant comprehend this
>this is SO good
>going back to dancing, a slow song plays
>o shit.oshit
>i dont know how to slow dance
>she grabs my hands and places one on her back,and one on her ass
>pretty sure she noticed, but to this day i dont know is she saw my cock
>long ass song
>we spend the rest of the night, sitting on the floor next to each other "snuggling"
>never got kissed though

Please excuse me, but i am a newfag, im typing as fast as i can

>be me
>Cold as fuck night
> -20°c
>Fuck gf in the ass
>We have some kind of "ritual" we masturbate together after fuck
>We cum at the same time
>my semen started to emanating smoke (like breathing in winter)
>We laughed a lot

A couple of days later
>After fuck her she wanna keep the condom
>Put it under her cute pantsu
>We forgot about that
>The next day her mother finds a condom in the couch
>She didn't tell me anything but it's kinda mad with gf
>Also if her father in law would find that he would kill me
>Also gf was 14yr at that time



Pt. 5

>leaving her from the dance was the hardest thing ive done
>i could see she wanted to cry, and i wanted to too
>i didnt want to leave her
>i later hear from her friend, she wanted to kiss me bad
>but didnt
>consider these next few days as the "dating era"
>the day after, im at her house
>never been to her house
>we spent the whole day at her house, cuddling, holding hands, eating
>we ate alot
>best night of my life 2; tokyo drift
>she is now sitting with me and my shitty friends during lunch
>my favorte thing she would do, was lay her head on my shoulders
>i could hear her breathe
>so cute
>whenever my friends would ask, she would say "im cold" or some shit, but we knew
>she was best gril and i couldnt ask for anyone else
>i start noticing a trend in the school
>alot of the gay girls are changing using male names
>i think its so dumb, and its only the gay crowd doing it
>never got kissed though

I've looked and I would rather oldie a khv than pay to fuck someone that looks like a drug addict. And they all did. Maybe I need to look harder or plan a trip to Amsterdam. Wouldn't that be sad -first time leaving country is to go lose virginity to some prostitute.

- 4BOT1111
aka chan

pt. 6

>sittig at lunch table
>5 kids
>the coolest guy there is homophobic, so he hates on gays as much as possible
>i dont mind gay people, but he is my friend so i dont protest his hate speech
>one day he goes a little overboard
>Sydney, is sitting next to me, with her head on my left shoulder, falling asleep
>god shes cute
>homophobic guy gets into argument about gay people
>this is normal
>at some point it went from structured argument to insults
>"i hate gay people and i will never agree with what they say or do"
>Sydney jolts up
>screams "what the fuck?!"
>stomps off at mach 8 speeds
>enough time to catch a glmpse of that ass
>oh fuck yea.jpeg
>then it hits me
>she has never been this mad
>i shoot an angry face at homophobic guy as i leave to go find her
>cant find her
>cant find her for the rest of the day actually
>check her Instagram
>her name is Daniel
>what the actual fuck
>never got kissed

OP is twice a faggot

Bump OP

is OP a faggot or not? I'm confused

Pt. 7

>the day hasnt even passed and im shot a text from Sydney
>im sitting a the dinner table, still uneasy about the whole situation
>eating chicken nugs
>they were shitty nugs
>i open my phone to see a text that reads "Jacob, i dont think i can do this anymore"
>"cant do what?"
>"i want to break up"
>"i dont have time for a relationship right now"
>bullshit, but im too fucked up to retort
>and we havent talked since
>homophobic guy feels guilty for our breakup
>damn right you should feel guilty, fuck you dude
>its been weeks since our break up
>she starts hanging out with another qt3.14, thick goth gf
>theyre dating now
>mfw she break up with her six days later
>mfw she starts dating one of my close friends
>mfw this friend is bisexual
>never got kissed

and that was the only contact with females ive ever had in my life
still lonely

>>"i hate gay people and i will never agree with what they say or do"
>>her name is Daniel

You never said she was a tranny OP

Bamp OP

I'm currently going through that never got kissed feel with a girl I really loved.

I have kissed a girl before thought, but it wasn't the one I wanted to. So it doesn't feel any better.

you should post pics of her please

nice try, kek