Anyone felt bad for them?

Anyone felt bad for them?

Why feel bad? They followed their dreams and sent a message.

No. Fuck 'em.

Two individuals who were so tortured and belittled, they felt the need to murder anyone around them that they could? Eh.... maybe, idk I've been abused throughout childhood, isolated throughout the teen years, and abandoned in adulthood, and I don't want to take a mac-10 to work. There is something to be said about the developing human brain though.

judging by the way they handled it they were probably cunts and deserved it

That they didnt take more people with them yes

Oh come on guys... We all know it was marilyn manson who caused this, with all his devils music.

say what you want about what they did, but bullying in schools got a lot less harsh after columbine.


Other than the fact they murdered innocents not their Enemies (Jocks), the bullying is what makes me feel kinda empathy for them. They had glass bottles threw at them and such

These were the two soft kid's that would've hanged out on Sup Forums being told by the oldfags to kill themselves and after so long of that kinda abuse they did what they did only this was kids in a school that made these two lose it.

Should Google the Lords of Chaos they were some fucked up high school kids down here where I live they burned down a coca cola factory drove to their teachers house and blasted him when he opened the door and some other shit.


when I was in high school my crew bought like 20 cheeseburgers and threw them at the skater kids.

Feel bad? No. They did what they wanted because they were fed up with the bullshit they were receiving. Not even trying to be edgy here. It's a fact of life that if someone keeps picking on you, you must stand up for yourself one way or another. Yeah, it was pretty extreme to kill those kids, but you can bet your ass that everyone else who survived learned not to be a dick to people just because you feel like it.

That is true, I highly think if they didn't do the massacre, they would've hanged out on Sup Forums

They're white males.

Fkn white people Sup Forumsro

A little. I think if they got past that testosterone-fueled angry young male phase, they may have “looked back” and thought, “Fuck, I can’t believe I was so disillusioned and angry.” But...
Nature/nurture. Were the parents ever sued?

Idk, but they tried to sue marilyn manson.

These guys are my true heroes

I think I have been so bullied in my days and had some dreams like this guys had. But the gun laws here is so strict so I can't do it.

no. roast in hell.

No, but i didn't feel bad for the victims either

I felt bad for that guy's son daniel from that michael moore movie. though i was already in a bad mood, I thought it was going to be a movie about bowling.

They fucked it up so badly who the fuck chooses a highpoint as their weapon of choice. Plus they don't even know how to make a fucking propane bomb properly and even when they did manage to make their cars explode they set it to the wrong fucking time they were the most down syndrome fucks ever. They we're like children inside the body of a beta teen faggot. They made basement tapes which where complete cancer, the type of shit 11 year olds make with nerf guns, they say fricken instead of fuck while saying all this shit way worse than fuck. Eric was also a no friends faggot. Dylan seemed like one of the guys tho, he had potential, right weapon choice, good at doom, looked like a semi beta. Eric is a fucking faggot with no friends.

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This is your life. Commenting on Sup Forums boards on these types of threads saying they followed their dreams. lol what are you 12

Have fun being legitimately alone in life.

way to romanticize a couple of edgy faggots

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Beautifuly said

Guy on the right looks like a young dave mustaine.

Weird, i've never looked up the backstory of Columbine. If they shot theor bullies instead of random innocents then they wouldn't be such cowardly cunts

now they're all dating avril lavigne and you're rapping to self suck threads

I find it funny because if someone told me two people on this photo were pathethic losers who killed everyone else, I would never pick Dylan and Eric just by looks.

Feel nothing. They were stupid gay kids ,what they did was wrong but you have to admire the balls on them.

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why is there a 60 year old man in their class?

niggers are responsible for this

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Bullying has been getting less harsh since the 1950's.

science teacher

Mr Sanders, I really only feel bad for him, because he had no part on edgy teens shit.

home room teacher, u dingus

In a way, I do. Now, they're dead so they can't really feel much...

one was a psychopath controller and the other was a depressed follower. Feel a little bad for the follower, wish the psychopath had killed himself without hurting anyone else, though.

However, these assholes fucked up things for anyone else who was "different". Fuck them and anyone who feels sorry for them.

say what you want but you sure like to make up shit on Sup Forums with no basis in reality

there were bombs that i suppose were intended to get more people including the bullies

teachers at my school had their own pages in the back of the yearbook.

fuck ur school u faggot

user those are the victims ffs

Frankly speaking, pic related is the only guy I feel bad for.

it's actually true though. most public schools actually made an effort to stop bullying after columbine. the attitude changed from "it's just high school" to zero tolerance.

The virgin school shooters
The chad commie slayer

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i love his wiki page where they detail his complaints about just having a ps2 and games meant for children, like damn in america he woulda fried

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