Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

Can I get an honest rating?

Gimme your Kik and I'll get my wife to give you a webcam show. Pic related.

>honest rating?
Honestly, it's stupid and goofy looking.

Yeah I was born yesterday

That's a pretty nice dick. I'd suck it dry.

It looks like it's attached to an asshole.

Pretty easy to prove. I'll get her to hold a time stamped pic or do live pics on Kik.

0/10, foreskin fag.

You post your kik

I know :( I think I have phismosis

Nice cock, I'd want it sliding down my throat.

10/10, foreskin fag.

You should go find a Jew guy and get them to snip the tip for you.


Nah I heard it's torture when you get it done as an adult

Better than having a nasty dick like that.

Hey bros, rate?


not a really a fan of uncut, but nice too big


Boys, you only know cunts that stink,cos their not pearls


It's a huge compared to Donald's

How dare you disrespect the God Emperor.

Honest? I like it.
But it's just a dick. There's way more aspects of you that can be attractive.


Looks like we know which side of the wall you'll be on.




8/10, looks very nice, thick to
7/10, like the closeup and foreskin