I'm tipsy and I have a pinch of hash. How do I consume it? I can't decide

I'm tipsy and I have a pinch of hash. How do I consume it? I can't decide.

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weed in a bowl with hash with more weed on top,

Hot knife that bitch

I don't have weed this far north. Only brown shit, user.

put it in your ass

put the whole thing up your ass and post pics


looks like a huge meme. isn't it better just to set fire to it and sniff it through an empty pen?


Don't. Save it until you're sober.

Why? I wanna celebrate new years and get rid of this shit. It's far from legal here.

No, it's like dabbing without a rig
Just the taste is worth it

i'd say use the smallest amount tobacco possible just put it on top then

I miss the days when I used to be able to get quality hash. That shit made me laugh my ass off. Now everything about seems to be mega-strength superskunk that makes my heart race and makes me anxious as fuck.

This is the best method.

Advice on how to do it? Elaborate for me please.


I usually just wake up on the couch at 2 AM with a black pizza in the oven

Protip: cook before you smoke if your a lightweight because blackened pizza smell lasts for days

I have so little left I consider just smoking it with tobacco

Put butter knifes on stovetop burner
Heat knives until hot, but not quite red hot
Use paperclip to suspend hash
Smush hash between knives
Inhale vapor through pen tube

Alternatively use one knife and use paperslip to touch hash to knife for smaller more controled hits

roll it up in a cig

be careful, I've blacked out multiple times. saw a friend blackout and land on the hot knives and burn himself. make sure you have a chair to sit back down in

put two butter knives on the stove over the flame, or on the hot part. Once they are red hot, smash a small ball of hash between the hot knives. use a toilet paper roll or another tube to inhale the smoke that comes up.

when done correctly, all the hash will smoke at once resulting in a lungbuster that will make you pass out

don't listen to this faggot, tried this myself once and didn't get high at all, just wasted my supply

I don't have open flames on my stove, unfortunately.

1.Flame cig
2. put tobacco and Hash on folded paper
3. Heat and mix till homogeneously
4. Smoke

Heat up a small amount of butter in a pan, sprinkle the hash in and stir until fully dissolved. Let the butter cool and solidify then spread it on your toast. You'll get a stronger and longer lasting high than by just smoking it.

Electric ones with the hot coils still work
Lean the knives against the coil

Considering just making cocoa like I usually do, that's a solid high.


paperclip works better

you gotta shove it up your ass OP

This works, but add equal parts, maybe a little bit more, water and keep refilling it to prevent burning, keep it at a simmer, just around boiling point is the perfect temp for maximizing potency.

To be honest I’d do it if it had any effect, you’re just being a fag tho.

Yeah I was gonna suggest the glass method. Tastes clean.

stupid americans
dont know how to smoke hash

Don't smoke if you're too drunk. You just get spins and throw up everywhere

Tbh that looks easy and effective as fuck. Doing that, posting updates in a sec

I’m just slightly tipsy and I’m confident I wont get fucked up. Anyway if I do, who gives a shit.

you could also throw it in a fire
run arround the fire and inhale with a straw
in both cases most of it just burns away

Light bulb it

Chop it up and snort it pussy