Anybody interested in joining a raid

anybody interested in joining a raid
we are going to attack a site worst then tumbr


I'm in

What the fuck site is this?

its a app/site called amino and it is like tumblr but with more edgy artists and lots of furries and k pop

I dont think you know what that means.

it is a like tumblr but with worst trust me

opps sorry i didn't mean to reply to you

Hell yeah, amino is full of shit

Do they have an auto time based post option? Whatre we working with? We had plans before we went into reddit and tumblr.

are plan is to spam porn in the app and gross shit

they don't each community is guarded by mods but when has that stopp ous


spread the word we more recruits

>with worst

Target the k-pop fans they go crazy over anything

Are we going to target the k-pop fans? They’ll go crazy

opps wow lmao

yeah we are target is everybody they would all freak out and probably have to shut down a lot of their sites

oops i mean communities sorry but i am little bit tipsy