Why do you find anal sex so hot? What is it about it that is attractive? Why is society obsessed with it...

Why do you find anal sex so hot? What is it about it that is attractive? Why is society obsessed with it? Why do you want to fuck that ass? If you've already fucked that ass - How was it? what did you like about it?

It's overrated. Pussy feels better. It's just the little extra thrill of doing something dirty. It's worth doing just so when you later break up, you can always think to yourself "Yeah, but I fucked her in the ass."

I don't.
society is not obsessed with it. the jews are trying to make it seem normal through porn. it is their plan to destroy the white race.

I don't really want to fuck a girl in the ass, but I like that she wants me to fuck her in the ass even less than I want to do it and still takes it for me. Once is enough to prove the point, as far as I'm concerned.

it's the forbidden fruit

It feels fine, but pussy is almost always better. i've only ever fucked guys in the ass though so at least they get something out of it.


>so at least they get something out of it

yeah sames. had a fwb kinda thing that i was thinking of trying to turn into a relationship. but then she kept asking for it in the ass. switched up to yeah no
nevermind you're a thot

Seems to be mostly an obsession in the US.
It wasn't a thing when I was in Canada, though that was years ago. I live in Japan now, and almost no one does anal. Piss play is far more common.

lol. Those crafty fuckers. Can you explain this conspiracy in more detail. I think I would like to produce the doco. serious.

Yeah, guess less orifice options with dudes.

It takes up my mind a fair bit. I've only done twice. Really liked the tightness and how she reacted. Keep thinking about it.

Partially a domination/I own you thing..

It can range from the highest of intimacy, as it can cause pain and serious damage if done too rough, to "bitch, you're gonna have nightmares about this and you're STILL gonna call me and let me use you."

It's very complicated.

I've has girls try it and it put then in Valhalla.. I had girl who seemed to really be enjoying herself, then she starts wailing in tears begging "no daddy noooo!!".. I started pulling out, she slams her ass back and begs me in a whimper not to stop. She asks me to really fuck her hard and to ignore anything she says to stop...

Yeah, I had a LONG talk with her about that. She claimed that being ass raped by her father validated her as a sexual being..

Anal is a complex and domination as well as intimate thing... I'm not really into it, but am very aware of what a woman is offering me when I get her ass.

a womans butthole is sacred. she may give the pussy up to any dood but where she shits? that's personal.

If you get in there, you've really done a number on the bitch. Then you move on.

Butts are exit only. They aint made to have stuff put in em. All sodomy is wrong

Why are tits attractive

Same answer as why I find anal so arousing, I don't fucking know but they are.

i thought it would be the hottest thing ever until i did it. Its really tight at first but after a few minutes its a gaping black hole. Other than it being kinda degrading there isnt much appeal to it for me anymore.

I'm a girl and I really like anal. I like being used and giving power to my partner. It's mostly a mental thing

Does it feel good though? Also tits or gtfo.

I did, a couple times when the wife was wasted. She says I am too big and it hurts. It feels roughly close to pussy, but has a chance to get messy. It's really just because of how forbidden men usually are to the ass. I would love to do it again, but she says I am too big and it hurts too bad.

Put her in her place.

I honestly do it because I just want to see her shit on my cock. I want the odor to linger in the room and the muddiness of her shit to cling to my body forever. Too bad most women aren't openly into that though.

Yeah i like the way it feels too. I can't cum as easy but the feelings nice. I use a butt plug on my own too. Enjoy my tits

Send moar

Disgusting piercings.

Yeah lol I like dick in my ass but my piercings are disgusting

nice trips