Why have you not kys yet?

Because there is no better time to be alive

What brand of cigar is that?

Blenders gold

Being gay in 2018 is not all that great faggot

just think, you were born too early to see when shit REALLY gets interesting.

How old are you?
Did you unironically vote for Trump?
Do you own a jet?

are we talking Peach Melba or something manly flavoured? You wouldn't want a random stranger lose respect for you now.

Why don't you clean yourself up a bit
Quit smoking
Cut hair
Get contacts

My god man

faggots belong in gas Chambers

I have quit smoking. This is only for the New year
I'm trying out the beard for a bit
I will never cut this been growing since I was 10
I have contacts just not wearing them right now.

I'm 19
Why would I vote for a Jewish cocksucker?
I don't own a jet

It's mild

Have you ever considered flavouring your own tobacco? Like growing it, pressing it and flavouring it with something like port and apple?

Fair enough. Ever tried pipe tobacco? It goes with the beard, trust me.

No you are not, not kill yourself

Not really, I'm not smoker anymore I only had this cigar for the new year. Plus if I don't want this become a habit it would ruin my ability to workout.

I'll keep that in mind for next year.

You are not what?

I can respect that user. You realise that cigars and pipes are not something you inhale to destroy your lungs right? What workout routine are you subscribing to? Is it something you signed up for spur of the moment or did you plan it?

I don't need to ask you shit. You're just some long-haired faggot with a cigar.

It's akin to brewing your own beer, but its much more of an elder art these days. Fuckers don't even know how to tamp their own pipe now.

I never inhale,
I'm currently working on body building and it something I do for fun and to improve myself.

Alright fair enough.

yet here you are, without even a question to validate your reason for being here, except that you're just a silly little cunt who snuck onto his daddy's PC to make some mean swears to impress his 12 y.o buddies. I hope your mother cuts down on her drinking, that's not a good future for her.

Good work. Self improvement should always be something you do for fun. Don't make a job out of it, I know what happens when a passion turns into slavery.