Waifu thread

Waifu thread
New years edition

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Didnt mean for it to be awkward.

well i mean theres 2 theads now what happens


this thread has dubs this one wins

need to find another one since i got fired early last year (2017) and they wont hire me back

>claiming ritsu


It was also posted first.

Just your average turkey with rice and a salad of carrots, peas and green beans
I was saying I like this place, and just got one week here

First one who bakes haha


icing on the cake

Being sick is kinda nice, it makes me really tired, so i'll get to sleep well
Goodnight everyone!

Well then I hope you've been warming up and stretching when appropriate

are you alright

good night

twas close

night mediator



long time no see friends.

drank less than planned due to some outstanding circumstances. you?

Post cock

Oh damn. Are jobs hard to come by where you live, or are there decent options?

Nothing wrong with that. Turkey gets a bad rap for being too dry, when it's all about who's making it and how.

Glad you're enjoying it here too.

New year.

New sad and disappointing existence.

what cock.

oh hey its you youre that guy, hows your new years so far? are you in 2018 yet i forgot what time it is for you

The one between your legs.

welcome back

what happened?
drank more than i shoulfdve

It is me and it is 28 minutes into it.

Happy new year to you too.


>I like the other canadian...Just had something particular to ask that one...
>Can I not ask a personal question
I'm just shitposting and poking fun. No offence taken on my part and didn't mean to be weird. Just joking around.

it seems to have ran away.

not here for long friendo

i have an hour and 30min to wait, so any resolutions? are you drunk?

Prove it.

Sleep well and happy new year
Hello there
Thanks, it was better than I thought being here for both Christmas and first day of 2018

nothing major, just had a friend that went to a party get in contact and needed to vent about some emotional stuff. she was a little too drunk, I think.
you better get some sleep, lil dragon.
and come back more often.

doesn't really matter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I see, was it taken care of?

how would i do that

hi someone

Happy new year kanna

Nah the best defender weapon is Valk

it's the kind of stuff she won't want to discuss once she's sober, but she didn't seem as bad when we'd finished talking.

they are really hard to get since every one wants to hire management positions and or they want to hire but they want you to have 2-3 years of experience just to work as a cashier.

if you want to know why i got fired. it was 30 min after my shift and i refused to mop the floor since 1. i am not going to get payed overtime for it and 2. i want to go home asap so my boss fired me and refuses to hire me back.

You sure are trying hard to hide the fact that you have a penis. Also, penises do not run.

Mentally unstable but otherwise happy. You?
I am shithoused... No resolutions I like being the asshole I am

Eh, we all have things going on that might keep us away for a while, but it's all good. I got nothing to fuss about, bills are paid, work and money are good, all's well here. Don't be a stranger, even if it's only to pop in for a bit.

True, I guess being Sup Forums and all, you can only expect so much. But by and large, it's an easy group here to get along with.


love stuff I assume

quality, my friends came up with the idea to hit up a pizza place at new years so i think im going to try and get drunk before then. i enjoy being an asshole as well, but id also like to fix my school shit. hows you been?

half of it was drunk typing, I'm gonna be completely honest. all I did was console.

>2B will never show you her cock

Didn't expect to see her again, hopefully she isn't boring.

Rem claimed.

Allright I guess.
Drunk typing is all im doing anymore...

Great, so how is your night now?


that's the only thing one can do in that situation
Drunk sads

I know I should, I... yeah, you're right. I'm probably... just gonna go lay in bed or something and try to sleep, and hopefully that works. Thanks.
I'll try to, okay? Really. Am sorry.

Have a good night, okay?

>you guess
i think im gonna try to go out with some guys you have fun im gonna lurk if i cant go out tho

I know haha it is good to see you againI missed you!

you're at least a little coherent, though.
she'll be fine once she's rested and sober.
you don't need to apologize about it! I just like seeing someone as nice as you around.

Shit opinion

she might not even remember what made her sad

don't lie to yourself

I don't know why the whole 2-3 years of entry level experience required for an entry level position started becoming a thing about 10-15 years ago. Then no one wants to hire to give said experience.

Your old boss sounds like an asshole, I'm a boss, but I treat the people under me right. I worked for some shitty bosses on the way up, but also some good ones.

Pretty good, been drinking, but I've been pacing myself for a while now since I prefer a nice, relaxing buzz to being drunk and incoherent. Also made a few hundred bucks since the Cleveland Browns went winless this football season and the bet I made before the season began paid out.

I don't think I've asked either, but who's your waifu?

Yeah, there's no need to force out a post if you're not feeling up to it. Small talk is good too, usually you see the heavier stuff every now and then, or it moves off the threads.

A lot of people don't like to put their problems out there, and I don't blame them. As long as you got some kind of support system you'll be good.

Not too much change coming here besides a raise. I guess if I had a resolution, it would be to get better at doing car maintenance myself.

Somewhat...Is my normal drunk tbh.

Experience is even not hired over here, I struggled to find a job in Retail around October. Despite people asking left and right, I never heard back from any place but one, and never got past the first group interview. Despite being probably the better salesman there.

Well 10 minutes until new years for me. So thanks to everyone for drinking shitposting and chatting with me, was fun.
Happy new years.

The MPX is beautiful you shut the hell up

she was the biggest asshole. it was a fast food place and she got on to me because i didn't have a belt , had a five of clock shadow , had hair below the neck (they don't believe in hair nets) etc all in the span of one week. that's right one week. i was fired in one week.

you would think the boss above her would do something but NOPE she is the same as her


Claiming best girl.

let's play again soon

Ah, it's you, again.

Oh, Megumi from Shokugeki no Soma


Yeah, it's just me..

Well, how's it going?

That's pretty messed up honestly. I figured that was more of a US thing, but it's pretty sobering to hear it happens a lot elsewhere too.

I think it was the Misaki claimer who went to a bunch of group interviews for Chick-fil-A and got nothing out of it. Just a lot of jumping through hoops for nothing.

Has to be frustrating as hell.

Yeah, I worked for a manager who would check security camera footage on people to see if they were at their work stations at 8am. Not in the parking garage, or going up the elevator, but at the desk in a seat. If not, you were tardy. Thankfully I always arrived 15 minutes late so I could enjoy some morning caffeine and a snack before punching away at data.

I'm pretty surprised they didn't have hair nets, or visors/hats at the very least. A lot of times unless the worker shortage is critical, they just let people go just like that.

Did they even give you a chance to fix what what was going on?

I'm not gay but I wanna lick a mans cock until he unloads in my face.

Anyone else got this feeling.



She is so cute. Less lewd plz

carry me to Fer de Lance


Chilling. Just listening to some music.

Sounds pretty gay


Thanks legs

thanks friendo

Welcome. Am out of booze... :( Send help.

Momii isn't for lewds you faggot

I even went all over the state (its a tiny state) and posted to all the EB Games (GameStop) storefronts, as well as any other ones I could. Still nothing.

Why are you making Saya do such things?

I got a bottle of jack if you come over

Have you tried anything else yet?
Try weirder stuff

fix as a second chance? they don't believe in second chances . they are all old school there

we had a hat and that was it. you are expected to keep your hair in your hat and if your a girl you can put your hair into a pony tail , if you can not put it in a pony tail or inside your hat. you need to cut it off

you know who has some good lewds tho, my waifu ;o

headpats isn't weird!

If you like Whiskey, I'd recommend Jameson or Tullamore Dew


Is anyone welcome because i'll do anything for some jack right now.

The one and only Meriem Cooper.

Yeah I tried a lot of craft beers and they were fine. I hated the cheap gin though
Jameson was alright yeah
Uh sure man.

Depends on the whiskey, they're both Irish. A little different to a bourbon.

Ah, the cooking show right? I should probably add that to my ever growing backlog.

Fucking Gamestop. I struck out with them when I was in high school/university. Ended up in the seafood kitchen and at a car wash and just rolled with those. I probably wouldn't have been a good fit there though since I'm not the best salesperson.

That's a bunch of bullshit on their part. I inspect food facilities for a living and state health codes here allow for various types of hair restraints including hair nets, visors, hats, etc. Guys or girls with longer hair simply put it in a bun/ponytail and put a hair net or a hat over it. No need to cut shit off.

It's probably a good thing you're moving on from there. Just keep looking, even if you gotta be bloody persistent about it.