I fucked up Sup Forums, help

I fucked up Sup Forums, help
>21 years old
>4 year relationship
>single for almost the last 2 years, with the odd hookup here and there
>really kick things off with this girl, things going well for like a month, able to open up a little
>2 days ago, invites me over at 1am, she knew i'd been drinking
>manage to fuck things up anyway, because i'm a trash human

I went out last night feeling foul, got blind drunk, wound up at a gay bar (last place open serving alcohol), next hour hazy, wind up making out with some twink, woke up in his bed, didn't do anything else. Anyway, i've taken two showers and i can't get this filthy feeling off me. I tolerate gay people, but i want to be sick.

Is there a way for me to blank out the last 48 hours? i've been trying to drink since i got home, but i can't seem to erase what happened.

who cares

Me, it was disgusting

your gay dude. get ready for tyrones bbc

It's ok to like guys. The sooner you come to see that as truth the sooner you can go back to feeling well. You subconscious is trying to tell you something. You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to your subconscious.

Get over it you faggot, sexuality is an abstract concept anyway.

I'm not worried about sexuality, I just found the experience revolting and want to know if there's a good way to forget about it completely

4 year relationship, but you've been single for the last 2 years, but you've been seeing this girl for a month? I don't understand.

He's gay

Poorly phrased, I was in a 4 year relationship and that ended in 2015, haven't had anything serious since, but I'd been seeing someone recently

See a hypnotist.

I'm studying to be a psychiatrist, can't buy into hypnotism, unless you believe in that stuff it's about as effective as healing crystals

Easy. Kill yourself faggot

fuckin lmao

Can't, I have people that I need to take care of

fuckin lmao

>stupid as fuck
>ends up in bed with fags and thinks it's a goddamned mystery how it happened
>fucks up booty call
>doesn't into erasing human memory
how are you going to help other people, my dude?

Run until you vomit, then run back home.

Then man up and get over it. Those are your options

Welcome newfriend

I'm totally for erasing human memory thats kind of why i made this thread, but hypnosis is pseudopsych bullshit. It's easy enough to separate personal issues and work.
Vomited earlier, didn't help
I get that, still want to try erasing it though

As long as you he guys say "no homo, bro" it's not gay. It's just 2 bros being friends


You have to throw yourself into working, studying, hobby or some other shit to take your mind off of it. That or stop being a faggot and accept what happend.