Gf just talked about how her ex fucked her harder than anyone’s ever fucked her before...

Gf just talked about how her ex fucked her harder than anyone’s ever fucked her before. We have plenty of kinky sex where I tie her up and hit her, etc. still says he fucked her better. What do Sup Forumsros?

dump the whore, she obviously wants the other guy more than you if that's what she tells you

fuck her in the ass and choke her until she passes out

Fuck her harder

My ex recently asked me for advice on how to get her new bf to fuck her like I did. Stop being a bitch and just fuck her.

Give her to me, she'll never want to be roughed up ever again.

Go Cuck Yourself

Sounds like she's still fucking him

Nah I know she ain’t. He moved away and they haven’t been in contact for a year now.

Ask her what the difference in cock size was.. Or do you know?

If your SO brings up their ex to you in this way, dump em.

Seriously, they will never be loyal to you. How fucking stupid are you to waste time on people who don't care about you, and selfishly compare you to others?

get fatter and balder. thats what women like

Fuck her until she bleeds, then finish inside her, and tell her to clean her whorie self up



Dude was a fuckin tranny. He could have any dick size he wanted. Now that I think of it, maybe she’s more into chicks if she liked “him” more

This. Women are whores. Yours is a bigger whore than most if she can’t keep her mouth shut about this.

Buy a vibrateer duh don’t let her have it, or calll her ex have him come over have a 3sum

get the ex to fuck your gf
take notes

Tie her up on the bed at her place, fuck her hard, leave the house, go to your house, change your relationship status to single, never talk to the bitch again.

I ain’t never seen a bitch with tits on her back

Might be the best advice I’ve gotten yet.

Pound her until the bed breaks broski. Lick her ass. Spank her harder. Grab her hair and call her a cunt while you bury your nut in her womb. Step it up.

Bruh, if your girlfriend is willing to say that to your face, she's either straight retarded, doing it as some kind of fucked up roundabout "challenge" to get you to fuck her rougher, or there's just zero respect. Either way, that shit don't fly. Don't be a bitch and take that laying down.

fist her asshole

>what do
get over yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people
don't try to fuck her better than someone else
just try to fuck her exactly as good as you fuck her
otherwise the only person you'll be fucking is yourself

also, record a video of that
fap forever


Oh and film and post it on here or anonib and let us fap to it

She sounds like she reminisces about it, probably even misses it. For her to actually tell you that like it's nothing shows some weird boundaries, because it's obvious she doesn't consciously consider how what she says effects you. I would honestly break up with her. She'll get all butthurt "user you're just insecure" but it'll save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Cut it off before it gets serious. Don't try to measure up by fucking her better or "get even" by trying to make her jealous.


anal no lube don't stop until she cries

you have been issued a challenge, and you either answer the call or leave her like a defeated bitch.

Fuck her ass, with out lube.

Pound the holy fucking shit out of her- leave her stumbling, clutching her stomach from the intestinal distress you inflicted on her.

Use a dildo to destroy her ass while you fuck her pussy.

Don't be a bitch about this.

Need nudes of her op
Guessing the girl in the pic isnt her

Dump her you idiot

Find ex, and record yourself raping him after you've tied him up, then make gf watch the video while you fuck her tied up and gagged.

I don't have any hate against women like a lot of these virgins do, but in my opinion if she's gonna say something like that to you, then she has little respect for you or your feelings. Unless you've already set that boundary and are in to degradation or cucking, then it's really not okay to say things like that. I'd get rid of her because at this point you're never gonna forget she said something like that to you.
But whatever makes you happiest brother.

You basically said the same thing as everyone else..youre no different than those virgins

These are the correct answers. It's fucked up that she would say that to your face. She's probably intentionally trying to hurt you or plant doubt on whether you're "good enough", which is all kinds of fucked to do to your significant other.

Don't give in to stupid mind games, ditch the bitch while you can do it clean.

"If anything, I'LL be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches! ha ha!"

you fuck the ex, duh

Fuck her harder... get some p90x-tier pounding in that shit and don't stop until she begs. If you have to go through multiple sessions, leave her tied while you refract. What am I missing?

This negger makes a valid point, he sounds amazing.