What the fuck is happening to my moms leg, previous information: she got an outdated mesh on the leg...

What the fuck is happening to my moms leg, previous information: she got an outdated mesh on the leg, this is happening on her other leg aswell but not as severe, i open to answer anymore questions

we dont know because it's fucking Sup Forums. go to the doctor if you value your mother, retard

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what'cha gotta do is really simple, just reply to this post or your mother will get this weird leg rash

does it feel "hot" or "itchy" to her? Looks like cellulitis m8. She needs to see the Doc

Tell her to stop using needles buddy.... That's called an infection.

are you actually fucking brain damaged? You're gonna go to Sup Forums for medical advice? of all fucking places?

your mom is clearly old and had some new material introduced to her skin. it's probably an allergic reaction of some sort

again, the only good advice you're gonna get here is the following:

go to the doctor


Multitude of tumors, gotta amputate

This is a board of retards, not med school dropouts, take her to a doctor you fucking idiot.

looks like chemical burns to me

We're looking at inflammation, likely a bad infection in the entirety of the calf. perhaps even blood clots, is there pain?


>go to the doctor

You know OP, he's not fucking wrong.

What if he can't afford health insurance? What if he cares just enough to see if something's wrong, but not enough to do anything if she dies? These are all possibilities and there's nothing wrong with that.

It's obviously blood poisoning. She's going to need full spectrum antibiotics and to be monitored in a hospital. She may die.
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this. she's at high risk for sepsis (which would be deadly), and she may lose her calves. what the fuck made you idiots wait??

then you do what any sane person does and wait to see if it gets worse, and if it does, then pony up the cash for a doctor's visit

or maybe take advantage of medicaid

alternatively,let the reaction eat her leg or whatever. I'm not a life coach.

let's see her thighs, I want to see if the infection's spread

>What if he can't afford health insurance?

might as well let the whole fucking degenerate family die.

>asks for medical advice on Sup Forums
>medical advice
>on Sup Forums
>gets genuine answer from
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are you mentally inept, you stupid fuck? maybe your mother deserves what is happening to her, you dipshit.

Who the fuck is that poor?
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>can't afford health insurance
This literally can't happen anymore, and it's now free. No excuses to NOT get this fixed.

I,too,agree with everyone, op. It seems like some kinda infection. Take her to a doc. Good luck.

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