First trap thread of 2018

First trap thread of 2018

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you here from last thread, Satan?


2018 started 20 hours ago.

Fixed a traps photo from last thread,
pity it ended, they looked fuckable

Not in texas


A hearty kek to you, sir.

ok maybe im retarded

500th you mean .

You even suck at posting dicks on the internet.

Does your mom tell you how she wishes she aborted you? Because we wish she did.


Eastern Hemisphere doesn't matter tho

i like you a lot, really sexy.



what useless company sells jeans with the asshole torn out

Hey, you did it.

Thought it was going to be a pity if i didnt see any more photos, you got a kik or discord?

Thank you user you are the hero we need

Damn it, i was (probably) FINALLY gonna get my dick sucked but the last thread died

Nah. Even with close friends I’m pretty antisocial. No offense, I just don’t really wanna get involved with anonymous. I’m not a good person so i’d Probably end up doing something resentful. I just like posting myself in skimpy outfits while I’m goofed up. I will however answer questions until I’m done dumping what I got. Nothing super crazy in this folio tho.

Who is this cunt?

No idea. Found her in another thread.

Fair enough,

How many piercings you got, they match the outfit well.

What a great achievement you fucking animals


Just the snakebites and the gauges. Little smaller than an inch in diameter. I did them both myself 6 years ago almost I think idk. Something like that. I’d like to go crazy but I have to maintain a fairly normal appearance for work and shit. Really wanna do my tongue next.

Do you know if she ever posts herself?

Slow thread
Trap lurkers post yourselves

You look pretty degenerate, must be annoying trying to hide it all the time

Would like the chance to empty balls in him


That'sThat's all relative newfriend.

It’s New Years asshole, lol

no weve had 4 already , everything thread is a trap thead in this place ... who do I go here

you can start by going to english class nigga

>implying people who lurk b got a life

Yea you aren’t wrong.
Oh my

>Oh my
Would like to fuck into mutual degeneracy

you do look like you would be the perfect boy slut pet.

would get to modify you in a lot of fun ways then

mods altered it ,i didnt type that ... bs trap

Big sandwich you got in that picture


Tinfoil is a low wave frequency enhancer you Jew mind controlling capitalist
Leave my brain alone

I doubt it. She's on tumblr and gets extremely butthurt about being called a trap


no way it's fun in here, i did'n know you watched THAT kind of porn

If this is you and you're in Texas then we should have really awesome sex.



hey is that you baby?

Spread ass

I feel like I would too! I wish you could take care of me so we can do nice things for eachother
That is a really silly sandwich trust me

where would trap threads be without snapchat and facebook filters i wonder

post pic of the sandwich

But was the sandwich good?

well not going to lie, but not all of it would be nice, but it would all be fun

Ok. Are you familiar with Sputnik boi?

I want to cum in that sandwich

After mutual degeneracy is obtained we continue fucking our minds out

Oh, yeah!

Same place as women without makeup

Lol do you want me to dig it out of the trash? I ate half of it for breakfast and passed out because I was doing dugs and alcohol to myself. It’s concealed in a very eco friendly container that i threw it away in so it’s probably not grody.

we need to get cute shannon here asap

do eet

I'm gonna need pics of the sandwich

Tfw you should have never mentioned the sandwich

Yea it was aight
Hmm... under the right circumstances you know I’d eat it. If I was super horny and this was even an issue I’d probably just get it from the source. Seems better for both parties.
Aye aye captain. Man your ship directly into the harbor. (That’s a really good sex joke)
Alriiight take your dirty sandwich. I’m like all comfy in bed thinking about being violated and possibly touching myself... to digging in literal garbage. There it is though.

I would mount this bitch like a hiking trip


Do you often fantasize about being raped by a group of faceless anonymous men?


I want to impregnate you!!

it's still 2017

Yeah, if you live in gaytown loserville population you

Any cute traps in NH? I'm a pervert and want to blow and fuck one

>Aye aye captain. Man your ship directly into the harbor. (That’s a really good sex joke)
After We duck our minds out all we're left with is carnal lust and only each other to fulfil it.

Would steer that ship straight in way above speed regulation.
Might be why mindless degenerates shouldn't be captains

or...You know live in hawaii?


Tfw can't read sandwich text to figure out location

I... It was in the garbage =_=
Yea like every day
Assuming I’d let an overzealous ejaculator just blow it in my ass before feeding me first.
Aw ye
You got it.

Not even a trap, just a faceless unpassable cd

you gonna get nakie?

I think a split tongue would fit you. But fuck yeah id grab you by the throat and fuck that hole. All you can drink


I would paint that tongue, then impregnate you.

Would you suck until im drained to the point of death

No one cares anymore, we've accidentally gone full homo and there's no turning back

>Aw ye
After two or three days of sex ours minds drift back and we clean ourselves up, take a break while replenishing our resources, only to go back to fucking

I want your toung coiled around my cock and the only time its allowed of it only to breath

A tongue doesn't breathe

Its late and im tired

Go sleep then

No response from druggy she is too busy cumming in sandwich and getting a good picture

I wanna. You guys are making it hard not to(heh.hard) but yea idk. I’m pretty tired and these are pics from last night. I have to do my makeup and make myself do it.
If I could think about it and there was no reason not to I’d totally do it. I’m pretty fucked up so I’d go far. I’m just broke as shit and can’t afford to split my tongue in half. But yea, gimme secks words :D
I’m pretty turned on actually. I have toys and stuff I wanted to play with yesterday but I died. Might make an effort but can’t make promises.

why don't you have a kik?
i'd love to talk to you

During the days of fucking experimenting with breeding and seeing if you can get pregnant will be ongoing

If a tongue split is a bit much too soon, maybe piercing those nipples would be a good start. Would definitely be a step in the right (wrong?) direction.

Where you from?

Cant fap because of where i am but
Your body is making me so rock solid it hurts
Seeing that mouth at work or seeing you ride something would make me cum without even touching myself


you use kik