Whatever dubs says will happen in 2018

Whatever dubs says will happen in 2018

OP will stop being a faggot

look at that, but will it ever happen

A small comet will hit earth
90% of humanity will die

I'll get laid

so close

Trump heart attack.
Andy Sixx fag has penis forcefully removed.
B doesn't suck anymore.

It's okay user, this thread says whatever WILL happen, not whatever MIGHT happen, so you might get laid in 2018

Mike Pence will come out of the closet

Goddammit missed quints.

my dude b will always suck

i have sex

re roll for sex

Shit son, I’m the chosen one

I'm gonna suck a dick

the fire nation attacks

Op won't under any circumstances get laid

I will leave Sup Forums

North Korea will nuke Japan.

All trap will die

Cool I knew it

First tranny president

my father will stop raping me

Kanye West drops new material
Iceland wins the World Cup
Democrats win the House and Senate

Sup Forums gets shut down

i will finally uncircumsize myself

Donald Trump nukes North korea

fuck you!

traps are no longer gay

the trumpster will be impeached

I'll start fapping again.


I will become lgbt

Legalize all drugs.

humanity is extinct

LAS Vegas is kill

Sixxfags will kill themselves and Sup Forums will be restored to like it was in 2007-2008, without all the porn and bullshit threads.


rich off crypto

>Trump starts building the wall
>Apple stock plummets
>Bitcoin loses value


Ill get a hair cut

i’ll get a girl