New year, New WWYD snuff and torture thread. As always replies breed replies

New year, New WWYD snuff and torture thread. As always replies breed replies


This slut has a dog and horse fetish, what would you do to this animal whore?

cut a whole in her throat and fuck it while she is handcuffed




Force this young bitch into her bathroom and make her bite the rim of the toilet while I take that camera and shove it in her tight cunt. I'd get behind that nice ass of hers and shove my unlubed cock up her tight asshole. While I'm hammering her ass from behind I'll punch the back of her head as hard as I can, breaking her teeth off the dirty toilet rim. To stop her annoying screaming I'll plunge her face into that piss filled toilet and slam the lid down while I keep pounding her spasming asshole. After a while she stops struggling and goes limp and that's when I fill her slut rectum with my cum. Afterwards I'll get the word out and film it as guy after guy comes in and fucks her lifeless whore body.

Custom request? I’ll do it all. Amphetamine night so I’m down for long stories. All I ask is a reply to this dyke Rachel who I’m about to drop all my pics of now. Ask for email if your request isn’t postable.




Id fuck her while she’s being suffocated but at the slowest rate possible


Id burst in that room and hold a gun to her head while she keeps taking pictures while I pull those jeans down and finger her cunt. I want her to be crying the moment I shove my cock in her asshole. As I pound her from behind I take a handful of that hair and slam her face into the ground, over and over until it’s a fleshy pulp and I fill her spasming young asshole with my cum.

Equal length for equal length or for ones that catch my attention. But replies always get replies for Rachel

break her glasses, then use the glass to cut out ab eyeball and fuck her brain. slice her tits off while her body is spasming. she cab sit on your cock while i do it

something with beheading?

Force her into a guillotine face down with that big ass up on the air. Fuck her hard from behind until I feel my balls tense. Right before I cum I let the blade slide down and slice her head clean off as I fill her spasming cunt with cum and her heads final moments of consciousness are of me fucking her now headless body while it wriggles.

Again length for length or by interest
Rachel the dyke

Rachel is driving home late one night, unaware of me being in the backseat. I wait for a red light and make my move. I point my gun at the side of her head and tell her where to drive. I make her drive me to an abandoned warehouse I've set up just for her. I take her inside and knock her to the ground.

She begs me to let her go. She'll give me her money, her car, anything. I tell her if she wants to live, she has to submit her slut body to me. Rachel whimpers but strips completely. I stuff her panties in her mouth and stick my dick up her ass, fucking her faster and deeper as I thrust and pull her hair.

I cum deep inside her and punch the back of her head repeatedly. She lays on the ground, sobbing. I pick her up by her hair and take her panties out of her mouth and replace them with my cock. I tell her to clean it thoroughly. She's crying too much so I give her a few hard slaps to shut her up then continue fucking Rachel's mouth, this time pointing my gun at her.

I cum in her mouth and push her away, kicking Rachel's side. As she coughs and tries to regain her composure, I end her with a bullet.

Beat mine and treat her like a fuck hole. Humiliate her

Rachel fancied herself a dyke, and most others saw her that way. But you weren't having it, you wanted to plow her asshole until she agreed to suck 10 dicks. You took her into the back alley and tied her hands behind her back. With her face down in the pavement, you forced your cock deep into her asshole causing her to cry out for help. But the only help was the 10 guys waiting for her to suck their cocks when she finally relented. It took about 20 minutes of pounding her asshole with her face in the pavement, bloodied and scraped, with the onlookers feeling up her tits for fun. But she finally agreed to suck off all ten guys just to be let go.
What she wasn't ready for was every guy to hold her head in tight, forcing her to deepthroat and swallow every load of cum as she gagged and cried.
You left her there in the alley overnight. But not before posting a gangbang event on craigslist backpages with her location.
I'm not into super violent snuff action, but be rough on Ali.

That’s what I’m talking about. Any more pics? Name? Anything specific? Starting now

Got it

Name's in this pic's filename. Stomach and face punches, choking, slapping would all be awesome. Detailed facefuck too

rachel and you together, from her perspective

The two of us walk out together and when we're a few hundred meters from camp you wrap your arms around me from behind and stick a couple fingers in my pussy, noting that it is still wet. We face out towards the lake and you kiss my neck as I feel your dick bulging against my ass. "Ready to be a cowgirl?" you ask, as you let go of me and lie down on the beach, taking your pants off. With your fat cock sticking up to the sky, I stand over you and lower myself to your hips, moaning as your dick penetrates me. I start rocking forward slowly, building up passion. As I start going faster, I see one of your friends appear and set up a video camera on a tripod, as he sits back and watches. As I look back down at you, I'm surprised when you slap me across the face and say, "I hope you're ready for this, whore!" I then catch a glimpse of steel as you whip your still bloody pocket knife into my breast and slice it off. I scream out in horror and straighten up while you hold your squishy new trophy.

With everything going on, I didn't notice your other mate running up behind me with a machete, until it bit into my neck and sent my head rolling past yours. My body slumped forward and you came at the sheer joy of finally having me snuffed. Of course you had planned it out like this from the beginning! My body slumped forward and the friend with the machete pounced on me from behind and penetrated my asshole. Your friend with the camera picked up my head and held it as his own trophy as he walked over and started fucking where my head used to be on my body. Soon you all came with such intense intensity that when you threw my body to the ground, all of my holes leaked with more jizz than you had ever seen. And you got it on video!

moar pics for good replies

Another pic for inspiring

Rachel loved to think she was doing a public service by always joining her fellow dykes in protests and marches around the city. Mother Earth needed her protection, she thought. But she didn't know she needed to carry protection for herself, as you caught her distracted by her phone and swiftly knocked her out and dragged her into the closed nightclub. At night, the club was like any other, but during the day, the clientele paid extra to take advantage of whoever got dragged in. Lucky for Rachel, she was the prize for the day.

With her arms and legs spread eagle and bound, the group of horny men rubbed their hands and cocks all over her body while she was still unconscious. Forcing their cocks into all her holes, forcing empty (and full) beer and liquor bottles up her ass and pussy. Using the liquid as lubricant for anything else they could find. As they stretched her pussy wider open, Rachel awoke to a 6'5" man's fist, wrist deep up her pussy. She wanted to scream but another man's 8" cock was fucking her throat. she could do nothing but cry as they knocked her out again, and repeated her abuse for the next 4 hours.

Here's sophie on the left. Be rough, but don't get gorey.

I see this short haired bitch while I’m out on the street and knew I had to have her. I followed her for a little watching her tight ass move back and forth until my cock couldn’t take it. I shoved her hard from behind so she fell forward and landed hard on her face. I took this time to kick her hard in her tits and ribs and paid special attention to trying to kick her between the legs right in her cunt as hard as I can. Her hands instinctively went to her cunt as she loaned and cried while I took my cock out and took aim. Her moans turned to gurgles and whimpers of surprise as she realized the man assaulting her was now pissing in her mouth and on her face. Panic set in and she tried to stand up to run but a swift kick to the ribs sent her back to the ground. I yanked her pants down to her knees and slapped her bare ass so she yelped. I slapped it again and again until her cheeks were red. I took her phone and made her livestream to her Facebook as I mounted her from behind and pounded her right there on the sidewalk, piss dripping from her crying face as her red ass cheeks bounced off my hips while I fucked her. Finally my balls tensed and I pulled out cumming all over her ass watching it drip down her crack and into her asshole. I made her thank me for it before forcing her to beg every man woman and child that passes to suck their cock and lick their pussies while her whole contact list watched.

Ali next

Again. Replies get replies for Rachel the dyke

Rachel wakes up in my basement. She's standing and her arms are up above her head. She can't move too much. I come up behind her and pull her head back by her hair. She feels my hardening cock brushing against her bare ass while I kiss and suck on her neck, fondling her tits with my other hand. I stand in front of her and slap her over and over again. I fuck her mouth with my tongue and finger her until my hand's dripping with her juices. I make her suck my fingers clean and then kick her stomach. I suck her tits as she moans and suddenly punch her stomach. She tries to scream but no sound comes out. I go behind her again and tilt her upper body forward so I can fuck her ass. I wrap rope around Rachel's neck as I fuck her ass, cumming as she convulses and keep my dick in her until she stops moving.

Punch and slap Tiffany. Facefuck her hard

Another pic of her

this thread is nothing but degenerate retards

kek, kill yourselves

K, we'll get right on it. In the meantime, GTFO

would love to fuck her ass right there in public, any guy can join to cum deep inside this bitch


I saw Ali at the holiday party. And I wasn’t the only one. Her tits and ass popping out in that form fitting dress had all the men their drooling and rock hard: it wasn’t hard to get them on board when I ripped her dress off, exposing a Lacey bra and g string just begging to be ripped through. The men pulled her to the ground and held her down, I helped myself to her cunt, pulling her g string aside while I thrusted all 9 inches of my cock into her and watched as her face got mounted by a particularly huge man and her mouth used as a sex toy as her jaw painfully stretched to accommodate his huge dick pumping in and out of her face, bouncing her head off the ground until finally Ali’s eyes grew wide and she began to choke until he finally withdrew his cock from her lips and she spat up a massive load of cum all over her face as I tended up and released rope after rope of hot cum into her cunt. I filmed as the rest of the party took turns with her holes one by one...

Patience please, I never get this much of a response:/
Sophie next than


No prob man

Very well done. Thanks!

Rachel invited you over to discuss her plans for saving the world, but when you got to her apartment you found that she was knocked out on the couch. Napping from having too much wine, it was your fault for being an hour late. Unknown to Rachel, you were late trying to find a place to get chloroform. Now that you had it, and she was already asleep, it would be easy to get her unconscious.
You found a dirty kitchen rag and used the chloroform to cover her mouth and nose as she napped. After a minute or so of letting her breathe in the fumes, you dragged her unconscious body into the bathroom and ran a hot bath. You stripped her down and bound her arms behind her back, and took photos of her with any little or big thing you could find shoved up her cunt and asshole - you were just waiting for her to finally wake.
Rachel awoke in a daze, not sure of where she was and why she was so sore. But you promptly shoved her face down into the water and forced your cock deep in her ass. The feeling of her struggling for her life made her clentch her asshole around your thick member, prolonging her pain and enhancing your pleasure. Grabbing her hair hard, you would dunk her head and remove it just in time for her to catch her breath as you continued to pump her asshole violently.
Rachel gave up after about 10 minutes of struggling. It was at this point that you flipped her over, fucked her face, and came on her tits. Being the dyke she was, she wasn't happy about the cum on her body. But you brought her a spoon from the kitchen, scooped it all up, and fed it to her. forcing her to swallow every last drop.
You left Rachel there, bound, tired, beaten, sore, and crying. Then called for a plumber.
Loved what you did for Ali. Care to do another one?

I had been following Sophie and her friend for a while. They went on a hike and she fell behind because she had to pee behind some bushes, i'd had been watching them and choked her out from behind and carried her fast in the opposite direction of the group. I drive off with Sophie’s underwear still around her ankles and a wet trail where she had pissed herself while she struggled against me in the woods. Finally we get to my cabin and I stop her and lay her face down with her piss stained underwear in her mouth. she wakes up to me forcing my cock into her ass. She struggles and screams, but there is no one around for miles. I use her hair for reigns as I slam in and out of her ass while she cries. Finally I pull out of her asshole and shove my dick down her slut throat, making her drink every drop of cum while she licks my cock clean of her own asshole...

Still here?

And yeah def, I like your style

Cool thanks, I'm just waiting on your response on Ali before going to bed, so I don't miss it before thread gets pruned. My caffeine is wearing off

Email [email protected] in case it does. Writing now.

if it helps your writing, the girl on the left of Ali in the b&w photo is her sister brianna

Did you guys not get hugged by your mother enough when you were babbies? Fucking degenerates.

I spied Ali from across the room at the party. She was already beyond wasted so I knew this would be easy, I waited for her to go to the bathroom and when no one was looking I burst in just as she was pulling her thong down from under her dress, exposing her shaved little pussy and tight ass to me as she gasped. I rushed over to her and grabbed her hair back from behind, my cock pushing against her ass while I plunged my right hand to her cunt and started mercilessly fingering her wet pussy: her bucking hips only made my dick harder as her bare ass rubbed against me and I plunged her face forward right into the toilet and slammed the lid down, trapping her bent over with her ass facing me while her arms flailed, I plunged into Ali’s asshole from behind while her screams were muffled by the water and she flailed trying desperately to get away as her asshole was ripped apart by my cock. I could feel her anus tighten and pulse as she became more and more desperate for air and right when she started to black out I filled her tight rectum with my hot cum and pulled out, letting it leak out her ruined ass as I stopped pressing on the toilet lid and she flailed backwards clutching her ass and coughing up toilet water. I took a few pictures before finally taking the plunger and ramming the handle into her pussy before walking out and leaving her there while a line of hungry drunk men began to form outside...

Ah i wish I had know that>_

well i'm more than happy to wait for you to write a new one including that fact, haha

Lol reply for reply. Or just email me

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