Do you turn your PC off before you go to sleep or do you always leave it on?

Do you turn your PC off before you go to sleep or do you always leave it on?

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I turn mine off.

It's mining so no down time.

Always leave it on

I leave it on most of the time

Turn off, since i only use SSDs, so to let the fans rest


>let the fans rest.
>cause i use SSDs.

I stream porn 24/7

I turn it off. If I leave it on and don't use it the power button on the tower and the sleep button on the monitor start blinking. It gets pretty annoying after a while.

I leave it on. It shuts itself off after 2 hours of inactivity. That's usually enough time for me to play a long boring video on youtube and pass out.

I got this script or whatever from the internet that shuts PC down in 120min. Same as sleep timer on TV and receiver.

You do know that windows has this BUILT IN.

unrelated but anyone know what desk that is?

Prefer this way

My regular pc is only on when I use it. My server runs 24/7,365

Gotta feel like bill gates

That's the most autistic thing I've ever heard of.

I leave it on, but disconnect the interwebz cuz (((THEY))) and CIA niggers might watch my gf and I sleep and somehow use it against me in some kind of shitty action packed movie plot.

I put it to sleep mode

What's a PC?

I pay my bills.

I turn mine off. It's has a bright red light built into it, and I kept having nightmares about being on a submarine. It wasn't being attacked or anything, I just don't like boats thst share their name with a sandwich.

windows key. Shut Down

Desktop one I turn it off because muh shekels. Laptop always on


Are you fucking retarded?

He meant that since he has an SSD, rebooting the system is not a bother so he might as well let the fans rest. Winwin situation you absolute fucking idiot who can't deduce basic fucking stuff like this. Fucking hopeless.

never it has been on for over 10 years

I leave it on.

My RAM sticks have LEDs that pulse and I find them somewhat soothing.

Plus I'm way too fucking lazy and impatient to turn it back on in the morning and too cheap to buy an SSD to cut boot time.

i shut it off, dunno why just always have

Turn that shit off unless you have a reason for it to be on - seeding, mining, whatever. Then it's cool.
Every electronic and mechanical device inside your computer - drives, fans, the CPU and chipset - EVERYTHING - will only give you so many hours of runtime before it fails. Why waste those hours while you're sleeping?
Turn that shit off and play vidya while you're awake, fool.