Fuller house smash tbread. Which one?

Fuller house smash tbread. Which one?

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Only Steph aged well.

Um, thats saying the least. Legs for dayyyyys

Jodie was a crystal meth head...I could just imagine the shit she did during her lowest point. With a rack line that, I bet titty fucks were her thing.

You guys are fucking high. Candace Cameron is hot as fuck.

If you into toothpicks... Jodie the best of them now, though in full house, Candace ruled

Prolly, but eh, means her pussy might be in good shape yet. Plus she seems luke she'd be wild as fuck in bed. DJ (candace cameron) is fuckable but i dont want to hear bible verses after i jizz

honestly.... none?

Who's who? Post new with old pictures for comparison.
I didn't watch that shit since '99.


Her brother is the real religious one, though she's probably got some bible flowing through her. She'll forget all that when the dick gets in her

Rather not because the old pics they wernt 18 yet. Kimmy is in red. Steph white. Dj black in op pic

Hell yea, she can have my nut any day of the week.

>Rather not because the old pics they wernt 18 yet.

You don't belong on Sup Forums, go away.


Candace pry fucks like its 1862.

Steph was a qt.


You guys know Fuller House is one MASSIVE feminist bleed out right?
DJ is a single mom with 2 kids with Chads fighting over her.
Steph dates 3 guys at a time, with Chads fighting over her.
I remember this one scene where she's holding a baby and asks a Chad what he thinks about a woman with a kid and he genuinely replied that he found it sexy. Then he sees her with DJ's second kid and she asks the same about a girl with 2 kids and the Chad replies that its even sexier.
Its just bullshit to brainwash fuckholes into believing this is how men should behave, so if they don't they're assholes.
All the men are always wrong.
Jessie gets to be wrong but they accept masculine behavior from him. ( Chad )
When a beta is wrong, they have a comedy shaming scene.
Oh and DJ gets caught two timing, and the show IMMEDIATELY emotionally rationalizes it into her being innocent and the men being at fault for her fooling around with both of them.
When DJ's boss retires and leaves his Vet clinic to HIS OWN SON, DJ becomes all passive aggressive and threatens to quit because she felt she was entitled to inherit the clinic. This causes the Son, one of two men who DJ is fucking at the time, to go full beta mode and SIGN OVER HALF OF THE OWNERSHIP OF THE CLINIC TO DJ so they could work as partners.
I wish I could work at a place, then inherit half of it for two timing on the owners daughter after threatening to quit for not getting the whole thing outright.


You think to much.

It's utter bullshit. My GF has coworkers who watch it and she's told me the same thing, and to make it worse Candace Cameron Bure is also a religious nut who may have abused her children.

Also this happened.



Lucky guy.

I thought that was Joey from the thumbnail. That first pic judd screams I'm a whore, fuck me

Oh don't worry. Joey showed her mr woodchuck.

She stated that she and her husband To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl as a guide for raising their children, it's a book that describes whipping infants with spoons for crawling off blankets and hitting toddlers with belts. No joke.

Id gladly oblige

If it's not one of the anorexic Olsen twins, I'm not interested, fam

So? If more parents did this kids wouldnt be so shitty.

That can't be true. In today's world, that would be outed instantly, especially with SJW and femninazis running amuck. They would turn on her in a heart beat.

Elizabeth Olsen much hotter
No chance. That Shit would've been spoken out with that me too shit.

That's why i was surprised she's still getting work. She's made a lot of comments about being submissive to her husband that are freely available on the blog she was writing, as well. There were some headlines a few years ago but people dropped it . . .? I'm as confused as you are. But to be comfortable even mentioning that book you'd have to agree with quite a bit of it.

We had that. Boomers are what happened. Let's not make shit worse. Raise your children to be actual useful human beings who can communicate.

Maybe that's why she played up the religion card. Who knows? If still fuck Jodie or her or that Gibbler chick. Jodie at least fucks

Boomers are far more useful then millienials.

Not really. They're basically the biggest fuck ups ever.

They don't look so good now.

How so? They presided over some of the best times in american history. Things didnt go to shit till the fag millenials elected a nigger in 08

>doesn't look so good now
You're joking right? That's 100% grade a beef

The country was not voting republican anything since that gas thing the end of 08 could've been a democratic cheese sandwich and would've gotten more votes than any republican

Then explain why some old commie senile jew (sanders) got as far as he did this last round? Old white men arnt gonna be able to outvote the SJWs forever.

Sanders had the 25 and younger crowd. Scream free, and socially SJW statements, they flocked to him. To bad Clinton had it in the bag the while time, her parties nomination no matter what.

>wanting to vote for cucks and giving away your jobs to foreigners.
Good jerb fuckwit.

No, i dont vote dumbocratic. Im sorry but there hasnt been an alpha democrat since LBJ. You could possibly make a case for clinton, but he still was no where near a bush jr or regan level of non cuckness.

>but he still was no where near a bush jr or regan level of non cuckness.
Dat super cuck. Fucking retard.