Thoughts on G Hannelius? She's 19

Thoughts on G Hannelius? She's 19.

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She looks like someone turned a young Claire Danes into a cartoon.

I think you need a new hobby.

I think what you mean is good genetics.

But G is still in her prime.

I didn't say it was a bad look.

I want to pound her pussy and cum all over her puppy face

Good point user

too fucking old
too fucking ugly
too fucking irrelevant

but i get it. you're still obsessed with this disgusting cryptospic that won't even give you the time of day. and like usual, you're going to reply to this trying to defend her honor, because you're a loser like that.

Gottcha. I think she is absolutely beautiful.

I know that feel. I want to make cute little babies with G.

She's cute. I'd wreck her.

i wanna nurse on her nipples then do the same to her armpits

Nice waist ratio.

Oh yes, must look great from behind...

would lick her ass crack clean

anyone make an unsee room?

There is no place on her I wouldn't lick.


i'd eat her shit straight from her asshole

Would rape so hard.


She get her tits out yet anywhere?

rub my dick on her scalp



Not all the way.

i wonder if it's possible to put a hickey on her smooth armpit

I can work with this *unzip*


hnggggg fuck yes
i'd suck so hard on that skin flap

too old

I want a g toe in my ass

What does a girls armpit taste like?

That's what her vagina looks like shaved.

don't know, but i'd like to found out what her's tastes like and enjoy it either way

Why does everyone obsess over fat chloe moretz when this girl is doing everything right in the looks, weight and aging categories?

so it wasnt just me.

i'd suck on her cute nose too

I'd smell her hair tbh

It tastes like heaven user.

same, and put it in my mouth
>or around my cock

Is that her mother? I'd fuck them both



>gently kiss her inbetween he belly button and clit every so slowly

Her best feature is her face + smile. I bet she has a shit personality


pick her nose with my tongue

bet her back would taste so good, licking it from top to bottom

Probably just lacking much of one, but shes got potential


and her ass and tits and legs and feet

see-through dress


You will never be the meat in this sandwich


Too old

too old.

liked her better when she was 14
she had so cute little feet

I'm a makeup artist for hollywood, who knows I may just ;)

This is her mom.

Those were the days.

Fapping hard to this & this


someone make one

Fuck, just imagine how her pussy must feel while she moans and eggs you on

A real shame she didn't have longer, sexier scenes.


Full gallery here a/wvCjm

Yeah... you would cum so quick. You'd have to go in for more especially in this dress.

i'd lick it off her face

She's alright, but put her next to a true hottie and she just can't compete.

slide that finger in my ass g

Victoria justice looks a lot like maite perroni

I like her because she reminds me of my inappropriate younger cousin's voice

i wanna giggle her asscheeks in my hand

mm slide that foot in my mouth toes first and mouth fuck me


Ever had sexual thoughts on your cousin?

none of your fucking business

Would rather kiss her while i footfuck her feet tbqh


anything to do with her feet is fine with me, my cock on them or her toes inside me
this is fine



Her feet in my mouth and my dick wholly in her pussy sounds heavenly to me



same, user. being able to taste her foot by having it completely in your mouth and feel your cock inside her wet pussy at the same time would be heaven


Let's put a smile on that face!

The taste and squeals she makes, fuck yeah



mmm so salty and soft

she can reach around and finger my ass too



nice shoulder blades