Does anyone here use heroin and do you know how to get over the withdrawals??

does anyone here use heroin and do you know how to get over the withdrawals??

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Do like Audie Murphy did. Lock yourself in a hotel room with just food and water and don't come out till the withdrawal s are gone.

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Get more heroin, dummy

You need something else that is an opioid receptor agonist. Kratom or other opiates are your main options. Generally, you shouldn't quit cold turkey. You should always taper if you've been on something long enough to have a bad withdrawal. At least split the last bit into multiple doses to blunt the withdrawal symptoms.

I mean I don’t do heroin I smoke weed and drink but this is the only thing that makes sense to me. There’s no secret cure except don’t do it. That shit hurt I’m sure but unless you wanna go to rehab isolation has gotta be the only way.

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Once addicted you will always find your way back into that sweet ladies arms
Source: 5 years on and off jabbing my arm and nose with junk

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Take 15-20mg generic.imodium. will solve your with draw

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Time. You'll have a painfully clear realization of your biological nature during the 7-8 day process from opiate cessation to the passing of acute withdrawal symptoms. Of course comfort meds are a huge help, ideally large amounts of benzos.

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5 year ex heroin addict here been clean for 2 years

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Imodium helps a LOT
seriously get a few boxes

Acid trip yourself out of it user, take a lethal dose of acid or iowaska, and literally format the brain. I'd say 700 ug will do the trick. If you're feeling daring 800 ug. Anything more; well enjoy the light my friend, it welcomed you. For reference a typical street tab is about 150 - 200 ug. I use to manufacture and sell the shit. I've seen heroin addicts change completely from god-tier doses.

>lethal dose

Kratom, cannabis, and magnesium.

It's not easy but it's better than getting pink liquid handcuffs from the methadone clinic IMO.

Check out SMARTrecovery for some tools.

Good luck

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You'll definitely change if you take 800 ugs worth of acid. Good luck with the egodeath.

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Stupid fucking junkie whore, if you dont do heroin there will not be any withdraws. See how easy that shit is.

Buy's heroin can't afford to rent a room for one night.... Do what is good for you not what you think is good for you. Dumb cunt.

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Immodium helps a lot. Your going to need quite a bit. Or you could come to jersey and ill throw you a few bundles.


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Metal bowl piece, unscrew top bowl so it's just a metal tube, put small tear of cigarette in tube and stamp weed on top
we call them poppers my friend and while they'll make you hack up tar if you smoke them for a few days it's helped my friend get over crack withdrawal


Do this through bongs only, doing them dry is way too harsh


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Go through withdrawals and just don't do it.
Maybe wean off it also i you have that kind of restraint.

It's all about will power and discipline from here on out

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Once you've been clean/suffering for 48hrs get some suboxone or subitex and that'll fix your cold sweats/diarrhoea/sleeplessness etc.
Then taper that shit down real quick & quite else you'll be on subbies the rest of your life.
If you can't get subs then you'll just have to butch it out. It gets better after the first week though.

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heroin withdrawals are just like a flu, they are fucking nothing

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Microdoses of psychedelics such as LSD have been tested and used clinically for decades as treatment for opioid and alcohol withdrawal. To find a proper microdosage, take miniscule amounts of the substance until you begin to feel effects from it, then back off slightly.

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Remember the '3D's:-
1. Deep Breath (long, slow, deep breaths help to calm your bouncing heart)
2. Delay (whatever you're doing to self-medicate, just wait a little longer between doses)
3. De-Catastrophise (try to relax and get you're head straight - you're not going to die)

Bumping for interest as to whether OP gets off the smack and lives happily ever after with some English Sup Forumstard in a country village.

tough it out. alcohol and gaba drugs are the real nightmare

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It's spelled Ayahuasca

Go on youtube and look up "Dopesickjoel" He's a long time heroin addict who asks a friend to document parts of his quitting

idk if he ever really recovers, and they're both a little crazy, but he does get better for a while.

She's more than welcome, mate. She could do with doing some wholesome shit and I don't mind a bit of danger.

Wait it out. Days 3-5 are the worst

Lots of info on supplements and otc meds that can help here

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