I'm a photographer and my wife has never had her own thread. 94lbs, 22 yrs old. Have any quality pics of your wife?

I'm a photographer and my wife has never had her own thread. 94lbs, 22 yrs old. Have any quality pics of your wife?









front view please?


What kind of camera do you have? I haven't seen filenames like that before

like that?

5d, 7d, and a 40d
picas are exported, changed name etc.



Being a pervert with a camera does not make you a photographer, your photos look shit from a professional opinion


neat, thanks!

Yeah , many of these do. Most have no external lighting, and I never stuck to rule of thirds etc etc. But I am published and make great money. I have done a lot of work.

like this one, the horizon runs through the neck. Trust me, I am more advanced than some fag on Sup Forums.

>But I am published and make great money
Ken? Is that you|?

Is there lack of interest?

*all of these do

>Trust me, I am more advanced than some fag on Sup Forums.
1. That bar isn't high on Sup Forums
2. I notice you're not posting this on /p/

>Is there lack of interest?
You're too far up your own ass. She's nothing special and your pictures are average

Below average on the girl AND photography

Any hardcore?

She's looks fat for 94 pounds. Height?

Nope, that is abient light. That is Puerto Rico. I didn't have my external lights in PR

No, im not a community member on Sup Forums. Only /b and /s. Nerver browse /p

>im not a community member on Sup Forums
>community member


Thai girls are ugly af!

So lets see your's. Plus, I am not posting pics that come from her actual modeling photos, she might be noticed. You could go back to 3400 iso iphone 4 photos on the other threads.

I agree. Thai bitches are nasty and bitchy. Wouldn't ever touch one. Why would you randomly say that?

stop arguing and keep posting ass pics, I need to finish


>So lets see your's
I'm not the one who's bragging on Sup Forums about being a published photographer who makes great money and is more advanced than some fag on Sup Forums

Studio pics? Easily controlled environment, TONS of makeup. She put that on with a paint roller?

I'm not claiming to be a photographer... If I was then I'd happily show you, but I'm not and neither are you

Wasn't bragging. Only responding to comments from faggots.
>Being a pervert with a camera does not make you a photographer, your photos look shit from a professional opinion

My favorites so far. She has nice teeth, ass & feet.

What nationality is she? Any pics of her getting fucked?

>Starts thread
>First three words
>"I'm a photographer...."
>Not bragging

Yeah studio shoot

what's up with the shit photoshop job?

Umm ok. I guess my paycheck says otherwise. The only reason I mentioned I was a photographer is b/c when posting b4, fags just like you say her pics are pro pics and that I am lying. You are the fag who starrted saying I was a pervert with a cam, as you browse /b haha

she's hot and the pics are enjoyable. thanks for sharing. fuck everyone.



Hundreds of pics of everything. Most are not on this computer. I don't post those pics tho.

Fuck this cunt. You're doing a good job OP. Keep it up.

Would cuck you.

Does she use meth?

lucky guy


professional shoot of the wife is so long ago i had to scan it.


Thanks man

Nice dubs lovely bum too!

She's hot! Love to see more of her!

Fair enough. She's nice. Is she kinky in bed? Tell us something to get the fantasies going. Does she swallow?

more pls

Love her smile



>banged up knees
You have a rough carpet at home?

There's no fucking way anyone would ever think your photos are pro... Sorry to say this but they are probably taking the piss out of you and you are too autistic to realise

yyourw ife is niice an fuinding it hardx to massterbate wiihile typnig im aboiut to cum

She does swallow. She didn't when I met her. She actually had never given a bj. She never told me she had never given a bj before she did it unfortunatley.... that would have been hot to know I was taking a vigin mouth

do you have any pics of her with toys?

Holy shit you're fucking stupid. He's clearly taking these casually. Being a photographer doesn't mean every god damn causal photo you snap is perfect. Stop being such a fucking cunt.

She has an amazing body. Do you have kik?


She was never kinky but I got her to watch porn with me. She even went on a cam site and we had a girl pose for us. while we looked at her and fucked. Don't think she is bi, she acts liek she is not. Prob just getting the cam show to satisfy me. Hoping to take it to the next level soon.

thx user.here is another one of her bum.

go on i would love to see all of her

Wow, she is great. please keep those coming

Truer words ahve never been said. When my wife is naked, letting me take these pics and trying to keep under the radar from people that might come by... my main concern is just capturing her then fucking her. Not rule of thirds

Too bad we can't see her eyes, but you can tell she has a pretty face either way.

Wow, great pic. Might save this one for later. Do you lick her asshole? Does she like it?

>She has an amazing body. Do you have kik?
The thirst....

Mmmm she is amazing would love to see the rest of her face as well

Never licked her asshole. She is very kinky but she does not do anal and squirms if I ever come even close. I would love to tho but I am afraid she would get upset and say I am sick.

For a girl with this nice of a body? Of course

would kill me if i did


What's ur fav position guys? Fav photo so far?

Fair enough you one luckily fella she is stunning any frontals!



This one


Long hair + ass = killer boner

>For a girl with this nice of a body?
You don't get the internet much where you live, then?

Fav photo so far guys?

>Fav photo so far?
This one


That is an asshole that has never been fucked.


That sand between her toes and that cute little ass in the sunshine... you're lucky man.

>afraid she would get upset and say I am sick
Honestly I wouldn't have married her without marking the entire territory first. That was a mistake in IMHO. It's silly because most women enjoy or outright love it, they just don't know it yet and think it's a bad thing. The trick is to slowly warm her up to it. When you fondle her ass, try really going in the crack with the side of your hand to make contact with her asshole. She won't mind that. Then, when you lick pussy, you let your tongue 'slip' occasionally. Not directly on the asshole, but in its vicinity, closer each time. After a week or two, you can then try really making contact between tongue and asshole. By that point you'll already know if she is really strikt against it or warms up.

Unfortunatly I have never been in it and no else has either. :(


for me this ass + feet = win