Hey Sup Forums, how should I kill myself? No joke. I already tried with my...

Hey Sup Forums, how should I kill myself? No joke. I already tried with my .22 pistol and ended up just hurting myself and having the gun taken by the cops after my ex called the cops on me. Yeah I failed suicide. Anyway, was hospitalized for four days and then sent back out. Well I still want to die. I have no one, my ex of four years would rather me die than talk to me (blocked my number, insta, snap, fb, etc.) and called the cops to start a harassment case if I don't leave her alone. So literally me dying and wanting to die is less important than literally everything as long as she's not bothered. My mom has three types of cancer and had about 20 different strokes which resulted in her mind being lost; basically not my mom anymore at all. Dad was murdered in 2012. No other family. Barely any friends due to depression and not being able to get out of bed. In my last two semesters of an accounting degree, but I have a 2.6 GPA due to depression and accounting firms have basically just laughed at me the last two years. So I put myself 40k in debt for nothing because my depression --> shit GPA --> more depression --> worse GPA --> worse depression --> pushing everyone away for being depressed, a bitch, and not trying hard enough. My car was totaled by an illegal immigrant and my insurance (Geico) fought with me and a lawyer until they successfully refused coverage. So now I have a useless 20k piece of metal. It all just sucks and I want to an hero. So please help me find a way when I failed to kill myself with a .22 pistol. Can't buy another gun because I was hospitalized.

Pic related, it's her deep throating me after I came on her face and in her left eye a few minutes before.

You could always try knocking the gas pipe open and light a match and blow everything the fuck up

Sounds painful. Maybe though.

If your car still runs stick it to geico and kill yourself with the carbon monoxide.

Better days ahead OP.

Look into free counselling in your area.

Death by police? Please

lmao nigga use sleeping pills, they painless af, my friend done it

Its all good man, sounds like youve been through some shit. You still have so much to live for, so many people to meet, fun things to do. Back when I was going through rough times, my research says to jump in front of a train. Low pain and nearly 100% success. If youre mind is truly made up i just hope it can be peaceful and painless

I've been seeing counseling on and off since 2012. Can help sometimes but it also just makes me feel just as alone knowing the only person in my life willing to talk to me about my problems only does so because of money, and forgets I exist after my hour is up.
Was thinking this. Should have done that in the first place. Harder without the gun.

Your friend repeatedly kills himself with sleeping pills? I think he's just sleeping, user.

I promise it gets better. It may be some stupid cliche shit and everything user but there's a reason people say it and that's because it's true. Motherfuckers wouldn't waste there time lying if it wasn't. My ex girl who I was sure was gonna marry me suddenly left me for.some other guy and I felt the way you do. It'll hurt for some time and it still does for me even though it's been half a year. But I have my girl now and I love her to bits and don't know what I'd do without her. You'll find your her. Please just stick in there for us. We need another person around here to tell others it's gonna be okay and relay the message, maybe then they'll understand. Everyone gets it at one point, you just need to keep around until that point. I love you user. Happy new years. Please don't make this your last.

Stop being a bitch


Nah he sleepin 6 feet in the ground ever since he done it 4 years ago

stay alive faggot cuz you only get one life and you're eventually gonna lose it,suicide just makes it quicker,kind of like buying a game and playing it for a few minutes then never opening it again

Do it in a way that Gieco has to clean your mess up. Maybe take an insane amount of laxatives and run into Giecos office. Spray shit all over the place and beat yourself to death with a lamp. I'm jk dude don't off yourself just move away from it all (go overseas)

My mom got sick when I was 17. She fought cancer for 6 years before she died. It wasn't a pretty fight either. She did chemo 3 times and fell back into remission each time. I didn't realize that the last time the cancer came back was actually the last time... I don't really remember the last real conversation I actually had with her was. About 3 months after she died, my girlfriend of 6 years left me. I had thought of suicide many times. I still do sometimes. I still have a cry every once in a while out of self pitty. All I can tell you is what my mom always told me: "You just have to keep moving forward."

For me, it's because I want to experience more from the world before I die. It may not be as grand as people who were born more privileged or were dealt a better hand at life... It's been 8 years since my mom died now. I'm still not sure of everything that I will be able to accomplish before I burn out this life. Maybe just making the world a better place in whatever way I can. There's plenty of people making it a shitty one. I will continue living so I can make it ever so slightly less shitty for everyone else.

Bro I guarantee I've dealt with more in my 28 years of life than you will in your 70-100. This isn't including my childhood being ruined by heroin or 99% of other shit just what's going on at this exact moment. I'm trying to not be a bitch, but I literally can't stop feeling like I should kill myself for about 3 months now. The pain inside is worse than the pain outside and I'd rather just get it over with. Another 50 years of this sounds like hell.
Thanks guys, but honestly I don't know what else I can do. I've fucked over 30 girls. I don't want to really spend time hooking up anymore. I don't want to spend years more to invest in people just to be thrown away. I don't want to deal with cancer anymore. I don't want to work and really can't because of my constant eye pain and depression. I fail at all responsibilities this last year. I'm just not built for this world and am completely unloved by all of those around me. I'm not asking for a "please help me be better" post, I just want some efficient ways to an hero because I hate myself, my life, and literally begging for people to help me still got me nowhere. I feel worthless and have no desire to build my worth back up anymore.

Eye pain etc is probably tension related. Smoke weed? Helped me.

Anyway I've always wondered why people kill themselves rather than do something like plan a heist - and if it goes wrong and you're caught then just drop yourself in the moment?

Hey I'm sorry for what you've been through user. Pretty similar, and I'm glad you've done something to at least help yourself move in the right direction. I personally don't want to keep trying though. At best I become happy and enjoy life. The issue is that for 27 years I haven't, and this last year I have actively hated my life day in and day out. I don't necessarily even want it to get better. I just want it to stop being something I have to deal with. I don't want control over my own life anymore. I want to take that own control away from me. Hell I have 15k in my bank account despite being 55k in actual debt, and I would just straight pay someone that to off me. But they'd probably just steal the money and not do it.

Weed actually makes it worse. It's dry eye, ambylopia / stabismus, and anonymoulous correspondous. tl;dr eyes don't work together but try extremely hard to, causing fluctuating vision and headaches.

And Don't want other people hurt or involved.

If you aren't man enough to painfully suicide then you still have a chance in this world.

I think you should man up and seek medical advice. And no I don't mean being pumped with anti-depressants, I mean proper help like counselling. Such a selfish thing to do to kill yourself. You're also seeking advice from the wrong place, but you already know this.


Yeah but robbing some faceless corporation at night?

I know I'm not going into specifics as I'm hungover on 4hr sleep but there's got to be a victimless crime that can make you a millionaire.

Not appeal?

that fucked up Sup Forumsro, I really feel for you, but if your ex left you, its best to leave her be. Im not gonna say don't do it cause i feel as if my words really mean nothing in regards to your situation.
you should totally dump your ex's pics though, shes pretty damn cute, and if it means anything. if you managed to get her then looking past the debt there imho still hope you can find someone

thats some backhanded compliment user. i like it

Me too, it's shit like this that might actually help OP.

I believe there should be a mandatory MRI screening before antidepressants can be prescribed. how to fuck you gonna decide its a brain chemistry thing when you don't even fucking took at it.

Finish her off first, like a real man.

Think about everyone that wishes they could still be living before you make any decisions. Suicide is never an option. I’ve always thought that if I feel suicidal again and I’m sure that I want to end it all, which I won’t, but if I do, then I’ll get a personal loan from a bank, take it all out in cash and get on a plane and go somewhere in Southeast Asia (think Cambodia here) and figure out life there. No one will come looking for you there. I know a guy who up and left to Laoss/Cambodia because he was fed up with being in the rat race. He went to Cambodia started teaching English and living with the people over there, got involved with business and moved around the area doing consultation or someshit making an asston of money just because he’s a white guy from New York. So I figure if my life is ever fucked, I’ll get a passport and just say fuck it and move to Cambodia and figure it out. Now do I mean get on a plane tomorrow and go? No. Be realistic do some planning then do it. But why is this my method for a quick a painless suicide? Because this is an identity suicide. You leave who you are here behind and start a new life reborn. A whole new culture to experience. He lived there for 6 years never came back once to see his family, he came back just recently and while I got to talk to him he told me the people over there have next to nothing but are the happiest people he’s ever seen. Our society forces depression into us. You have went through some emotionally traumatizing things and I’m not minimizing that, what I’m saying is you only get one life and instead of ending your life for good. End the life in the United States. And at the end of the day; if I’m in Cambodia and I still want to suicide I’ll just get in a bar fight and get stabbed in an alley way or something fuck it. That’s my take on it, set the rule that suicide is not an option and you’ll force yourself to enjoy life. It’s easier to be happy than miserable

well, today I'm still alive and kicking. Finally saved up enough to buy that gaming system I always wanted. I'm taking a stab at starting a business with my cousin, launching in the next couple months (we have the first shipment being inspected soon). Life has turn around a bit and even though it all feels so far from normal. I never thought I would be at a point like this in my life. I like to think that I now have a realistic view of how fast it can all go to shit.

If you decide to push through that swamp you seem to be stuck in... It can get better. I didn't really do anything but zombie mode my way through life for about 4 years after all that shit happened. I feel like I'm finally moving the right direction so I just have to hope nothing fucks up.

that's a nice story user, i legitimately mean that.


Ever considered the stress you put someone through when you try to kill yourself? You sound like a leech, sucking the life out of people around you. Sounds like she had to get out. Shes probably afraid shes gonna hear of your suicide one day. Listen to yourself you selfish cunt. She probably does care, but theres only so much a person can take before they need to protect their own mental health.

Legitimately a good idea if you're felling suicidal. I like it.

I'm not worried about finding someone else to suck my dick
This is true, and you're definitely right. However, I think giving up on my "identity" is the same thing. I give up on anyone who I invested 28 years of my life caring about me. Basically killing myself from the trauma and lack of love; it's the same thing. I would still be forced to work for it and I'm exhausted. Again, I just want ideas to an hero. I appreciate all of the concern and empathy, though.
Good, I hope she does hear of my suicide. Not bailing on me on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years could have been a good start in showing she cared.

It sounds to me that the thing your mostly hung up about is your ex. Don't get me wrong, it's really shit to hear about your mother and what she's having to go through as well though.

I've just come out of an 8 year relationship myself. Found out not long after that she actually met someone else and cheated on me. Yeah I felt really down, I won't lie but now I feel so much better. Just give it time and I'm sure you'll meet somebody else. Don't get hung up on one woman. Sure you've wasted your time investing it in her, but shit it could have been worse if you'd have got married first off or something.

You are like white noise to people going through shit like this user. None of what you said was heard because suicidal people are too jaded to care about some shit head getting mad at them on the internet. I feel like you don't understand. This is a person that is reaching out when they don't value their own life anymore. Fucking laughable to try to guilt him into existence.

You either go out like a bitch
Or you take as many with you as you can

It's not really about her. It's just the most recent thing. Someone that I thought loved me from the bottom of her heart just threw me away to die. It's not even about not being in a relationship, it's literally about stating that I'm going to kill myself and they block you after. So my death means nothing. It has nothing to do with her being the one to do that, it has to do with this basically being the response from everyone. Nobody wants to make you feel loved or want to live until you're already dead and then it's "oh I wish I could have done something different" meanwhile they tried nothing while I was begging while alive.

I hope you enjoy your gaming system, user!

I believe suicide can be a good option, I just don't think it's right for you. You sound like you still have some fight left TBH. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic, and after 8 years of dealing with this, I'm also thinking of throwing in the towel.
I mean, don't get to mad when I say this, but fuck your mother and father. You're using them as a reason to stay depressed. You need to seriously man up and lead a life they'd want for you or just get it over with. You honestly sound like a little kid. I'm just saying. Fix your depression and correct your grades or w/e.. It honestly sounds so minuscule and pathetic.

ps: I like how you took his ex girlfriends side when you have no clue about either of them other than he is suicidal and has had to watch his mom suffer for years.

you got a point but so does he

I was given the best method of suicide ever on here a few years ago. I will pass the knowledge on to you now.

Find a tall building, at least five stories, that you have roof top access to. Get yourself some piano wire, about enough to reach half way down the building, and some super glue. Go to the roof, secure the piano wire, then tie it around your neck in a slip knot. Then, super glue your hands to the side of your head, wait for the glue to dry. Once dry, take a running leap off the building. The piano wire will go taught about half way down and slice through your neck, ripping your head off but leaving it stuck in your hands since they are glued to it. When you land, it will look like you leapt off the building and ripped off your own head on the way down.

another solid point.

Take up a free carpentry course, and a wilderness survival course. Then move to the Rockies or Appalachians and build an off the grid house with a vegetable patch and use deadfall traps to catch small animals. Fish from streams. Become a hermit/mountain man. This is my plan, I've already spent weeks at a time in the woods alone. It's very therapeutic if you read or keep diaries or write stories. Disappear and rebuld yourself, my friend. Death is only but the end of everything, no need to bring the end any closer than it needs to be

I'm glad it seems to be turning around. I hope your business goes well user
>didn't actually buy the pants I was trying on in pic related

Although I didn't discuss suicide with my ex, she practically did the same thing to me. She literally ignored me for months before talking with me as I explained that I need closure.

Women are fucking strange man, if she's done that then she really isn't worth your time at all and clearly doesn't care about you. That doesn't mean you should up and kill yourself through does it? Yeah a woman that knows you did that... Look at us, we're all complete randomers and from the majority we're telling you to live your life man.

fuckin kek

yeah the demographics off, back in 08 from my experience the thread would have been 90% "do it faggot"

if you go out without giving me all you have off your ex, we can't be friends user

loving it bro, just upgraded my internet to be fiber yesterday too. fucking love being a slightly above averagely skilled gamer nerd.

Shit just two weeks ago it would have been the same outcome or people asking for a live feed of it anyway. Perhaps it's because it's new year and this cunt needs help.

I wanted it to be all "do it faggots" though. I wanted ways lol.

ty, I hope so too. Projections look promising.

people are starting the year witrh a good conscience, guess you picked the wrong day user. also thank you

what kinda business user? best of luck

yeah Op, kill yourself... Give to the people that is still alive reasons of why they left you.

Stop being an egoist cunt. People never give a fuck about suicidals. Post more nudes.

Fuck off, I'm not asking anyone to care. Just need ways. You ain't getting shit fagboi

Just get on antidepressants and do something with your life

>I already tried with my .22 pistol
Sure you did.

don't let the bad apple spoil the bunch, i still want this set.
there's firearms
chemicals i.e. overdose
other user mentioned the piano wire base jump... idk many other ways that you wouldnt already know. aka hanging, ect.

fuck mi wife for mi u white dawg

Donate to [email protected] for sets idk

annon, pls donate him, i'm broke

Have you tried the .22 again?

Don't own it anymore, cops took it.

How do you fuck up the shot that badly so that you are hospitalised for ONLY FOUR DAYS. WHAT THE FUCK DID THE ROUND EVEN HIT, YOUR APPENDIX?


Oh, no. Sorry. I shot myself but jerked away and ended up shooting the side of my head and passing out. I was hospitalized for four days in St. Thomas in Akron Ohio for psych and trying to kill myself.

wtf mate? what you need the money for it your just gonna an hero?
shit how much you talkin anyway
stingy bastard lol

Can't you borrow or steal a gun? I thought all you yanks had them

Ok, that's fair enough I guess.

also tf your shit doing in ccleaner?

I don't really need money. I mean I need a shitload of money; I'm 40k in debt with no usable car and need eye surgery but just bored and want to die and no one is giving me the advice I want so I threw that out there too. Amount? I don't know. If you want it all, IDK how to upload like 15gb altogether in the first place to ship it.

Just have random ex's nudes in random spots so they never see other girl's. Like if me and a girl watch a video of the two of us, I'm not trying to fight by her seeing other videos of me and other girls in the same spot.

15gb? damn, either your loaded or whatever your filmin withs compression is shit.
ever hear of a torrent? or mega? gdrive is capt at 15gb. idk the size cap on volafile but you can upload zips
i can't work off of idk. your the one who holds value for this shit, considering the personal nature. name your price and ill think about it or be a brotha. what good is it if that shit goes to the ether with you? assuming your not all talk

take a look into veracrypt my friend. keeps your shit locked down. just don't forget the password.

jees just snap out of it


No.1 you have had a woman (you can get another)
some of us are to fat, to ugly, to short, etch etch
get off of the computer and meet another
and while your fucking that hoes wet pussy, give a thought of how much of a lucky cunt you are to not be a 45 year old vergin (not kissless not gf less, had 3 )

also your clever, use that!, if you can't get an accounting job, try something else,hell theirs plenty of pussy at the supermarkets

Honestly better days ahead, 2018 is starting and this is your time to flip your life around
Just try new things
Meet new people
Jerk off more

i don't think his issue is souly pussy friend, but it could be a contributing factor

jerk off more? first time iv seen someone call for that aside from the inverse

find a nearby train track, figure out the schedule, then go there shortly before the train arrives wearing clothing that blends into the surroundings. Lay down beside the track with your neck placed on one of the rails and your head in between the rails. Never get up.

cant even kill yourself right. you really cant do anything right can you OP? what a useless human you are

dude theirs always someone who gives a shit about ya
even if it's only your cat

No.1 get of the pc
No.2 (assuming you aren't disabled) get out the house
No.3 get yourself a cycle, get on it, go for a ride, anywhere, everywhere , women will notice you, trust me

your still young bud enjoy life

That pic above shows 12.4 GB or something already in what's highlighted. It's just phone videos so it's probably compressed like crap but there's a couple hours of footage I think.

And value wise I really have no idea. I've seen people be given 10k on here for having tits. I've seen a guy given 2k for a fried graphics card. Some of you are rich as fuck, some of you are poor as fuck so value is completely out of the window on Sup Forums. I have no idea what actual amount of money even means anything to me.

Give me 500.00 and I'll give it all to you. 27 videos, 117 pics

Women aren't the issue. Things that are in my control aren't the issue. Things that, no matter what I do, I can't control (eyes, mom, car, etc.) are the issue.
Train is looking to be a good option tbh
stupid baka gaijin can't even off himself right

well those people are clearly stupid or rolling in so much doe they don't give a shit. ima be honest im not to far out of highschool and going through college. that kinda money is not doable for me. "if anything" i only want the girl you been posting. and id only give you 20$ in litecoin for it, maximum.
id trade you what i got of my ex, but id doesnt even compare im sure. only thing i have left is a handful of photos after my drive got wiped.

The best way is an exit bag with nitrous oxide. But you can do better than that. Show that bitch who's boss, show her you can do better than her. The only one holding you back is you user, she'll always find another dick to suck, and you have to expect that of females. Life is shitty, make the best of it. It's 2018, a whole new generation is being raised on traumatization, learn to deal with how fucked up life is. If I can do it, so can you, user.

That is all the girl I've been posting lmfao. 27, 117 is all of that girl.

dont use a train you fucking nigger

fuck up some train drivers life because you're a pathetic beta

Very true, did not think of that at the moment. Fuck you all are bad at advice.

Just google "exit bag", I have one laying around as insurance.

Holy shit this looks like my ex. Not US though.

OP I have a question. Why not just sell all your shit and run away? Or disappear? Move to a far off place like korea or some shit I dont know. Im sure theres shit on the deep web or somethin that you could use to change your identity, right?

All you have to lose is your life (by your own hand) and you dont even value that, so you have nothing to lose. Literally!

What do you have really?

>a dead husk of a mother
>no family
>no friends
>debts sky high

Have you thought about this at all as an option?

fuck man. throw me a bone. is money the only thing i can offer? if i was ballin i wouldn't mind. she's pretty fine. but i got bills myself man.

Please take out some of these pieces of shit with you, user

You did not get to choose to live.
You do not get to choose to die.

Give yourself away to others while you live. Do unspeakable acts of kindness. Go out of your fucking way to do the smallest things.

You don't care about yourself? Then put that care to others.

No, you're right, this isn't a bad option and was also brought up in this thread. Two issues that come to mind though are that I would remove my "identity" but overall I would still be me. I would be giving up on my mom and leaving her to die, alone, and that would eat me alive. My dad's death made me feel tons of guilt and I've already invested about 50k into my mom's cancer and her living situation, which obviously has accounted for a lot of my issues, and if I up and leave she will have nothing and no one; and not because I'm dead. But because I ran away from her. I would feel extremely guilty and end up killing myself anyway. Second, my eye pain would still be there.