Meme Magic is Real

It finally happened - the memes have crossed over into my personal life, and I couldn't be happier. I realize that this story is filled with Sup Forums-related memes, but I assure you that the events are true. That is why I am convinced that meme magic is truly on my side.

I went to a party a few months ago, at which I met a qt Jewish English teacher in her mid-twenties. She is liberal and she was there with her boyfriend. We argued about politics and I espoused my right-wing beliefs.

A day later, we went out for drinks and ended up sleeping with each other.

Just today, I saw her again and it looks like things are going to go like they did a few months ago.

>I didn't hide my power level
>Liberal Jewish teacher
>Her cuck boyfriend

Is there anything memes can't do?

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Girls dig Chads. I'm part of a college honors society and we have both girls and boys in the club. I was agreeing with everyone the whole year and girls were just meh with me. Last week I argued with the president on some shit and put him in his place on group chat. From the next day the girls started becoming more and more friendly with ms all of a sudden. One of the even waited for me to park while she saw me enter the lot so we could walk together.

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