Eating a mango

>eating a mango
>grandfather walks in room
>user why are you eating that degenerate nigger fruit

Who else /proud of relatives/?

Eating foreign fruits is degenerate.

My family only eats apples and pears.

The white fruits.

I can't eat Mangos, I get an allergic reaction on my lips. That's how I know I'm white

"why are you eating that degenerate nigger fruit
no grandfather talks like this.
especially a leaf
they would say Ehhhhh save me some of that jewcccyyyy frroooooottyyyyyyy

Are fruits from other white and european countries okay? Persimmons are pretty good

Grandpa is a sikh.

Food allergies are for niggers. White people are adapted to consume any kind of food they can get their hands on in the harsh wastes of the north

Youre right, im a ruski. I fell for the leaf meme

Years ago we drove by the theater and there was this movie, "chocolat". Never saw it but it had a white chick and a black guy on the poster. I jokey said, wait to see chocolat? My dad said, "I ain't seeing no fraynch nigger movie"(spelled for accent)

>be thirteen year old me
>grandma visiting for the week
>eating mixed nuts on the couch watching toonami or something
>pick up a Brazil Nut
>grandma walks in
>"you know, we always called those nigger toes"

Ayy lmao

>hating on mangoes
Kys & your shitcunt Granddad faggot.

>listen last kendrick lamar's album
>dad comes in
>literally said "C'est de la musique de n├Ęgre que tu ├ęcoutes ?" (Is it nigger music ?)

nigger fruit? Mangos come from our yellow brothers

Lactose intolerance isnt a food allergy.

it somewhat is. not in the strict sence of an allegrie of course

T. Nigger

i love this fruit. watermelon and pomegranate are my favorite fruits tho

Go home, your flag is drunk.

Have you ever had a mango smoothie? They are delicious.

Every time you eat a mango, think of the angry jealous Mexican mango farmer that posts on Sup Forums.

>mango in mouth
>read this post

>Fruits are degenerate
Wew as fuck, lad

haha what