One chance at life

>One chance at life
>Not born in Australia

Why should I even bother living?

For annoying Leaf shitposting. Who will be the worst shitposters Leafs or Emus.

>One chance at life
>Born a straight white male
Why does god hate me?

You both wish you were born in Australia too. It's a very natural feel.

brits wish they was yanks..yanks wish there was brits..leafs wish they was aussies and aussies dont give a fuck

its the way of things m8...your boring home is paradise to another

>one chance at life
>not born a qt grill


Same here
MFW I don't live in a 85%-92% white country.

I like the sound of this...



>wanting to be born in the land of skin cancer, dideridindus and deadly wildlife


>One chance at life
>Not aborted

a human resource pool of 100s of millions of whites

no more need to import from outside of it.

sure there will be a few native muds but alot of white stock and high IQ genes will be flowing back and forth and skilled and educated whites along with it.

Yeah no, I dont want a bunch of Pakis getting into my country. Make sure only real Brits are allowed travel.

cheer up m8

You'll notice that America isn't included there. Don't think you'll get this chance.

we are only 4.7% paki m8

most wont leave and we open ourselves up to abos and chinks from china and aus.

its worth it though.

thats what they get for not paying their taxes lol

> tfw I will never be able to ride a kangaroo to work
Why live mates?

Fuck off we are full

Move hears years ago its not that great tbqh, the women are beautiful though

>born as a straight white Male
>in the 21st century

Don't worry brah, we aint part of the commonwealth, so no pakis for us.

I wanted to move to Canada for a long time, for the climate the hockey and the lack of lebs and indians I THOUGHT was the case. Then I started paying attention to your politics etc and have reasoned even Argentina is a better white country than super open minded, progressive "trans in every kindergarten" Canada

These feels are too intense for anybody to handle. You don't know how lucky you have it.

Fuckin abbos though hey