Dalai Lama

>"Too many refugees in Europe. Germany cannot become an Arab country. Germany is Germany."


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So hes gonna "die of natural causes" soon

Buddhism is extremely redpilled.

In fact they are so anti-degeneracy that they consider violence to be the ultimate degeneracy.

Think about it. At its roots, violence (except when used in self-defense, this is always permissible) is quintessentially a nigger behavior. It's a chimpout for gibsmedats that you haven't earned. Buddhists believed this ultimately corrupts the spirit the same as any other degenerate practice. The ultimate cultivation of the self is to live only by what you have built with your own hands.

Now you know why the nazis adopted the Swastika. Buddhism is 14/88 yo

Nice. I still don't support Tibetan independence but he's right

Anything that weakens China is good for the west you cuck

Fuck muslims.

Oh, they left the comments open, this will end good.

Oh boy a lot of western hipster "buddhist" are sure gonna be confused about this

Western meme "budhhism"=/=Cultural Mahayana Buddhism=/=Theravada Buddhism=/=Tibetan native sectarian Buddhism=/=Zen

Does Tibet actually have any modern strategic value for China? It's not very much clay and modern weaponry has reduced the value of high ground significantly. At this point Tibet seems to be mostly about saving face over the initial decision to grab it.

tHats ironic he is a refugee himself , he mooches off the indian government.

He didn't say there should be no refugees, just that their numbers most not be so great as to damage the host country.

Tibet has always been a part of China, and will be forever.

most importantly, he says they should go back as soon as their own country is stabilized again. Yet like 90% of the refugee come here with the attitude to stay.

Maybe you should crack open a history book, Chang.

It's not ironic in the least. His people are being deliberately bred out by Han Chinese. He knows what's in store for native Euros and it's not pretty.

There are some natural resources up there, lumber and minerals that they've been strip-mining, but every bit of space is valuable to them because they're hugely overcrowded. Given their population and how much of their territory is unliveable terrain, they have to keep expanding if they want to survive. That's why they built the Beijing-Lhasa railway, to encourage Han Chinese to settle there, and they tout it as a nice vacation spot (which it probably is).

Shoo shoo stinky chink

So now gullible alt-right types are going to embrace Buddhism just like liberal yuppies did in the 80's and 90's?

Lamaist Buddhism turned Tibet into a hellhole.


The Dalai lama is nothing more than a CIA shill and actually made things worse for his people by being such an overt puppet.


>Once we look behind the veil, we see that champions of freedom and democracy like the Dalai Lama are nothing but frauds who are used to undermine countries opposed to Anglo-American hegemony, mainly Russia and China and its supported allies (e.g. Iran/Syria).

>The Dalai Lama represents Western degeneracy, which dupes idealistic people to follow a cause which is eventually usurped and used for a greater evil. The Dalai Lama is nothing but a money hungry, evil narcissist who enjoys duping the masses and enjoying his celebrity status while living the big life. We need to realize that these supposed purveyors of justice are manufactured frauds who serve as henchman of the global elite.


>What has the Dalai Lama actually achieved for Tibetans inside Tibet?

>If his goal has been independence for Tibet or, more recently, greater autonomy, then he has been a miserable failure.

>He has kept Tibet on the front pages around the world, but to what end? The main achievement seems to have been to become a celebrity. Possibly, had he stayed quiet, fewer Tibetans might have been tortured, killed and generally suppressed by China.

>china sending chinamen to perma stay in tibet
>tibet losing it's culture/tradition because of zerg like mentality of lowerclass chinese

>speaks out against the samething happening in europe

Buddhists are also irrationally devoted to the concept of detachment that they strive to eliminate their own sense of individuality.

See Ashwin Wirathu and 969 movement. They are active in the USA and are actively growing within Buddhism in the West.

There are 100,000 Tibetan refugees in India.

20million Bangladeshi refugees


15% of Bhutanese population who got exiled by the kingdom for having different tradition aka Nepal ancestry.

It is not irrational. It is the basis of the 4 Noble Truths. Buddhism is a very logical, philosophical and religious practice.

Here's the Canadian payroll chink with your daily dose of CPC talking points and half-hearted revisionist history. Thanks chink.

Wonder if China will eventually turn to geoengineering to create more arable land in the barren parts of their country. Unless they plan on taking the Far East of Russia, they're somewhat limited on large blocks of land to appropriate.

It's irrational and self-destructive.


We're not going to turn into Joe Rogan pseudo-intellectual buddhist types just because the Dalai Lama said something rational about immigration. Chill your shit

And how much is the CIA paying you to defend some bald faggot in a bathrobe?

Anatta: there is no self. One day you will understand.

Yes. Does any of that threaten to turn India into Bangladesh, Bhutan or Tibet like the refugees are threatening to do to Germany and the rest of Europe?

>Dalai Lama speaking out against cultural suicide while Francis encourages it
What a world

>So now gullible alt-right types are going to embrace Buddhism just like liberal yuppies did in the 80's and 90's?

> 80's and 90's

My frieeeeeeeeeeeend...

>Lamaist Buddhism

Nobody is adopting Lamaist Buddhism here, bro. But, you shouldn't throw baby out with the bathwater, and use some of the more sound ideas and disciplines of various forms of Buddhism to your advantage.

If they can find a cost-effective way to do it, they will, they're already leveling their mountain regions.

Dr. Chink, I'm CIA

>Buddhism is a very logical, philosophical and religious practice.
Quantum Buddhism is pretty interesting, at least on the surface.

Exactly. See Evola and Edward Conze. See Edicts of Asoka for examples of Buddhist government in ancient times.

I practice what I call "Dark Buddhism" which is like Fight Club with Zen.

I bet Clinton or the Juice will be in on it.

Correct. Primitive humans, primarily Africans, were extremely violent and had to hunt many times a week to survive while whites mastered agriculture and created sophisticated social constructs.

If they do, they could make a fortune not just of their new land but also providing the service to places like Australia and Saharan parts of Africa.

The irony of traditionalism is that Evola just slapped together whatever ideas he liked and made up his own artificial "tradition".


There is a self. And every rational human being has a duty to defend it.

This is why Buddhism is unreliable. It has no solid dogmas or doctrines, it's vague and malleable.

>Buddhists are also irrationally devoted to the concept of detachment that they strive to eliminate their own sense of individuality.

Your sense of "individuality" is a projection constructed by marketing and mind control tricks pioneered by Bernays, McLuhan, Marcuse and the rest of the social engineers

You have no real individuality to speak of, you only think you do, which is how you're being controlled. Literally weaponized memetics.

Some of the esoteric Buddhist practices provide a medicine just for that.


>It has no solid dogmas or doctrines
I mean it's okay to not know anything at all of what you're talking about and pretending you do or actually it isn't

They want an advantageous position for the water wars.

found Pic related from last thread an interesting analogy
You dumb bewakoof, are you being contrarian just for the heck of it ya are you only 12?

>Does any of that threaten to turn India into Bangladesh.
>20 million
Clearly you haven't read about west Bengal & Assam , these Muslims join terrorist groups , steel lands & start riots .

India has 95% of its terrorism incidents are from these states . You might not remember but , Bangladesh was east-Pakistan . Their intelligence agency IsI since the 50s have sponsored terrorism through Bangladesh

Same with Bhutan & Tibet , China singlehandedly supported the moiest terror movement throughout India .but unlike pakis they only financially aid them . Kinda like the Saudis

If he was really worried about refugees he would have commented on the millions of illegal Muslims in India .

I'm just pointing the double standards.


India and Pakistan are neighbors. Syria and Germany are not neighbors, Pajeet.

Just don't go overboard and implant a useless foreign cultural baggage in your head. Strip the practice from the mumbo jumbo and use it to your advantage.

So? It doesn't matter.

So it's a false equivalence. As unpleasant as I'm sure the Muslims they do have some loose claim to the clay. And India's cultural existence is not under threat from Muslims, your government is not being overrun with Jews demanding you be nicer to Muslims, it isn't the same at all. Just nuke them already if you don't like it, we're all waiting on you.

he is not worried about refugees yaar, he is worried about geo-political issues.

Plus the situation is very different from here due to one very important aspect. The refugees don't get paid fuckloads to keep on living here. They needed to work and be useful contributing members of society, because when they came, there was no neetbux or free money for below poverty line or any other form of free money that is starting to get introduced here. I don't think we had many 'economic refugees', just actual ones.

Based Dalai Lama >>>>>>> Faggot Pope

>There is a self

If there was, we would have found out by now where this locus of self is seated.

>india and pakis were once same people under same brit rule

>crab mentality of the SAME people shitting in the same streets

A neighbour that has fought 4 years & are literally the only countries with nukes that had a all out war .

For fucks sakes Pakistan was created because they wanted a country with only Muslims .the name literally means "land of the pure"

Meanwhile the other official name of India is Hindu-stan

The "Noble Truths" and The "Eightfold path" are very general guidelines.

The concept of autonomy of the identity predates all of those, and has nothing to do with modern "individualism".

You only *think* they are general guidelines but they are in fact the very heart of Buddha dhamma ("the natural laws of the universe") are about.

It still isn't remotely the same and you're ignoring all the reasons why. There is nothing standing in the way of you kicking out them all out back to Islamabad, except for your corrupt government and inept police force.

Also as this user pointed out, they are not mooching off your government like the European migrants are.

that article.

dear lord, im not even a "THE MAINSTREAM MEEEEEE-DIA" guy there is so much fucking spin in that article. if you took out all the fucking opinion and unrelated information you would have a headline and a sentence.

See also the 3 Marks of Existence and the Nine Factors of Enlightenment. You can benefit from these dhammas even if you dont "believe" in them.

When the Dalai fucking Lama is more based towards Europe than the Pope.


Yes & no . India was ruled by hundreds of princely states , all brits did was collect annual taxes from the kingdoms treasury .

In other words for those 250 years India was autonomously ruled by 520 princely states . I.e. the saying "India is a continent poseing as a country"

There is nothing standing in the way of you kicking out them all out back .

That's a big no for us , 70s Bangladesh don't have records for its citizens so won't take them back .

And we don't want to damage the relationship , we need Bangladeshis & Nepal's support in north east India . North east India is connected by a chicken neck , if China annexed AP , we need Bangladesh to transport our troops there .

Its the reason why we give aid to Nepal & Bhutan , literally 27% of Bhutanese GDP is via indian aid . Its the reason we have open borders .

>mfw when I'm a white patriotic xenophobe racial realist posting on a nazi board and the dalaï lama shares my opinion

Wtf is wrong with our leaders !

>these butthurt comments

The Dalai Lama shows compassion with the Germans who are being genocided. But the German leftists will never show mercy. They will continue to murder their own people.

desu he's a politician and flip flops all the time. Theravadan Buddhists less so.

>das racisss !

These people should live just one month in a muslim ghetto, just for fun.