I think we can all agree this is as 10/10 as it can possibly humanly realistically get

I think we can all agree this is as 10/10 as it can possibly humanly realistically get.

10/10 literally everyone can agree.

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she aight

fuck off, russianniggerjewfaggot

Are you retarded?

8.5/10, looks sexy for a trashy heroin addict though

Beauty is 90 percent symmetry.

Im not retarded

I can only remember the basics of this story but the point of it is there.

About 60 or 70 years ago, an American guy wanted to find the face of evil. So he collected a shit load of arrest mug shots and superimposed them all together to see if he could find any common features that they all possessed.

He didn't find anything in common, but what he did notice was that the resulting face was beautiful.

So he started doing it with any faces, not just criminals. And the results were the same. Add a shit load of faces together, and the result is a beautiful face.

He concluded that beauty is the lack of deformity. Which sounds fucking obvious. But it's true. The further away from the generic face, the uglier someone is.

One eye bigger than the other, acne, no full bod

>sunburns easily

In the trash she goes.

Yes, you are.

i will not agree. pretty but meh

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Asymmetric nose, greasy hair, name-plate necklace. 2/10 would not bang

No, she isn't arab

finally a contender for a 10/10
better than all those, no-face, selfie whores.

Uh oh

A challenger appears

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She looks beautiful. Now, to see the body, of course...

Nah old randytaylor69 is 11/10

6/10 maybe and that's pushing it

Second challenger appears

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Yeah pretty much, if she was a good person too she’d be an 11

>Virgin detected


>posts bitch that's hella dehydrated with sunken in eye sockets
>huge nose
>doesn't even have a penis

WTF were you even thinking OP?

Her gorgeous hair detracts from the fact her face is 'only' 8/10.

This fact is the only thing Sup Forums has ever taught me. I knew it would pay off some day.

You can't be serious? She looks made to give rimjobs professionally.

>More like fag detected

That's what a female looks like OP.

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If she fits the girl-face ratio, it's automatically 10/10.

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Great eyes, hair, face overall. Chin's weirdly small/gelfish looking. Skin's not great and doesn't look super healthy.


She's pretty, but nothing special. Bad posture, doesn't look like she has a great body.

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I'm laughing my ass off here, all you fuckers judging this girl as if you'd have any inkling of courage to return eye contact to her if she caught you staring at her. You all are pathetic

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You go girl, tell those pathetic virgin artists!

She's hot a fuck! but... you to be a 10, you must have more than a hot face... a 10 requires the full package... she has almost no makeup on and still smokin hot...
Face is hot enough to be 10, but we need the rest before a number can be assigned

she's just not slathered in makeup

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I've found the only 10/10 in the world and she's swedish and this girl isn't even close.

>Implying 10/10 girls need makeup

i was not

>Denial due to shame and embarrassment

>too much greentext because of perpetuated faggotry

Go back to the pit where you came from, dog.

You've got to be kidding everyone.

>Implying Sup Forums isn't the pit I belong in

I think not.

10/10 = 1
She's at least a 6

That a trap and an ugly one. Is she your wife user?

10/10, have no idea who this is but 10/10 regardless. fight me

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Fuckin hell that is 11. wew lad.

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