Took 90mg's of adderall earlier around noon and now it's 2:30am and the come down is killin me...

Took 90mg's of adderall earlier around noon and now it's 2:30am and the come down is killin me. I got maybe like two bowls of weed and not much else. I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight so what can I do to entertain myself while my brain feels completely fried?

Also General Drug Thread

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Take 100 mgs of diphenhydramine HCL and pass the fuck out, works for me every time.
Over the counter sleep aid/antihistamine typically equate brand or zquill

Listen to Satan

Devil trips don't lie. I totally never thought of that. Gonna pop some ibuprofen pm in a little

Did you get any work done off the Adderall?

Yeah. And I already jerked off too

take 400mg of dph and you're gonna be off the face of the planet fucked up

Thannks for the protip captn bluelight

I found one of these in walmart once lol

Benadryl sometimes gives me restless legs when taken by itself, more so coming down from stims(mostly molly)
Alcohol prevents it though

Holy shit the dph trip depression plus speed comedown would be fucking torture

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more like 1000mg to hallucinate

wow WTF why you take that much Addy and xr too?

Hey op, I’m on the same boat. I took 200mg give or take, I took it around 8pm, I fucked my gf for around 2 hours and I’ve been jerking off all night while she sleeps. This comedown is going to be monumental.

A diphenhydramine trip is fucking torture even by itself

I'm about in the same adderall boat, mate.

Usually after a comedown, I like to smoke a few cigs, watch some entertaining videos, ones where you can just sit back and watch for a while, and still keeps your attention.

Also, make sure to eat a snack or light meal with some water to prevent all those "deprived resources" feelings that hit afterwards

Yeah fuck that shit. Took too much once and I kept getting up out of bed because I thought I kept seeing a bunch of little spiders in the dark corner of my room. Shit had me paranoid.

OP back, I've decided on watching stand up comedy. I would be smoking stoges if I had any but I'm trying to quit so I'm not gonna buy another pack. I got some food in the fridge im about to eat and Im pounding waters haha

shit man are you me? I used to just watch bill burr and tom segura the whole high while i dick around on social media and make a meme or two

Fuuuuuuuuuuck. You might be me. I fuck with tom segura too! What do you think of his latest netflix special? I thought it was kinda whatever haha

Dude get in the thread about the autistic dude with the long hair >764135863

How are you not jerking off like a retarded monkey?

ehh I thought it was decent, also, I watch/listen to a lot of the Joe Rogan podcast, especially whenever he has Joey Diaz as a guest. Gets me thinking about a lot of different topics

Hey man, I just took a boatload of vitamins, and I suggest you take the one hat you have.

Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Im not really the biggest Joe Rogan podcast fan to be honest. Sometimes I feel like he thinks he's smarter than he actually is. I saw him live though and he was hilarious.

ohhh he'll get there soon, happens with me every damn time. I never notice it until I go to /gif tbh

I already jerked off for 3 hours.

Yeah I don't really enjoy the slight heir of superiority sometimes, I see what ya mean.

Anyways dude, nice talking to ya. I hope you have a good rest of the day, I'll be cruising out the rest of this adderall by watching youtube and shitposting to my friends that aren't even awake yet

>take 400mg of dph

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