Alright Sup Forums I need some good greentext to fap to immediately

Alright Sup Forums I need some good greentext to fap to immediately

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Damn op no ones helping you out yet. I can come to the party. Let me see where I saved my story


> Me and four besties camping on an island on the harbour
> It's nothing great, just a few mangrove swamps and a couple shit tier beaches.
> But no people so we go there all the time to do teen shit and run amok
> Besties are 3 guys and a girl we've all known her forever
> Shes a tomboy, decent looking I suppose but pretty much just another guy
> Shes blond, awesome body, on the track team, but loses points for annoying voice and frequent zit breakouts
> We treat her like our sister
> We're on the beach, entire island to ourselves sitting by the fire drinking being idiots
> Scene is real chill
> Suddenly she jumps on one of the guys, they start making out
> Wtf none of us expected that
> Less than 30 seconds later he flips her on the ground, see him messing around with his hands down his pants
> He gets his cock out of his shorts and grinds against her
> We can't see anything but can tell he's pulling at the clothes over her pussy
> Realise theyre fucking
> that escalated quickly
> Right there in front of our eyes
> Hardcore shit he is totally destroying her
> Never seen this before irl, or done it for that matter
> This shit is hot. Has her legs wrapped around him and is being pounded into next week
> Feels weird to watch 'my sister' so I go walk out to the jetty with a bottle of rum
> Having a good time talking to moon listening to the water lapping when I see someone walking down the jetty
> It's her
> She sits next to me, we have a 'wtf was that all about' conversation
> says no idea why she did it. She feels real bad because that dude has a gf.
> Tells me its her 1st time, only other attempt guy came literally as soon as he stuck it in her so she doesn't count that
> Lol, ok, this is all tmi
> Don't worry, we won't tell anyone, do what you want fam, you wanna screw Andy in front of us, even though he's got a gf, go ahead do it.
> She leans in, we start kissing
> Didn't expect this either
> Go apeshit on each other, hands everywhere



> its on!
> I'm too drunk to realise exactly what's happening. Am happy to kiss her. Had a stupid thought that I didn't wanna do sloppy seconds.
> Her head works its way down my chest and to my stomach
> Damn, I think I'm about to get my dick sucked.... Awesome
> she pulls it out and gets to work
> I lean back enjoy my 1st ever bj while looking at the moon and stars while swiping mosquitoes
> Pull my shorts right down so I'm pretty much naked, feeling grown up and alpha
> she sits up, gets on top of me. slides herself against my dick
> I put my hands on her thighs and squeeze, try control her movements
> Feel around her pussy, not sure what I'm dealing with her
> She pulls panties across, rubbing skin on skin
> Fucking wet
> Holds my dick up and slides herself into me real slow
> Best feeling ever
> It's like it's gone into the warmest, tightest, swampiest place imaginable
> It's stinking hot night, 100% humid, we are sweating like pigs, both drunk as anything. Fuck like animals
> i don't do much. She rides me i watch her tits bouncing away
> i sit up at one point and take a swig of rum, she kisses me tries to drink it out of my mouth
> Spills all down her tits and I drink it up
> shes got a great rhythm keeps milking my balls
> im way drunk so get to last a few minutes
> Start getting worked up, let her know I'm close to coming

Last one coming


> Idiot me making enough noise so she knows I'm gonna cum
> I hold her onto me, this feels too good and I just wanna blow inside her
> She wrestles me. We fight a little as I try stay in her. She gets off just as I cum, blow all over my stomach
> She lies next to me, both breathing heavy
> She rubs my cum over my stomach
> Holy shit girl, what's gotten into you tonight
> We kiss some. I lie on her, soft dick pushing around her pussy. Our sweat and my cum getting mixed up
> We jump into the water for a few seconds to cool off and clean up
> Kiss some more in the water, I feel her up a little. She's enjoying it but I'm losing interest
> Walk her back to the camp again promise her i won't tell anyone
> No point because she ended up following another friend when he went for a piss
> Both came back 5 mins later smiling
> We talk openly about the fact 3 of us have just screwed her
> Vibes ok, no drama or anything, we're all cool about it
> All think fuck it, she's gotta do the last remaining guy
> He's not into it though, is a bit Christian and committed to his gf
> Tell him just fuck her, don't be a pussy we will never tell, God won't mind
> She walks over to him, grabs his hand and pulls him up
> They kiss in front of us, really going for it giving us a show
> Didn't take much for him to give in. They walk down the beach a little so we can see
> hear them moaning
> Theyre gone for a while.
> Next morning reconfirm will never tell anyone. Ever.
> Secret doesn't leave the island

It probably sounds like bs but I promise you true story. None of us ever fucked her again. Or afaik no one does. I kissed her in the back of a car once and slid my finger down her pants. Went no further. Also she didnt come camping anymore.

You guys wanna read a green text about this time I fucked a fat chick?

Damn straight mate. Drop that shit on us.

>At this party with my buddy who's going into law enforcement
>I just enlisted
>We're up in this college townhouse
>Chicks are completely wasted, one of them runs up to my bud, and smells just of complete vodka and B.O.
>He proceeds to believe the best thing to do is grab her by the face and throw her straight back
>She hits the floor, and everybody pauses for a moment
>cheers all around
>Buddy and I escape into another room before the tonka truck comes back and attempts another hug at us
>Super hot tan 5/7 comes up in some furry cowboy boots and a tube top with jean shorts so short you can see her ass hanging out
>half chub already
>shes seems interested, buddy and I are playing it off cool because right next to her is the biggest grenade I wouldn't have even jumped on in stan

bitch was uuuuuuuuuge

Part 2 coming

>home alone, throw this huge party for friends
>cute girl from highschool and her friends show up
>party is lit, all get drunk af
>went to sleep because too drunk
>wake up in the middle of the night, cute blonde girl rubbing her pussy on my leg, shes wet af
>her friend comes into my room, she wants to join in
>they take off my pants, blonde starts sucking my dick, her friend starts licking my ass
>feels weird but good, let it happen
>the blonde one sits on my cock while her friend licks my balls and her asshole

Bumping for fatty fucking part two

Part 2 for fatty asap

>So the hot chick starts talking about how shes never had a body shot done off of her before
>We're both totally down
>My mind (being only 18 at the time) was that we did that whole thing between the boobs where its like a ski track and a motorboat at the same time
>completely wrong, even hotter, she wants us to straight up drink it out of her belly button
>shes got a tight ass body. Not even like a like slim waistline or like slender, like tight, with amazing tone, and firm
>She pours whiskey into the navel, and I take the time to lick it clean
>She absolutely loves it
>She lets my buddy do it, then proceeds to say she liked my "kisses" better on her stomach then him
>Totally in right?
>Now shrek wants a turn
>She goes into the closet, before she comes out, I convince my friend who has never smoked before that he has always smoked, and it was time for a drag on a cigarette
>we run downstairs, head outside, grab our breath, and start laughing about how hot this chick is, and how one of us has to take her home
>We drove there
>party starts to die down
>people start coming outside, lighting off fireworks
>general fuckery comes afoot
>people start just running
>dumbass campus cops start coming in their patrol cars, and getting out
>they start arresting minors
>my buddy and I start walking for his car, and the girls come out
>buddy doesnt want to leave his car, but doesn't want to stick around to get the address
>I white knight it and run over to the girls
>taxis were on campus, before lift and uber, and these were like dont drink and drive taxis
>I jump into the van with the shrek and fiona
>we go down the street, and I'm making small talk with the tan beauty, when we go into another complex not too far from main campus
>pull into a parking lot
>Hottie gets out, typical heres my number, but wont fuck on first date
>I pull out my iPOS 3g
>Hottie goes inside
>Im still in the cab
>Its all ogre now

Ty keep it coming

>I end up riding in the cab with this fatty, we'll call her J.
>J tells me that she finds me very attractive
>No shit, you find every cheeseburger attractive
>While shes talking, I realize I have to make the best of this situation.
>While thinking about it, I look her up and down
>She looks like she may have nice boobs, not just pancakes with cherries
>Her stomach looks rather proportionate, it is less than her boobs
>she could just be a bigger girl, just taller, more stocky build
>I'm more slender, a bit more athletic, about 185 at 6' at this point
>Shes 6'2 and about 280.
>we end up going to her house
>its a nice house, very modern. She says she rents it
>we go upstairs to her bedroom
>looks like a teenage girls dream
>at this point, I'm pretty scared about whats going to happen. I know I'm completely lost, and I have no phone.
>I'm a little hungover at this point, and would rather do whats necessary to stay out of this michigan winter
>She continues to talk, albeit I'm not paying any attention
>She pulls out this black lockbox from under her mattress
>opens it up
>I snap out of it
>its a loaded springfield XD-45 compact
>shes talking about her dad getting it for her protection
>I need it for my protection more
>She puts it away, and starts talking about getting ready for bed
>alright, maybe i'll get out of this alive
>she goes into the bathroom to change
>I take off my shirt
>it comes out.

gentleman. I am sorry, dearly, for what happens next.

>> sorry, dearly, for what happens next.

Hmm. I'm gonna stop fapping and put my dick away just in case.

>penis in a vagina

Do that anyway. Always better to edge.

I just came

>J comes out of the bathroom, looking horrifying for a lack of better terms
>We're talking multiple rolls
>she was wearing a fucking corset under her clothing
>gravity has assumed control
>her tits look like tetherballs
>She is posted up in the doorway like some model
>"So, are you ready?"
>She launches into the air
>she sumo body slams into me open armed, and I lose my breath.
>She rolls over, already breathing heavy
>I say fuck it
>I get on top and take off my jeans
>I turn off the light
>I can still see her from the light in the windows, but I go at it anyway
>She was pretty tight for a chick her size, I'm sorry to say but I was pleasantly surprised
>I keep slapping my balls against her asscrack, and for some reason, it got me off a little more
>she keeps moaning and just belting it out like a dying cat
>I can see all the rolls bouncing
>I can see her tits literally rolling
>its sooooo wet around her thighs
>I can feel my jeans being soaked
>She pushes me back, and then grabs ahold of me, and just chokes my cock down
>tongue is on my balls
>she chokes herself out on it on purpose, and being in such self control, I hold on for the best part

Keep em coming!

>I take my cock out of her esophagus
>I tell her to turn around, and get on her hands and knees
>I put it right up her tight super fat ass
>J lets out a huge gasp, and just bites her lip and moans super hard
>She loves anal
>shes never done anal
>I start putting it balls deep, slamming harder and deeper into her ass each time, and I can feel her asscheeks like wrapping around me
>I can feel my balls building up
>My dick reaches diamonds
>she makes this tiny peep and I feel her ass tense up even tighter
>fucking came firehose into her
>dick mustve pumped maybe 5 or 6 times
>balls literally hurt right after
>I pull my dick out of her ass
>makes a snap sound closing
>tiny little stream of cum coming out of her little asshole
>I roll over
>she kisses me on the cheek, and I feel her and the mattress get up
>she goes to the bathroom
>I pull up my jeans
>I put on my shirt


Any photos?

Bump for more greentext J story

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>While shes in the bathroom, I put on my socks and boots and sweatshirt
>fuck it, im out
>I open her window
>I jump out of the two story house into a bush down below
>I run towards the greatest amount of lights in the area
>I go to main roads, looking for a familiar landscape
>I find one out by a cafe and couple of windowshops in this collegetown area next to a big park
>I see my buddies dorm
>I run up to the side of the building to his rooms window
>the sun is rising, its about 9am
>I knock on the glass, and he comes up to the window
>"Dude! Did you get laid last night?"
>yeah man, totally.

>never told him it was the fat chick, never said it was the hot chick.

No photos unfortunately, phone was dead, and it happened 5 years ago.

Good story!
Thank you

Wtf, whorish but ok.
Someone screen cap this please? On mobile.