I made chlorine gas in school. I brought bleach and cheap vinegar...

I made chlorine gas in school. I brought bleach and cheap vinegar. No teacher has seen it yet but people could smell the vinegar and i my eyes stung little during making it.
I mixed it in an empty water bottle.

Im trying to open it a little near a jew in my school so i can say that i've gassed a jew.

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It will be a hatecrime and break every major headline. You will be seen a monster and will be lucky if you avoid jail. It's retarded like that, pretending we humans are equal in the eyes of the law.

what process did you use to make it?


Pls keep this updated OP
would like to see more of this

Mixed vinegar and bleach with sodium hyperchlorate in the toilets.

He mixed them up you retarded shitface

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If they breathe in little chlorine molecules ill be happy. I DO NOT want it to be obvious or have my plan found.

Not much hope for the white race if this is the level of intelligence we should expect.

you want them to die?

You're fucked dude. Some faggot wrote shit like this on chan and copped a jail sentence. I hope u get a longer one.

IRL Eric Cartman right here.

I'm telling your mom.

Just open the bottle and stick it in your butt

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calm down Heisenberg

Keep it updated, OP.

Dude don't worry we got it covered. You're just seeing the rejected side of whites. The intelligent home school their kids and monitor their internet activities. You won't see the bearers of white destiny on the news or on forums. Silent majority and all that

if you get caught shit will hit the fan my man! but if this works it will be epic.

I've submitted this post to the relevant authorities. Op is fucked.

Terrorism and a hate crime.

yea yea eat shit you turd

No i dont want to kill anyone guys. I just thought it would be interesting to make it because muh autism and decided it would be funny to say i gassed a jew.
When its free time im going to discretly open it near them and walk away fast.

just make a bunch of it and throw it at people

Im not white im not exposing my race i case the faggot who says he reported me actually gets somewhere.

I hope you inhale it and die

poorfag rolling sob

name: Kabean the Kidney Bean
game: oxygen not included

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dude its bull shit what authorities he has no idea where you are

This has got to be the weakest shit ever. What is this supposed to accomplish?

But the internet police are already on their way.

What is this the Scottish police.
go kill some Jews my man

Sodium hypochlorite IS bleach.

Sent screencaps with link to cnn cbs abc and bbc. As well as police fbi and homeland.


for the love of christ do not do that you will be caught. you're a fucking retard who hurt himself making it, what the fuck makes you think you can be discreet without someone catching you and or hurting yourself more. When you have free time, take it somewhere outside where nobody will see you near a fence or an empty area, and get toss it.

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Can't people take a joke no more it's just some Jews

My eyes are fine. It was less stingy than when I go swimming. Im only opening a little out and walking away.

I cant find the jew ffs

Oh sheeeeeeet, if faggot did that then u really are fucked op!
Our mighty overlord is probably getting a demand for ips right now.

Hitler's original was better. This is just some pussy faggot attempt to copy him.

shit gets real here.
Give us time!
cant wait for updates

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This is why we need to give guns to kids, so that they don't resort to chemical attacks.

make Sup Forums proud

cal /pol

Do it for the drum

I remember one time I was cleaning with half a gallon of white vinegar almost killed myself since some bleach was spilled nearby and I didn't even notice. Already felt burn near eyes and I couldn't breathe for shit.

I actually wanted to say that he probably wont even smell it since its a small amount and not directly under his nose but then I realiszed its a jew.

Poor dude relling

assassin's creed 2
Thanks user

Why would you gas a Jew?
It's not like it has been done before.
Be original nigger
Gas a Liberal

i support this

Holocaust is a myth
theres no proof

My mythstake


Doing it now... wish me luck..

rolling for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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good luck, make sure u gas the jew for good

Damn haven't seen that meme since 2012

Clinton news network and Big black cock isnt big enough to get to me