If guns were banned in us

>if guns were banned in us

Pic related

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>if guns were banned

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Instead, fill in the blank: If ______ were banned in the USA.

If niggers were banned in the USA.

If traps were banned in the US.

i guarantee you 100% of people in this photo edc

sure kid
lets see banned in chicago
nope thats not chicago in that pic

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obviously just poor to not understand human nature such


but it could be if they just banned the guns

It's funny to me that you think that, now post pics of well populated places in the UK where people cant defend themselves from their governments forceful bullshit anymore. Whats that? You wont? Right because it's all becoming ghettos and slums because the whites had to flee.

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>if guns were banned in us

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If the USA were banned in the USA

well UK is the shitpool that gave birth to US, why would you ever think it would be any better than US?

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or blacks or religion am i right?

mate the white kids around here really fuck shit up. I see like 1 black kid in a group of 10 white kids standing outside the corner shop

why do normal americans want to make their country worse and worse? why don't they want to make it a better place?

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this retarded

implying any of this is actually true

Where'd you hear this, on Fox News?


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>muh 2nd amendment
>accepts to live in a cesspool of filth and murder while hanging on to some ancient law just because

what kind of third world country would allow the possession of guns for basically anyon in 2k18?
Oh wait, there is a list..

1 Africa
1.1 Kenya
1.2 South Africa

2 Americas
2.1 Argentina
2.2 Brazil
2.3 Canada
2.4 Chile
2.5 Honduras
2.6 Jamaica
2.7 Mexico
2.8 Panama
2.9 United States

so, basically all the nigger countries

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there are certain people in the trump camp who refuse to change the gun laws, and I bet things are going to stay this way no matter what happens and how many kids get shot...

maybe if some rich school kids got shot and the politician started to lose their own children, that might change the direction

I agree

stay mad princess

this retarded

I bet you believed she would win by 99.3%

maybe the "this retarded" guy isn't mad, maybe he's just shilling

I didn't, lost the bet


Guns have no affect, whatsoever, on technology and construction.

I only use my 1911 as a hammer when I run out of ammo.

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I mean probably not. But for sure a lot of the amerifats who have guns shouldn’t.

You can see just in the responses from lowlifes on the Internet how the attachment to firearms are emotional and not practical whatsoever.

They want to ban guns because they dont want you to kill those niggers when you find out they were warming your bed with your wife

sure kid
it was her turn

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so you are basically saying that while focusing resources on developing guns, that resource could not have been used for anything else

I'd never vote for shillary, you double nigger

I'm saying that firearm manufacturing doesn't consume 100% of resources. Nor does it stop people from creating flying cars.

sure kid

this retarded

well, that's a whole different claim.. of course it doesn't consume 100% of the resources, but you did say earlier that directing resources in guns has 0% affect on tech and construction, which was obviously just an amazingly ignorant thing to say

the niggers all want to keep their guns so they can shoot up each other and everyone else, and we have let the nigger problem get way out of hand since we can't chain them anymore

when you're this retarded

>was obviously just an amazingly ignorant thing to say
like your whole post

What can I say OP, we live a land where everything is possible, except that...


>if niggers were banned

Fixed that for you.


but you got white niggers and hicks here as well who wreck shit up with guns