Came here to fight Sup Forums, but decided to join

Tell us:
>what you were like before and after you came to Sup Forums
>why did you change?

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Honestly, not much has changed. I only come here specifically to talk to people I disagree with. You'll be banned anywhere else you try it.

I had been lurking other boards since 2010 but came to Sup Forums in 2012. I was a bluepilled Democrat but got redpilled on them negro folk in high school and then gradually got more redpilled as I went through high school and spent more time on Sup Forums my last year of high school I hardly had any friends because I was openly "Nazi"

>get banned for openly disagreeing everywhere else
THat's depressing

Didn't you learn to hide your power-level?

Before: #notallmuslims
After.. Well you can imagine

Libertarian who would feel ashamed and uncomfortable by my dads red-pilled teaching and comments. I was happy at this time and had many friends.

National Socialist filled with contempt for the world and only a glimmer of hope to keep me going. Barely have any friends now.

gradual process over many years, things starting to sink in, but the beginning of the migrant crisis last year was the final nail.

I'm slightly more racist, or just accepting of my racism that I had repressed, I don't know which. Other than that I'm the same. I just come here for the shitposting.

Well I heard other kids say they were Right-wing so I was like "hell yeah dude!" But they weren't my kinda people in the end
I learned how to hide it in college cause fuckin' liberals scare me

Back in 2003 I was banned from a conservative site for pointing out the obvious political bullshit of the Swift Boat veterans, and was banned from liberal forms for some bullshit reason. It's like now with Clinton being the nominee and absolutely no one is exited for her. They think the Democrat will win just because of how extremely unpopular their opponent is. Low turnout is death for liberal candidates.

Who said anybody changed? OP said that.

Well I sure never changed anything, I brought it all with me.

Drepressing FPBT, but true

>Proud ""owner"" off over 100 banned accounts on various sites

>before Sup Forums
Just a normal dude. But depressed. And suicidal.

>After Sup Forums
happy and self motivated and driven. I'm just a normie now.

>Iam a (((normie))) now

Respect, your views may differ but at least you're open to both sides.

Cults are scary when you're outnumbered.

>Before Sup Forums

>After Sup Forums

Before Sup Forums:

After Sup Forums:
>National Socialist

Was a borderline Bernbot. I remember I once submitted a question on /r/sandersforpresident asking about one of his policies.

I now sympathize with both Breivik and Hitler.

It's funny. I used to think "Hitler did nothing wrong" was just a funny meme to spout... Boy oh boy

After Sup Forums i learned to enjoy watching the world burn.


Though I agree with some Sup Forumstard views

Menatally Ill*
Clear b8 as it is, I got you senpai.


Progressive. I'm even more Liberal now and think Socialism is actually necessary. I'm now for open borders, more refugees and have realized Conservatism is fucking retarded in everything, thank you Sup Forums

You're still male, just a damaged one

Everything. I went from cuckservative to full on fascist. My favorite song is now Hell March, and I dream of America's Rise to Power.

i've been posting here for years and i havent changed much at all. this board was mostly stormfags awhile ago and now it is a bunch of reactionary trumplets. i continue to come here mostly to laugh at how incredibly stupid you people are, it really never stops being entertaining.


>Socialism is actually necessary
Not an argument.
Please elaborate

Before Sup Forums I was
>mildly racist - didn't like sand, curry and normal niggers
>financially conservative
>socially libertarian
>a believer in the holocaust
>a believer in an elite class that ruled us through financial dominance and social manipulation
after Sup Forums I am
>very racist - hate sand, curry and normal niggers
>financially conservative
>socially libertarian
>a skeptic of the holocaust
>a believer in an elite class of jews that rule us through financial dominance and social manipulation

>Before Sup Forums
Subhuman degenerate animal

>After Sup Forums
Epitome of all that is man from love making to war fighting.

before: read jewish holy scriptures every day
after: beseech Mars to expel semites from new world

A liberal abortist post-modern and apologist

A conservative non-practicing catholic who hates regressive leftists and muslims

Thank you, Sup Forums

You're not white, huh?
Several inescapable truths about this place:
>whatever you came here as, you will move to the right
>unless you have an identity incapable of moving right
>like a kike or an economic migrant
>or a tranny/fag/etc
You can't become one of us, so you come here out of resentment. If you didn't agree with Sup Forums on some level, you'd be bored by now. Its really not that funny here, even when you disagree. Everyone knows you're here out of jealousy and resentment, not because it's funny.

No one believes your obvious bullshit.
Just like you don't "pass" anywhere you go.

Nothing really, I've known about Sup Forums and a lot of what's talked about here for a long time since I've been on /k/ for many years. I just didn't really start browsing here though until the primaries started.


I just want to talk about all sorts of politics because it's interesting, but you will get banned on any other discussion site for just bringing up standard Sup Forums topics

Sup Forums is the only place where you can have an open discourse without mandatory regurgitating of the hivemind, worrying about typing a naughty word, people not replying to you because you dont have enough imaginary internet points or someone checking your post history and reporting you to a mod for saying africans have low IQs 6 years ago

same person only the horse i ride is a lil bit higher

not trying to correct anyone, i am well aware you guys are beyond saving. spending too much time on a place like this during your formative years will do that to you i guess--you sound like you'd know that better than anyone.

in terms of your other assumptions, i'm 28 years old, married, a landowner, white (lithuanian heritage), and work as a sales VP at a small software company.

does it trigger you that "libtards" like me will be more successful than you ever will?

Fucking this. We don't come here to laugh, but to be filled with rage.

Before Sup Forums: voted for Ron Paul

After Sup Forums: voted for Donald Trump

Before Sup Forums I knew I wasn't the only person who believed the Earth was a cube but since I met Sup Forums, my sides have been opened to the Truth.

Before Sup Forums:
>Some people are thick, but they can all be reasoned with, if you explain yourself using simple terms and examples.

>After Sup Forums:
>Most people are imbeciles that don't feel a compulsive need to make sense.

>Money is everything
Like said. You're a kike. You proved his point.

>in terms of your other assumptions, i'm 28 years old, married, a landowner, white (lithuanian heritage), and work as a sales VP at a small software company.

>does it trigger you that "libtards" like me will be more successful than you ever will?

What's the point of stroking your internet dick like that when none of us have the means to verify what you're saying?

You know we won't take your word, we know you're likely to make it up since you have no arguments and need to devolve to this personality compairson nonsense.

It's pretty sad once you start thinking about the implications of statements like that.

i was accused of being a nigger, poor, a jew, or whatever. just setting the record straight. i know it's Sup Forums's go-to to assume that someone is a nigger if they dont fall into their reactionary little box.

this is why you guys are faggots, and this is why i enjoy smugly laughing at you after all these years.

Mormon, kinda conservative but didn't really care
Mormon, very conservative and can see how my church is filling to the brim with liberal cucks.
Normies get out my church

>does it trigger you
You took the bait.
If you're coming here as a married well-adjusted professional, it's because you're hiding something terrible, like a pedo or tranny fetish, or none of what you say is true at all. You're some degenerate pos living on section 8 housing in some industrial park. You come here looking for faps and as a distraction to your suicidal thoughts.

No one with an ideal life comes here to "laugh", even if it's sadistic elitist laughter.

Like I said, you're too transparent.
We can smell blood, and we know you're a fake.

>Sup Forums
>Only free speech place
Dig deeper. Maybe lurk the 8, especially sub/pol/boards have better discusion, but yeahh very slow tbq.h desu

>not white

My parents came to Britain because they admired what this country stood for and they had skills the country needed.
I consider myself a nationalist because it fills me with rage that the left/liberals and the globalists want to destroy everything that made western nations great.
They also refuse to take the red pill on Islam. When I know first hand what that ideology does to countries.

t. Copt

they are usually quite autistic and circlejerky and will ban you for having a different opinion to the board you're posting on

meanwhile you can have both natsoc and commie generals on here and mods dont care

>Being offended by being called (((words)))
>Defending by famefaging
Please lurk more or get back

I guess this is where I go off on my rant;

Before I came here I was disappointed by many other social media. Facebook is fucked and the user interface makes me feel eccentric. Reddit is literally corporate safe space for mostly single male cuckold and are so stereotypically liberal it makes me cringe. Everything else is boring or shit. This is the only place I can speak my mind and not get banned, not get bored, and I don't have to deal with society's mass delusional behavior.

I'm not any different than before. I always knew shit was fucked up and no one was talking about it. It gets worse and never better. Now this site is filled with high schoolers and memes. It's sad mostly because it's the last shithole left on the internet that I can still speak freely.


Don't be afraid. If you fight your enemy, you win.

Our war is a war for hearts and minds.

>egomanic mods
Kind of right for Sup Forums boards, but then again Iam mostly on the /politics/ boards, which I never came across a bitch ass mod

>Can have both
Yes, sure but it will always end in flame war

Sup Forums somehow made me more liberal by convincing me of the benefits of abortion, although for eugenicist reasons kek

I changed because this place makes me laugh. Not just the occasional chuckle at a Reddit-tier joke, but a deep, genuine, sustained guffawing aloud with gusto.

If you make your enemy laugh, you win. SJWism is the most humorless ideology in existence.

>Yes, sure but it will always end in flame war

good lmao, being able to say how you really feel is highly illegal everywhere other than here

Sup Forums is a magical place. We've buried ourselves in memes so well that in order to imitate one of us correctly, they must understand our jokes. To understand our memes, they must lurk more. The more they lurk, the more they'll be turned to our side out of sheer exposure. They'll begin to notice little things in their every day life that relate to something they saw here, and of course these things will only confirm what we're saying. Eventually they or someone else will crack a borderline pol joke in real life, and the person's peers will jump down their throat.

This will be the final nail in the coffin, as the intelligent realize the monster is real and will cast them aide as soon as it's done with them. They will realize their faults, their call to righteousness.

It says a lot that Sup Forums is an "edgy contrarian" board of peace, and that today being "edgy contrarian" means being righteous and good.

Same here

Supported Trump based off of a few things some friends said, but I still barely knew anything about politics and didn't care much.

Now, I'm a high energy nationalist who hates globalists, SJWs, liberals, and anything to do with the left wing in general. I only follow truth and what is right (no pun intended)
Anybody voting for anyone but Trump is literally wrong. They don't know what they're doing and they don't realize that Trump will be the first person to take an effective stand against corruption. Shillary supporters literally just put their fingers in their ears and get offended by truth and fact.

>before Sup Forums
Generic conservative, 'murica fuck yeah

>after Sup Forums
Reactionary white nationalist, don't give a fuck about countries or patriotism

Came to Sup Forums because I used to use Sup Forums then had a child and the Pedo / loli stuff made me fury, when it had never bothered me before.

Got to many red pills to quickly, I've reached a higher plane now.


Had for long been skeptic of world & politics, went by the mental code "People are predators unto eachother", so I never really believed that there are no 100% benevolent political agenda. At best there could be a mutual agreement and recognization that we are all born to compete with each other & the strong will eat the weak starting from kindergarten. Valued intelligent debate & discussion over protests & outrage. Composed presentation over fanatic manifestos. Believed that sexes are equal.
Started seeing the corruption even in the most agreeable political views, predators making a certain system their hunting ground.
Stopped believing in heroes, as so many of the "noble" famous people of the world turned out to be the most insidious of all.
Firmly believe that there is either a jewish conspiracy or the jews have outsmarted us all, either way they seem to control almost everything in the world.
Even the most annoying, irritating & seemingly stupid people can actually be the most deviously intelligent manipulators, all they need is idiots to fool and there are PLENTY.
Women are capable of being a doom of civilizations. Their though process & thinking are so different from male, that they could as well be considered mentally deficit. Men have been trough more difficult problems during our history, we will find a way to control women once more, with different methods & different tools. But truth be told we are running out of time.
There are differences as distuiguishable as day & night among the human races. Some are superior to others by large margins.
Most harsh methods of punishment & elimination, can be a rational tools in eliminating your enemies both present & future, while providing a safer world for our offspring. We should consider returning to practicing them as the value of each human life is in heavy decline & those of your ingroup are always more valuable than those of the outgroup.
Sun Tzu was right then, he is right now.

They have better discussion, but Sup Forums will always be the primary locus of meme magic.

If you want to help us, then take what you learn from 8ch and other boards, and meme the fuck out of it here.

>before pol
Browsing funnyjunk and being a grammar nazi

>After pol
Be an actual nazi

If you are a dick and easily can derail a topic/hijack a thread like on here, it may sometimes be apropriate (which would require god mods, 8 don't has) as otherwise we will all go the way of Sup Forums.

That said, it is also why I like MSM/pol/ for the competiveness of its discourses, its like a shitpost boot camp with no breaks. If you can derail threads on here and develop own narratives dominating a thread, you are able to do it everywhere.

>islam needs to be controlled
>niggers are dumber on average because they are poor, but otherwise nice people
>race mixing is ok
>feminists need to be purged
>fags are ok and should be supported
>trannies are ok
>everyone should be able to live as they want
>legalize all the drugs
>nature, environment and animals are extremely important and must be protected at all costs

>islam needs to be purged
>niggers need to be purged
>race mixing should be prohibited
>feminists need to be purged
>fags can live, but should not be supported. no adoption, marriage,etc
>trannies are mentally ill and need therapy
>we need to enforce stricter rules on people for the good of society
>some drugs should be legal, but most should not
>nature, environment and animals are extremely important and must be protected at all costs

My opinion on jews, Americans, Africans and shitskins in general became more negative while my opinion on Poles and Hitler has improved here. Already hated muslims and communists before coming here.

There's one thing even Sup Forums's mods don't seem to tolerate though. Threads where the OP is discussing western Islam/muslims in neutral or positive light get deleted no matter how civilized the replies are.
Aside from that I agree on Sup Forums feeling like the safe haven of free speech.

>austrobro in Stage 4 of memeification
You will overcome it, just stay a bit longer.

Before Sup Forums:

After Sup Forums
>National socialist

>>austrobro in Stage 4 of memeification
>You will overcome it, just stay a bit longer.

>Firmly believe that there is either a jewish conspiracy or the jews have outsmarted us all
I call it the natural selection of accidents.
Each race has their own proclivities and instincts. Jews have the most pronounced nepotism and tribalism. They exploit each other just like all groups do. THey even betray and sacrifice each other. But they have a vice-grip on the interests of the tribe, whereas European goyim tend to have flawed expressions of individualism. We atomize ourselves in ways that harm the group. Our instincts are more creative, but they make us weak as a whole; we lack natural racial consciousness, whereas Jews have trouble thinking outside their racial identity.

Before Sup Forums
>always leaned to the right cause that's how my dad is, believed all races were equal, somewhat into conspiracies
After Sup Forums
>nationalist, whites are dominant race with Asians in second while the other races in general are inferior they could be equal if they were enlightened, I don't know where to draw the line between meme and reality with conspiracies: not sure if Jews run my life, I don't even know

Daddy couldn't take it living here so had to run away elsewhere huh? Fuck off with your "Lithuanian heritage" - you're just a rotten fruit of some jewish scum who had to escape "the holocaust".


what's the point of not believing what someone writes on Sup Forums? the only logical reason to ever lie about yourself would be to impress / gain someone's favour, and since he's anonymous he gains literally nothing by pretending to be someone else.
wouldn't the most sensible course of action be to consider everything on Sup Forums true, and not false? since pretending to be someone else gains he/she nothing, not even on the internet since you don't have an account like reddit etc... i seriously don't get it the real-life stuff is invite-only now, but, it still exists. build up a reputation in the comments.

.., that is.

I LOVE Sup Forums

I came redpilled and stayed redpilled

Similar story here, i'm only here for the discourse and learning certain talking points

Sup Forums hasn't really changed my beliefs but I feel Sup Forums in general has desensitised me to political incorrectness so I find myself defending Hitler in public and the like without much worry.

jews did it

Let me introduce you to Jonathon Bowden:

Spot on Burger-bro. We westerners have forgotten the benefits of ingroup/outgroup thinking. Thus we grow weak as our dwindling ingroup is betrayed daily in silence & uneasy acceptance.

I can respect that. I'm here fore the memes, the bantz and the habbedings.

>Wanted my future son to be gay because I was a beta bitch with my ex and liked obama and communism

After: Got married with a different woman, have 2 kids, love trump, hate lazy niggers/thugs, want traditional family, became Christian instead of Atheist for family values and not easily swayed by my views anymore.

Before Sup Forums
>typical ignorant american nationalist

After Sup Forums
>redpilled australian nationalist

Same here

lol what are you saying Sup Forums is Sup Forums 2.0

Before (6 years ago - 2 years ago)
>damn niggers who don't contribute to society
>damn muslims who force their culture upon everyone
>damn politics, only the socialist party uses facts in the media

After (2 years ago - now)
>pity those low IQ Africans, here's why
>damn muslims and their fanatic anti-western ideology, here's why
>damn media always spinning the left as the only fact-based side of politics, here's why

This place put a mirror up for me to see all that propaganda clinging on to me. Every time I shower I can feel some of it dropping off like the water into the drain.
It is this place that has taught me the thrills of shitposting and the excitement of winning arguments based on facts.
Every day there are various political threads and happening threads that inspire further thinking, however dreadful the consensus is.
And every day, we can find the occasional game of Risk and recently that SimLife thread all for laughter, memes and comfort, as well as autism that balance it out.

This is the fringe version of Google. Unfiltered divinity covered in a thick veneer of banter and despair. It's invaluable desu senpai

>was lurking AJ and Drudge so not too much has changed
You guys did give me better talking points and a lot more sources.

Pretty similar to finnbro here, I used to be skeptical, but now I know that in truth humanity has never and likely will never develop further than "tribal warfare", and right now the jews and muslims are winning, because westerners are inept at teaching these basic truths to their children.

As a bean who supported immigration and general bluepill faggotry, much has changed. I believed in the holocaust without so much as a passing thought, and thought all races were indeed equal on all fronts.

Then my contempt for blacks came to light with their BLM and general baboonery. The general hypocrisy of "muh racism" being lashed out against whites is the epitome of it all, which helped as well. Then the rape of europe happened, I read about soros and, finally, read mein kampf. I'm generally red pilled now. I'm openly racist and have around 6 friends as a result of conflicting political ideologies. Largely, they cut ties with me and not the other way around, which I find curious as "pro-diversity" people seem to hate having diverse opinions against their own.

It also helps that history is my favorite subject. All invasive and subversive methods happening today were alive and well back in olden times. I understand human nature and how liberals fail to understand it. They try to change man into something he's not due to their ignorance and sentimental rose-colored glasses.

I do support pot though.

Was always anti-muslim and anti-nigger but in the braindead neo-nazi outspoken fashion.

More suttle, though look more deeply into the media and shit around the world.
Agnostic, but looking to join the Church of England or Catholic Church in the near future.


This is from 2011 before I went full nationalist so should probably update it

Nothing except i've stopped calling myself liberal in the foreign internets.

>18, just out of high school
>liberal, but skeptical of left's arguments for race and class oppression bs
>was disgusted by the media's handling of trayvon martin and michael brown's cases
>was disgusted by media's handling of that college fraternity gangrape allegation, can't remember the school
>spent the summer watching and reading about the effect of new age social justice
>eventually learn about gamergate, proud that they fought back against those faggots
>hear Sup Forums's name repeatedly pop up, often as if they're the devil
>i thought I was immune to shit on the internet, I've basically grown up with it.
>look into Sup Forums's pol
>absolutely disgusting, my first thoughts
>absolutely hilarious, my next thoughts
>start to join into arguments, get btfo all over the place
>i partook of the devil's fruit and I'm a better man for it

Hell I think I'm a little more confident now.

>Before Sup Forums
I was always patriotic. But I genuinely believed in the equality of all people and that there was a bright future for all of us.

>After Sup Forums
I stopped believing in fairytales.

Agreed. I understand a better way to deal with women, after being revealed that they need to be handled in a certain manner that gives way absolutely little to no territory to them, since they are different than men after all. Back then I was walked all over by women, largely because I believed them to be equals.

>believed in gun control before Sup Forums
>now completely believe that armed citizens are safer citizens.