Gun control 2.0

Would Sup Forums support a nation-wide gun ban if it only applied to niggers, spics, gooks and wops?

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Rooftop koreans are based and should have guns

And Italians haven't done anything bad with guns really compared to the other two

No, gooks are based and that would be infringement which SHALL NOT

Are you kidding? Wops created the MAFIA

>What is the mob?

But yeah, roof Koreans are based as fuck


It create a precedent to ban guns to other people as well in the future.

Franklin said the constitution only applies to WHITE PEOPLE which he considered to be English and Scottish. So it doesn't infringe shit.

No, not white people, in fact whites will then cherish them because it's an advantage they have.

>What is the mob?

The based anti large government corporation that BTFO femenists and progressives from banning everything (like alcohol)

Also do you mean niggers or black people? If we take them away from all blacks the niggers will stop killing each other so easily and the blacks ill have no defense against the niggers
They'll all be carrying machetes everywhere, medical costs will skyrocket but deaths will go down and then they'll all be on disabiliy

No. It's fine how it is.

>roof Koreans
Still gooks.

No.. I believe in freedumbs for everyone, even the ones groups I'm not a part of.


Still, bad precedent

Yes. Anyone who posts otherwise is anti-white.

a lot of blacks already can't own guns you know
they still do

>Would i support taking away american's rights
Nope. Niggers use illegal guns anyways



No, it still wouldn't work.

>using them non-interchangable

All blacks are niggers.


If we could kick them out once they're disarmed, sure.

Take their guns and send them all home.

How are any of those groups having guns negatively affecting me?

Or don't ban anything, because gun bans don't work and only result in more crime. Stop thinking like a libcuck.

No, the nigger population would skyrocket

Gun control in any form is for faggots

How many blacks have you worked with? I've worked with non-nigger blacks.
If we have that attitude, they won't have any hope to reach higher and not be complete fucking niggers.
See the girl who stood up to BLM at the milo speech being invaded by whistle nigger


I don't care if they're "based" or not. They're still ugly to me and I will continue to hate them.



Ok then shouldnt you be happy they kill each other with guns?

People who say niggers and blacks are individual terms are trying too hard to not appear racist. We are all racists here so fuck off with that shit.

Einstein was hardly a looker. He still helped end WWII and bring about nuclear power plants


>not be complete niggers
But user they won't.
The only solution is to euthanize them all.


No gun control is no gun control.

You forgot redneck Cletuses

This whole thread smacks of one of these feeler bait research ops

>nation wide gun ban
>on the largest groups of people that cant own guns legally already
So basically, you're shitting on the few outliers that aren't degenerates. Yeah, fuck you.

Also to the topic of the thread:
I support this. You will see a huge decrease in gun violence and people will finally give guns the respect they deserve. Guns don't kill people, niggers with guns kill people.

>All blacks are niggers.

feel a little better about your pathetic existence?

>You will see a huge decrease in gun violence
I dont care about gun violence

Nation-wide ban on niggers. Banning guns for extremely criminal gang members would amount to nothing.

aren't most of the guns they use to kill each other illegal anyways?

>not wanting high impact sexual gun violence
fug off

Ben Crason is still a nigger to me I don't care if he's a Seurgon he's still a nigger and I am an Aryan.

>no more rooftop Koreans

Literally kill yourself

sure bud, even tho they own guns in the hood.

>implying he's not a nigger in a doctors costume
Just because he supresses his nigness doesn't mean he's not a nigger.
It's like cancer. Yeah you can fight and supress cancer all you want but you still have cancer.

they aren't shooting white people so why should I care?

In Canada do what ever you'd like but in America you should have the right to defend yourself despite what race/ethnicity you are.
Freedom hating shit

would fug cletus mom right in the benis :^)

Even niggers should be allowed to protect themselves.

America is supposed to be for the whites you fag.
And no in Canada we can't even talk shit about transvestites without getting two years in prison so we are not exactly the most traditionalist place.

I'm Aryan!

No, if the US ever begins restricting the constitutional rights of a specific race, I'd rather we start with genocide rather than work our way up


>all these Americans saying niggers should have rights
Guys is it opposite day because usually Canada is shitposting about multicultural sit.

Show me in the Constitution it says that you fucking Canacuck didn't even get independence till 1982

Nigger detected

He's more intelligent, more successful, and possibly more attractive than you could ever dream to be, plus he's calm and rational. what's the definition of a nigger at this point? this is just racism for the sake of racism.

>Canadians in charge of understanding basic rights

>own guns in the hood
>in the hood
Gee maybe it's already fucking illegal you fucking leaf. The point is that it didnt stop them the first time and aint going to stop them now.

>some black guy is better than me and infinitely more successful in life
>b-b-but at least I'm an Aryan right guys?
How about you go out and make something of yourself instead of being a useless waste of life? If the only thing you can give yourself credit for is your skin color, you are no better than any street nigger.

I think they're ugly. That's why i hate them

Where in the Constitution it says America is for whites?
Nowhere but you guys are getting cucked by minorities while every other country keeps sending them over.
Take your fucking country back.
My country is doomed already but there's still a chance for the USA.

No, because difference in weapon access creates people, who will use violence for benefit and they will eventually grow out of violence against the marginals.
Everyone must be allowed to have a gun, if they can act responsible with it. Even if there is 10% sane niggers, they must be found and allowed to bear arms.

criminals will get guns anyway, gooks definitely need guns to defend their businesses from niggers. See LA riots. No gun laws at all is the best policy.

sure bud

No. It's unacceptable to take away the rights of someone because of their race.

No, that right to bear arms is for everyone, I may not have it here, but it applys for everyone and that s the way it should be, no banning people because I dont like them, they can own guns unless theyre likely terrorists


I descend from Genghis Khan, Octavian, William the Conqueror, Rollo the viking, Ramses of Egypt, and possibly Muhammad and Vlad the Impaler. I don't need to do shit.

I support a gun ban nationwide.

ALL firearms should be left to the police and government only.

If we had no guns all over the nation, people wouldn't be shot. I'd rather deal with someone with a knife than a gun desu.


Nah, Aryans should have guns.

I'm white. If an individual does something retarded and illegal and loses their rights, that's one thing. To say that someone should be treated differently, and have their rights restricted, because of what they're born as is retarded.
Or do you also support Zimbabwe banning white people from owning land?

>Where in the Constitution it says America is for whites?
Thanks for answering my question, as for
>cucked by minorities while every other country keeps sending them over.
Do you have proof of this?

What's the point? They already buy their guns illegally.

Fucking hell gun grabbers are retarded.

>"Looking only to official criminal records, data over the past thirty years consistently show that the mythology of murderers as ordinary citizens does not hold true. Studies have found that approximately 75% of murderers have adult criminal records, and that murderers average a prior adult criminal career of six years, including four major adult felony arrests. These studies also found that when the murder occurred "[a]bout 11% of murder arrestees [were] actually on pre-trial release"--that is, they were awaiting trial for another offense."

>"The fact that only 75% of murderers have adult crime records should not be misunderstood as implying that the remaining 25% of murderers are non-criminals. The reason over half of those 25% of murderers don't have adult records is that they are juveniles. Thus, by definition they cannot have an adult criminal record."

Dude do you really think the Founding Fathers wrote the constitution thinking about niggers?

nigger alert

Yes, I absolutely support a complete firearms ban for Canada.

I like you fellow Canadian.
Why can't all Canadians be like us? No we get to have a bunch of weedmans.

The people who push gun control legislation don't care about Jamal and Jose having black market AK-47's. They want whitey disarmed.

>other people did great things
>because I am distantly related to them, I'm just as great even though I live in my mom's basement and never get off my fat ass
Millennials, everybody.

It's due to cuckoldry.

There are more than half a billion unregistered firearms currently in circulation in the united states.

If you think it is possible to prevent anyone within the borders from arming themselves you belong in a mental institution.

Well im against gun control for whites, just niggers I want it for

Because i don't need to go out and do shit like niggers because i already have my ancestors accomplish everything for me.

You belong in a mental institution for loving fried chicken so much.

I'm convinced all the canadian posters on here are american and this is some sort of psyop to turn opinion against canadians to prepare for the inevitable american invasion.

Mentallly ill person alerta.

I'd support banning leaf posters



But op is fag

Criminals can't have guns so it already does

>Ban guns for niggers, spics, gooks, and wops
>niggers stop killing niggers
>spics stop killing niggers
>gooks stop killing niggers
>wops stop killing niggers

Obviously not, idiot.

I think the right to bear arms should apply to everybody.

So, no.

>American Freedoms, American Freedoms, American Freedoms,American Freedoms, American Freedoms

You'll never out shitpost australia. Just give it up.