Chinese Navy vessel enters the contiguous zone of Senkaku Islands for the first time

Abe,PM of Japan, directs relevant ministries and agencies to prepare for an unexpected situation

中国海軍艦艇が尖閣周辺接続水域に 首相が警戒監視を指示

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs protests a Chinese ambassador to Japan

U.S. Accuses China of Dangerous, High-Speed Intercept of Spy Plane in South China Sea

US says China fighter made 'unsafe' intercept of spy plane

SitRep: Paris Eyes South China Sea Role

France to Push for Coordinated EU Patrols in South China Sea

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we WW3 now


It's just posturing.

Kim up to his old tricks again

Dammit! can't the WW3 wait a couple more weeks! My bunker isn't ready yet!

Yeah that CHINESE KIM, fucking retard m8 do ur research ya fucking pikey cunt m8.

I always laugh whenever we get into spy plane incidents. It's just embarrassing for both sides.

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>okinawans already btfo by mutliple rapes and murders
>military decides to b& alcohol consumption

All of our military is in DTs right now. Perfect time to strike.

Japan, let them have it, or actually defend your territory

fucking christ

>EU patrol
>on the other side of the world
O-oy vey, just walk along g-goy. No political agendas to rule the world here :^^)

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Don't worry my Japanese friend, Obama will apologize to the Chinese soon.

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Nice save David Seamen.

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Send your Gidzillas! Now!

>senkaku islands
Aren't these the super disputed islands which everyone in east Asia has claims to?


According to Ministry of Defense, the Chinese vessel is "frigate-class"

A Chinese navy frigate enters contiguous zone at 0:50 a.m. 9th, June(Japan standard time)

JMSDF destroyer(Pic related) is watching Chinese navy's frigate sequentially as of 3:00 a.m.

Now is 5:00 a.m in Japan

Why do asians fight with each other? You all fucking look the same, just hold hands and be friends.

A lot of crazy shit happens there.

>Aren't these the super disputed islands which everyone in east Asia has claims to?

That(Pic related) is an other one in South China Sea.

This() one happens in East China sea

Nothing will happen. Japan has no Army meaning the USA would have to fight it for them and the Chinese don't want a war with us because we will wipe our own debt, assuming the liberal cut clinton isn't in office to suck Chinese cock.

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Hi upside down Poland
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The Chinese military authorities may lose their temper

>prepare for an unexpected situation


What the fuck is Japan doing getting involved in a dispute down there? If anyone should be buttmad it should be the flip masterrace.

Didn't Japan declare just a while ago that is was rebuilding it's army again ?

They don't have an army, we took that away from them.

through the powers of Sup Forums Monaco and Poland, join together and become AUSTRIA!!!

Yep first time in it's history it's become an offensive army. Perhaps this will solve the birthrate.

Entering of Chinese "public" vessels(number of ships)

Red is Territorial waters
Blue is contiguous zone

Honestly our next president needs to get super duper buddy with Japan and endorse their development of the military. Try and bring Taiwan and South Korea on board as partners and in secret Russia as well, then just BTFO PRC and DPRK and stabilize the region. Vietnam will be good commies and never be aggressive because we took out PRC for them. PLZ

France exit and BREXIT as well.

Do they build it in Fukushima?

news related

Malaysia: 100 Chinese Ships Detected Near Malaysian waters

Pic is related(Chinese fisherman ships)

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>Asians fighting each other
Oh wow it's literally nothing.

He sends military around of China

I think chinks would try to mess shit up before U.S elections.
They will definitely do something big. Maybe even Taiwan. I pretty sure Hillary will back Taiwanese independence if she become president.


Russian navy 3 vessels enter the contiguous zone of Senkaku Islands

What is happening!?


please god, please... we need a fucking reset. its not fun anymore because of jews.


Prepare to be nucleicly enriched again, Jiro.

>Japan has no Army
It has instead a "Self Defense Force" which happens to be one of the larger "forces" in the world, stocked with everything from Aegis missile destroyers, to new carriers like this one and the capacity to go nuclear if needed.

it depends what he does

WW3 starts where WW2 ended.

>mfw based chinese bros are showing japshits who's boss

Huh? Maybe it's chinese Sovremenny-class destroyers.

Please ask him the real intention

Eh, their self defence forces are probably most powerful one in asia.

Daily reminder: A conflict in the South China sea would be a 10/10 happening.

No don't. >Tfw being nip is one of my favorite posters. He's such an americaboo.


there's already nukes at the disposal of the Japs on U.S. nuclear submarines that are stationed in the region. I also wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. and Japan had a few hidden warheads somewhere on mainland Japan as well.

At this stage, anyone fighting against US is good in my book... Make it Chinks or Islamic state...

Strong words from an insect.

>Not wanting to move to the vastly superior Australia/New Zealand
I don't understand.


韓国軍が竹島周辺で軍事訓練 日本政府が抗議

S.Korea Military operate military drill near Takeshima.

S.Korea suddenly refused(stopped) international military exercise with US Navy,Royal Australia Navy,Royal Malyasian Navy,Singapore Navy and Japan on the way last month

Japan is using the Senkaku dispute as an excuse to increase its military capabilities (Abe is a literal historical revisionist who thinks Japan dindu nuffin in WWII), China uses the Senkaku dispute to increase nationalism and divert attention away from domestic issues as Japanese are like Jews in the Middle East, everyone will drop what they're doing to hate on Japan.

The SCS dispute is the real concern.

The best way to get the West and Japans economy back on track is to utterly destroy China, crush it!


Muh freedom of navigation

It's too bad we had the same mindset with you roaches and the commies.

US, Japan, India to hold major naval drill in Western Pacific

A fleet of U.S., Japanese and Indian warships will hold a large-scale joint naval exercise over eight days from Friday in the Western Pacific, close to a Japanese island chain, part of which China claims.

As China pushes its territorial claims in the neighboring South China Sea, Tokyo and Washington worry it will look to extend its influence into the Western Pacific, with a growing fleet of submarines and surface vessels to ply distant oceans.

The drill, dubbed Malabar, is an annual event between the U.S. and India, and Japan is joining it this year for the first time since 2007, Japan's Ministry of Defense said in a statement.


Japan killed millions of Chinese. China has n't forgotten or forgiven.

git gud.

>why did the amerifats and nazis hate each other, they look the same

The Jews.

> checks Reuters

It's not happening

It's actually pronounced Godzirra

You ever herd of a little party the Japs threw the Chinese in Nanking? Probably why they aren't ready to hold hands just yet