How frequently do you attend mass?

How frequently do you attend mass?

I try to go every Sunday.

God is an ancient lie.
Thanks Dalwin.

Have fun in hell.

I would like to attend OP, but unfortunately I lost my faith.

The last time I was in a synagogue was when I was 13 and they made me sing a paragraph from the bible

Every Sunday.

When I'm in town I go pray 5 or 10 minutes, reading the news and events of the parish, etc..

Is traditional catholicism is still significant in France?

If I had a roman catholic church to go to anywhere in my city I would attend but we don't have any beautiful anything in this country.

Yes, they have many conversions, especially from Catholics. People are getting more and more informed

What city?

I dont waste my time with that kind of lies

I go to daily mass. And try to say a rosary every week day.

It's funny becouse I've recently read in some lefty polish newspaper that Church in Poland should learn from Chruch in France becouse they are very progressive and people like it.

Post a pic of your fedora plz

Like a good Christian I only go to church on Easter and Christmas


Its for sheeps

Are you a Protestant or a Catholic?

try going more than that. I like the homilies the most. Gives you a chance to really hear how to apply what's being said to everyday life

Never, I don't believe in gods lol

this, there's not a single church here that doesn't cater to cucks

Never... also pope is not realy motivating me to go to church

Monkeys are also welcome

I'm sure you guessed that it's a heresy destroying the Church from the inside.

Not going to mass every week is a mortal sin

>I never go to church
>complain about the pope

You are the reason why we have such a shitty pope.

Faggot Catholics who shouldn't even be called Catholic

We the faithful…get the pope we deserve

Think about that and get back to mass hans

At least 1-2 times a week and on catholic holidays.
>Tfw living in eastern Bavaria and your 300 inhabitants village has a thousand year old church

Feels good to live in Europe

I know, but that heresy "be a good human in post-modern world" is stronger now thanks to the pope. It's really hard to convert again with this pope.

I can't go every Sunday. Usually once a month, sometimes twice a month. My excuse is, Orthodox services are generally longer, so we get twice the holiness from one sitting

Every week without fail. Visit FSSP mass exclusively at this stage, can't go back to the NO mass

i am jelly of beautiful european cities

american cities are trash, all our buildings suck, you can't really walk anywhere and they are filled with non whites

id love to live in a white city in the mountains with based architecture

Whenever the fuck i want.
Fuck you ill go on a tuesday if i want to

I go to the church at least 3 times a week, if I have some time on me though I'm there every day.

Sort of same situation here where you have churches that are quite modern (built in the 80's baka) turned into multi purpose venues. Absolutely heretical.

do you have a based priest?

I don't LARP as desert jews, thanks

whats your job?

Pretty much

I go to college

Keep in mind that people back in times had worse popes. We can only pray and hope for the better.

Why is Sup Forums filled with dumb Christians ?

Islam is the true redpill

I work nights, so I miss Sundays once in a while. I would go daily if I could, and sometimes more than once.

Never been to SSPX but interested.

Giving us a bad pope is a test

God wants us to be better and reform the church from within because we've become such lazy shitheads

God is punishing us with liberal catholicism


Only the pope has the authority to declare the pope to be a heretic

You are a part of a nice schismatic cult

But they were just degenerates, they did not touch the doctrine - "who am i to judge", comunnion for re-marriage, literally chaos

I meditate on a rock or a log in the woods, or hike with friends and it's 100X better than Mass ever was.

do both hippy

or better yet build a fucking tiny chapel in the woods

Once a week op

Yeah but the bible is a myth. Call me a hippie all you want, don't pretend that being out in the sun, fresh air and nature doesn't make you feel good.

It does but the Bible is the truth my friend

Lord have mercy.

It's no more true than any other myth like Islam. If you were born in Iraq you'd be saying the same shit about Islam.

You'd be wrong

The Koran is actually dogshit and not logical

When you start getting into the Bible and you start learning about Thomistic Philosophy (Christianized Aristotle) you realize we have a rich intellectual history

Islam is for mental midgets. The koran is basically a dumbed down version of the old testament with random mudshit laws thrown in

The bible isn't logical either. Jesus is also just a personification of the sun re-done from other old myths with very similar characters. Turns water into wine, walks across water, is the light of the world, dies and rises at the winter solstice is a guide etc. It's about the sun user. Sun worship is universal and ancient.

>muh sun god

what it like being a liberal college atheist?

you done with that phase yet?

come to the good guy side

I go to church whenever I can. I am a Protestant.

Take my senpai every Sunday and holy day of obl. Would love to find a church with based priest though.

One time for a marriage
twice for family deaths
few times to please grandma for christmas eve.

'bout it.

>le sun god meme
You can be atheist, but you cant spread dogshit like that if you want to combat "lies"

do you want to burn in hell?

because thats how you burn in hell

i ride my bicycle to the church and attend mass when the weater is good, i give 2 dollar check to the donation , then i dont take the wafer or the wine because no 1st communion , but baptised etc. then i light a candle after mass and get on bicycle and ride home

Why don't you take the next step dude?

I have been to a church only twice in my life.

quite often i'm still an altar boy

Whats stopping you from going more often?

Jesus would be glad to have you join the ranks

but i mean like this sort of altar boy, i dont know how it's in english

i am too old and i feel like i would have to be more strict about my habits and even though i am catholic i act more like a protestant when praying and talking to god and such

I have never believed in God and I am not even baptized or anything. I went once for a wedding and once for a funeral.

you are never too old

besides don't you want to more fully a completely join yourself to christ and his saving grace?

how do you pray like a protestant?

Altar server?

Is that your church it looks modern. is that a woman or just some kid with a really shitty bowl cut?


I don't want my kids to have to deal with anal tears for the rest of their lives.

Don't you think about the afterlife?

Why do humans of all races/cultures have a natural inclination towards the spiritual. Don't you think theres something to that…or at least more than what we see around us?

i mostly dont do recited or memorized prayers just kind of a schizo way of acknowlegding god to my personal self, and read the bible and stuff so that i can follow along with the messages during mass

Not at all and I don't think it says very much. People do lots of things they do not necessarily make sense.

every sunday, 'cause i'm a bass lead and i get paid to sing, tho it is a small pittance

don't care too much about the religion; but when i do hear the sermons, i learn a thing or two. but desu, i learn more from youtube from folks like alan watts or u g krishnamurti.

anglican. desu, i don't even know the differences. grew up without any religion at all.

did the commies rape your country is that why you are an atheist?

We were part of the Soviet Union. Picture related was our old flag.

i just took a random pic out of internet
but indeed my church is modern one, its from 1990 or something