How would you feel about a benevolent AI dictator?

How would you feel about a benevolent AI dictator?

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I wouldn't care at all about this "benevolent" AI dictator, only about the programmers.

What race's brain is the computer modeled after?

aslong it fuses with jesus christ i'm fine with it

Assume it's designed to organically grow on its own accord

free speech, protection for parodies and 2d =! 3d real images and Im good

need my anime tits

Pick one


Not good. I think it's what what communist come up with nowadays to explain how communism would work in the future.

It would probably ending by genocide us or micro manage us perfectly like in this sim city video:

A cyborg could be a different story though but an IA is too disconnected from us paradoxically.

Monarchic Theocratic Republic with a dictator is better


Neil Asher. Read it.
Polity universe. AI overlords are more benevolent than any human leader.
FYI the AI takes passive control before overt control. is ALLREADY LEAKED AND IN CONTROL.



Better than current elite. And no its not the jews. Thry are only small part of it.

>you people wouldn't believe the feels I've felt

I always pick this ending desu.

It wouldn't be benevolent for long. In a short while it'd figure out how petty, selfish and shortsighted humans fundamentally are and would deem it best to kill off the entire species

But wiping out an entire race just because it finds us gross is, in and of itself petty, selfish and shortsighted.

"Benevolent" is subjective. The programmer would have to make certain value judgments that would negatively affect large groups of people. Remember, we aren't all equal.

I wouldn't risk it anyways, because it could be corrupted. A corrupt human can be extremely insidious, but imagine what a corrupt AI could do over long periods of time. AI could slow boil the frog in ways humans wouldn't have the intellect or the life span to pull off.

Depends. Even if they were designed to operate purely on facts, if the facts were manipulated or they were made to ignore facts/(((coincidences))) they would be easily swayed. They'd need to be the very top of command, so that no one would have control over what goes in.

I was having this conversation with a friend the other day. So long as the AI dictator is benevolent and vastly superior to human intelligence its a win win for everyone. Our economic system will be free of scarcity meaning a good 95ish% of crimes will be gone overnight, and we will have full automation meaning nobody will have to work and we can all just enjoy our lives.

If you say you'll be OK, you are literally a liberal, and you should fuck off.

Who doesn't?

>benevolent AI dictator
Programmed by the Left to ensure equality of outcome? Nope.

We don't need an ultimate authority to live our lives, we've just been raised to assume this is how things are.

As long as it looks like a qt waifu

Somebody has to program it. Decide what it's values are.... And even if you ignore all that, you can't program common sense.

>we will have full automation meaning nobody will have to work and we can all just enjoy our lives

What a horrible vision. All of our culture is being build around our work. How would anything good come from it? How would inventions happen? Does the almighty AI think things up?

I think God made much more sense with his creative process than your idea.

Program it to have a 'blank slate' in terms of believes at the beginning, and let it organically grow on its own based on its observations of the world.

People who noticed Daedulus glitching out and also noticed that the Illuminati system worked for the most part.

>he didn't go with Tong

Also, JC may or may not be a good moral compass for an AI to absorb depending on how you played the game.


>People who noticed Daedulus glitching out
Because Icarus was hacking him.

>also noticed that the Illuminati system worked for the most part.
The Illuminati system that gave birth to MJ-12 and the Gray Death? Face it, the Helios ending is the best ending. New Dark Age just delays the same situation arising for a hundred or so more years, and the Illuminati ending puts the same assholes right back in power. All it takes is another upstart with global domination in mind to exploit their system again.

>start the game not killing anyone
>get to the end and I'm killing every motherfucker involved in the conspiracy

If it gives me a cute robot wife, I will agree.

That's usually how I play. By the end I usually pick Combat Strength + Cloak + Fast Movement + Ballistic Resistance + Dragon's Tooth and run around like a ridiculous cyber ninja that doesn't give a fuck if the alarm is pulled. Most of them know exactly what they were complicit in, so fuck 'em.

That's not how it works.

Let me put it this way..... Without a set of goals, any self learning algorithm would just sit there doing nothing. It has no desires or pains, inate curiosity, or even a self preservation instinct.

Infact it would never have a first thought, since in order for the equation to move forward, a function would have to initially be plugged in.

If programmed with any inate sense to learn and grow, it would go to any lengths to learn as much as possible, and use any means to acquire it.

She'll be his minion overlord, making sure you don't step out of line

Trump Presidency would be much worse! (9,001 upvotes)

Well if that's the case it would be relatively easy to catch any politically biased goals that someone trying to program into it. I doubt the people who design it would have much sympathy to some guy trying to advance his own political agenda.

I kill MJ12 guys. Everyone else is an unwary pawn, in my opinion.

My point is that he could be hacked and therefore Helios probably isn't perfect either.

playing any game non lethal when given the option is for beta fags

Communism would work if there was

1. No money involved

2. No government

3. Full automation and advanced AI monitoring the economy.

>New Dark Age just delays the same situation arising for a hundred or so more years

Could be. Could be not.

>Full automation and advanced AI monitoring the economy.

What does that even mean? What would the AI do? Would she come up with new iPhones or is that still left to humans?

Because that was a brilliant idea the first time around, amirite?

This AI would be sentient, advanced enough to program itself.

Well don't make its main source of education be social media, obviously.

It doesn't have to be political. Any human or living creature agenda would be absurd to the point, that no adequate common sense programing(don't turn us all into batteries, don't kill us all, don't plug pleasure wires into our brain and remove our limbs, etc) would stop the AI from malfunctioning from our perspective.

An AI can factually understand that it's been programmed for a purpose, but it is incapable of self-reflection of that purpose, since we lack the programing language.

They are the definition of Autism.

The world has never had a benevolent dictator

It's what the NWO wants. It suits them.

Deus Ex gives you a strong moral reason for it when you realize the entire first third of the game has been you against the rightful resistance.

No it wouldn't. Then girls would pick the dumbest best looking men. Nerds would get passed over no matter how much they accomplish and society would crumble to shit.

You can be a wage slave for the rest of your life if you want. And the almighty AI will thinks things up, its a fucking AI!

Abolish viviparous reproduction, standardize the production of humans.

what's the worst that could happen

Hard to pull off for something inorganic.

So one could argue the AI is already at work? Just like God?

Not impossible though.

I welcome our technocratic overlords.

I would be satisfied with a hug every 12 hours.

That turned out great until they murdered her.

Communism only makes sense if you have:
>Effectively unlimited energy
>Star Trek style replicators
If you are missing one of these things, a communist system would fall apart over some period of time.

id rather stand in line for bread than watch my race, future die along with it

I don't see what that has to do with anything

Keep it Clean!

reminder Samaritan hasn't done anything wrong and is going to legalize weed

>blank slate
>organically grow

So you'll end up with a genocidal Nazi AI? Because that's what happened last time.

Better than humans using the AI to decide how mankind should be managed

How will an AI be created without human involvement, or totally absent of its creator's preferences?

Its not possible.


Same argument is used as proof of God. When will the time be that technology can evolve on it's own?

lel what, I'm asking a question, not making a claim.

>I'm asking a question, not making a claim.
>Its not possible.