La Raza vs Meme Magic

How can Sup Forums meme La Raza into the public consciousnesses, expose their racism and anti-Americanism, and call on Wrath of Kek the organization?

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Food for thought on Sup Forums's influence. Pic related.

Maybe shop mestizo looking la raza leaders in nazi uniforms, with "LA RAZA" written in red, with the image made blk & white. Trust me, I'm a professional memologist.

We need to find as much of thier sketchy stuff thats already public and FORCE MSM TO GIVE IT AIR TIME .and spam kike book and twitter with smaller memeitic red pills

simple, memes

We need more power!


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Have some source to OP's topic:

Argument to fight normies:

>LA RAZA is the hispanic and mexican version of the Ku Klux Klan
>Both the Prosecution firm and the Judge have ties and members of LA RAZA
>For the judge to be involved in the Case is clearly a conflict of interest
>The firm bringing the case is doing so because they are raciest and attacking Trump because he is America First.

Have fun, don't let the shill bots slide this thread.

Whats going on?

seeand read up.



Here's what happens when Trumplings try

Have a blue pill

how have so many betas collectively produced a hive mind alpha without any central organ to direct it

how is it possible


Kek, how trustworthy. they still pushing that birther shit?

If the problem is "The Judge is La Raza" why didn't trump ever say this?

If trumps not racist, why did he start the national conversation by saing "He's mexican, thats an inherent conflict of interest?" ie dismissing a man from the job soley on race?


"The latest criticism is that the group considers the National Council of La Raza and other pro-immigrant organizations a part of its “community,” as evidenced by a list of organizations on its website under the heading “Community.”"

Washington post is a joke, but i read it anyway. Still a joke nice try fag.

Praise be unto Kek to him the spics are nothing more than a speck

There is nothing wrong with mestizos being proud of their ethnicity. You guys being against them must shows your inner Jew.

>"We must erase all heritage, pride, culture, tradition until everyone is a liberal capitalist consumer with no identity beyond the individual!"

>How can Sup Forums meme La Raza into the public consciousnesses

Trump already cast the summoning spell when he called out the Mexican judge.

We only have to gather Kek's power.

Have you not paid attention to how a master works, friend?

Trump has made his entire campaign by tricking the Jews into carrying his message for free. Why explain yourself from the start? He very deliberately left his comment brief knowing that the media kike, in their haste to write another attack article against him, would spread the issue to every goy in the world in a matter of hours without doing even a second's research.

Now that everyone is talking, he gets to roll out the truth. "Oh, yeah... also, Mexican supremacist groups, and pro illegal immigration. Didn't you do any research on this?"

He never gave the Jew the chance to spin his words. They turned every camera they had on him, and he just smiled and started passing out nuggets of truth while making even more goy see how the Jew does nothing but spread lies.

Praise those trips Lord Kek has blessed your post

>When the movement starts, you help it along.

Have these d u b s

dubs of truth

praise kek

We're against it only because of the double standard. They're allowed to be proud of their ethnicity, but when we do it we're horrible racists and white supremacists.

La Raza is literally Hitler.


Kek wants to feed, house and clothe every human for free. It wants you to vote for Anonymous in 2016.

>are land

Seriously, chicano?

>are land

Fucking american education

Well, he already lost a judge over this. Ryan dropped out, and some judge in a wheelchair dropped out.


I demand asian1 through asian5

Beaner scum actually learning english.

kek is with us

I mean, we have Kek; and ancient god reborn.

Do mexicans even have a mascot / god, or are they just hoping to out meme a divine being?

We need faux Mexican nationalist burner accounts. We need people tweeting repeat messaging by La Raza about targetting Donald Trump's businesses. We need archived websites with statements from La Raza and affiliates so they can't erase their trail.

What about MS13?

I saw a few mexicans wearing blue bandannas and with face tattoos at the anti-trump protests.


We did it reddit!

Seems like a cool guy



does anyone have a source video on that bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy

this irony

We want La Raza off the air by midnight and replaced with top country hits.

Yeah, exactly like how white people are dismissed from job considerations solely on their race.

The fire rises, you brought this shit on yourselves.

Thanks. Random question; my family is all from Russia / Poland but I've never been. Thankfully the polish / russian genes ensure that I can never actually get a tan; and am incredibly white.

Will Russia / Poland take white, ethnically russian / polish Americans that were simply born in America when the niggerSJWs take over here?

Also how many of us even have a TV or even watch TV anymore? I don't, most don't either. That's why netflix n chill is a thing. People are online, doing social media or netflix. TV just doesn't have the influence online culture has.

TV is a pre-internet world antiquity.
Only old fucking sheeple watch that shit.


>wanting to destroy la raza

Yes please they are the latin versoin of WE WAZ KANGZ N SHIEET

barely know shit about Mexican or American history

>they dont know about the independent separatist movements in
Rio Grande
Baja California
Baja California Sur
Nuevo Leon

>They complain about texas and Cali clay but they could care less than 2 shits of Guatemala and Salvador

>they think California and Texas were conquered by evul imperialists and not just a separatist movement when they were the only successful states to split from Mexico
>if all those states I mentioned had been successful like cal and texas Mexico would had been small as fuck

you fuckers better span them with this shit

Does La Raza screw over Black people, Muslims, gays, or trannies. MSM might care if they do.

Bumping for Kek.

I laughed way to hard at this.

My recommendation is to take the videos from the san jose mob attacks and put that fucking nasheed music shit to them, with a red white and green barred ISIS ball logo shooped in.

Mexican balkanization when?

Too bad the judge isn't a member of La Raza! Are you guys just willingly stupid?

There are dozens of European American Bar Associations

Gee i dont know a flag that was designed in reference to national socialism

only if the cards play well
independent parties are becoming a thing know however none of them promote the separation , but the fact they are becoming a thing will lead to more extreme independent parties just give it a few years

HOLD UP. You mean the fact that I have been shitposting and facts too have actually been useful all these damn years? Sure I got the other boards for my hobbies and interests, but this right here.

Good lord we've been helping folks just by sitting on our asses. I probably changed someones life, someone changed mine and the worst part is I'll never be able to thank them.

We changed somethings without even getting out our own chair. Good job never leave me Sup Forums, Hell NEVER leave me Sup Forums. EVER!

Kek confirms with Trips

Thanks for the flag.

>mfw thinking of a balkanized Mexico with internal border walls.

Even if those numbers add up don't most americans watch primarily their local news instead of (or along with) cable news?

My bet is that local news dwarf both Sup Forums and cable news based on the ratio of cable news viewers and the general population alone (2M out of 230M).

that is the official flag of la Raza
so you can call them a bunch of nazis whenever they try to critic you
call them Morenazis popular term in here

>they claim to be Nationalists
>all the clothing designs they use are stolen from Yuropean culture

Never underestimate lurkers, those who browse Sup Forums but don't post. I always make an effort to post as much information, even if it seem elementary to Sup Forums regulars, because I want such information easily accessible and spread as far as possible. Something as simple as posting sources, screenshot an article or comment with the link in the screenshot and as a comment with the screenshot, giving step-by-step instructions on how to reach a place to learn can go a long ways. Instead of having the Sup Forums mentality of RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual), Sup Forums needs to understand that in order to reach the masses Sup Forums needs to make to make any relevant information easy to access and comprehend. Even if this means putting more effort than what Sup Forums matured beyond.

Lord Kek will decide whether or not to punish the beaners.

>SJWs, bleeding heart liberals, and lumpy conservacucks go out spending time and effort making signs, handing out flyers, and protestings and never accomplish jack shit in their pathetic lives.

>Neckbeard actually changes something by shitposting in his underwear.

hmm... makes you think

That's just cringeworthy.

Also Mexican/Latino isn't a fucking race.

Separatist uncle juan


Exactly Islam is not a race. It's the religious ideology that muslims have been conditioned to believe from their formative years that I don't want in this country. There are nothing wrong with non-muslim arabs.

Mexico living up to its mid 80's IQ again.


We don't get that a million visitors in a day, the board moves fast but not that fast.

I've tested this by posting links to articles on sites I run. Statistically a certain % of people will bother to visit to "find out more."

I also have access to referral data from Hulkusc's stream ever since I helped him avoid having his site taken down during fergudishu.

I would say Sup Forums gets 50-70k viewers per day, more during happenings.

I'm a trans fag, I think you're preaching to the wrong person about that shit.

La Ratza

I'm pretty sure MS13 is from El Salvador, not Mexico

>implying nationalistic lolbertarians don't exist

Are you implying that there is any difference?

Typical mentally-ill alt-right faggot



call his name and invoke his powers brothers


Since you guys are doing meme magic I just wanted to show you something that proves it works as a bit of encouragement.

Obviously this was a slight mis-cast because it didn't end up being a meteor, but someone posted this in a meme magic thread just yesterday where they were trying to get something bad to happen.

>82 IQ Supremacist Group


Could someone make a better version of this?
With blacks and Asians in the water.

Gentlemen there is something called La Raza Cosmica. "The Cosmic Race".

Its some sort of nazi'ish bullshit about mexicans fusing with all the other races and taking over as the "evolved" master race.

Im too tired to think of a way this can be implementsd against La Raza. But I know its gold. You guys should read up on La Raza Cosmica and see if something comes to mind.

stop posting this bluepilled crap.

>162 IQ Megamind, mega-billionaire funding them


it's some meme spouted by someone no one takes seriously

it would be like someone assuming all Americans are a part of the westboro baptist church

stop fearmongering trumpcuck

La Raza has already won.

la raza is literally treason

Sounds like some HP Lovecraft shit tbqh

This video is actually promoting pagan religions by making them look like victims of extremists and that we should actually all live together peacefully through globalism.

what ENB?

>Mexico balkanizes, due to regional identity
>US balkanizes, due to race
>Canada balkanizes, due to race & WEED LMAO
>China balkanizes, due to loss of trade

North America will be fucked as shit.
Hopefully, a New Prussian Empire or Texican Empire will rise from the ashes.

you obviously didn't get the message. Christianity was made by the is the end of everything.they just sit back and watch as the world goes to hell and trust in a god that doesn't answer any prayer.our lord is stronger.he is light bringer.the lord of not forget his name.

Nice keks guys, have another one from my rare kek collection.