So the other day in class, we argued about whether people with lib arts degrees should receive loan forgiveness

So the other day in class, we argued about whether people with lib arts degrees should receive loan forgiveness.

It got pretty intense as all the stem people said it would just fuck the taxpayer for people's stupid decisions while the lib arts argued that it was just degree discrimination to withhold forgiveness.

Who's right?

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The one's who aren't fucking leeches to society.

i have a better question then OP's
Who was in the right here

>its just degree discrimination

Uh yeah that's exactly what it is. Libtards and their fucking buzzwords just because discrimination in context of race is really bad doesn't make it bad for everything else, degrees are different and faggot History/Art degrees don't deserve forgiveness as much as one that'll help the individual actually be a productive member of society

Loan forgiveness is a concept that should be given to everybody, or nobody at all.

Let's go with nobody.

And for the record, STEMfags are notorious for being bitter and resentful. LibArtfags are simply arrogant.

I support increased funding to ROTC scholarships if people want to earn free college.

I'd say it's pretty forgiving to allow lib arts majors to drop off the grid, sublet and work under the table while ignoring their bills altogether until they get some money together to live comfy.

They're treating a lifestyle like an entitlement, it's pathetic.

What is this fucking >muh discrimination bullshit? It literally is discriminatory to hire a math teacher with a math degree over someone who has a women's studies degree. That's the whole fucking point and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you don't want to get discriminated against, get a non meme degree.

You're right it's discrimination but discrimination isn't always a bad thing. When you pick any item out of a set of items you are "discriminating"

You shouldn't be able to get a federally backed loan for your "gender studies" degree. If you want to finance it yourself, by all means go for it. But providing gaurenteed financing should be for degrees that will directly lead to jobs, such as STEM, Teaching, Etc. If you want to get a degree for Gender Studies to help for example change the tech industry, you should go for a degree in Computer Science with a MINOR in gender studies.

>degree discrimination
When did we all come to believe that any form of discrimination whatsoever, no matter how valid based on objective reality, is bad?

memes aside, most of the people I know with lib arts degrees went on to business/law/med school and said lib arts undergrad made professional degrees easier since it provides more analytics than pre-professional (premed, prelaw aka worst degree, etc.)

I have a liberal arts degree, am saddled with student debt, and do not support the idea of loan forgiveness.

As tempting as it is to scream and shout until your debt gets wiped, people need to take responsibility for their actions.

Banks make these absurd loans because they know that they can get away with it, because the loan has to be repaid with interest even after bankruptcy. Stop giving the exemption over bankruptcy, and the loans we be more reasonable in the future.

But wont higher restrictions on the banks limit the amount of loans they'll be able to give?

They probably will give fewer loans, to avoid credit risks. It's unfortunate, but the alternative is literally to give loans to people that have trouble paying it back.

Writing off lib arts because you fell for the stem meme is just proof how dumb you are.

I did a BSc in PoliSci and Oceanography and am 2 years from finishing my doctorate and I guarantee I already have a better job (pay, travel, vacation, flexibility) than any of you lab rats will ever have.

These threads piss me off because it is know nothing undergrads making them because they think they solved the world in their 2nd year CS class.

I do like when STEM morons come by the deans office and I get to tell them they wasted their time on a Chem degree that will give them NOTHING at the undergrad level.

And btw, political science undergrads make more on average than every degree than ENG, BIO, CHEM and some Finance degrees. Look it up retards.

>hey lets give uninformed young adults unadulterated access to money without knowledge of legal ramifications

grown-ass adults don't even know shit about loans or fiscal policy, you should be required to take a two-day course on what you're agreeing to before signing up

>it was just degree discrimination to withhold forgiveness
In order to be discrimination they first have to prove that a degree in SJW is worth the same value to society as one in electrical engineering or whatever.

>there is a degree for manipulating and being dishonest

lol what a world.

I can tell that you're a delusional high falutin basement dweller with an AA in Under water basket weaving.

Congrats on your shitty life despite how much you want to lie to yourself.

Well I mean you can't do that for one degree and not the other.
Ever heard of "pursuit of happiness?"

The problem isn't even dumb degrees, it's going to expensive as fuck colleges to get a dumb degree. If I wanted an art degree I'd just go community.

>paying money to go to college when the internet exists

Some bank somewhere should do a genuine case analysis on the economic contribution per person say 10 years after graduation, rank them and then each degree can have an associated amount of potential debt forgiveness based on its rank.

stemfags are bitter and resentful because they took the redpill.

libfags are bluepilled faggots .

The STEMs, obviously. The lib arts majors should've researched the job market before making the choice to study that field. If you're taking women's studies, that's ok but don't fucking expect to be able to pay off your 100k loans with that shit degree.

The only way political science would make more than stem is if you calculated in all the lawyer salaries. What entry job do you even fucking have related to your major?

Anyone who defaults on a student loan should have their degree revoked. It's only fair as otherwise there is no collateral involved and therefore no reason not to default other than a shitty credit rating, and who gives a fuck about that?

Also, loan forgiveness my ass. Just finance scholarship funds for outstanding students to study whatever they want. I bet most will go to study for actual degrees, so it filters itself without being excluding.

I do think that the idea of "STEM" is stupid as fuck. Just some arbitrary term to make computer "science" neckbeards and kekgeneers feel as important as actual scientists.

I kind of agree. I think in the future, careers based more on merit and portfolios are going to have more leverage in the future.

Community college gets a lot of shit but I think it's a viable way to get started with your career without being burdened with debt and gives you a bit more time to think about what you want to do in the future.

And it fucking pisses me off that I have to take random ass social electives to get my fucking degree. They say it's to expand your mind but it's really to jew you out and take more money from you.

>degree discrimination

You literally by definition cannot discriminate against someone who made a choice. Liberal arts loans should absolutely never be forgiven.

All student loans should be based on prospects. Majors with higher employment should get lower interest loans, which naturally means STEM will (in general, not in every case) have better rates than the arts.

You're doing it for the piece of paper.

And honestly, if you care about the subject a lot, learning in class is much better than doing it on the internet.

The ones who are making the economy turn. The others should just not get loans period.

Banks have no incentive to rank the loan recipients, because the only way out of paying it back is death.

Degree forgiveness is going to happen eventually, there is going to be massive, massive defaults.

And people saying "should have gone stem" are idiots, STEM is just as shitty for jobs as anything else, it's just a bullshit excuse to keep the fa├žade that the entire economic system isn't absolute shit.

It's so fucking bad the real-estate agent my parents bought a house from has a PhD in chemistry, because she couldn't get work in her field.


lol because obama is a failure of a president.

Neither position is optimal. There should be max loan limits based on degree type. Liberal arts degrees should top at a max of $30,000 or so. If your shitty degree costs more, you need to pay out of pocket.

This will result in fewer grads in these shitty degrees or colleges reducing the price of low overhead liberal arts classes to fill seats.

Outsourcing, insourcing, too many people in general(the positions related to many areas are more or less finite - additional people won't really help).

I don't know about STEM. I just know that having a pure math bachelor degree, and 15 years of experience in tech support, isn't even opening entry level positions. That's with no loans, just working through college.

>pure math bachelor degree
Why would anyone study this? It's as useful as studying philosophy or literature.
The only reasonable job you can get with that is being a teacher.

Do not forget that Liberals want equality AND special treatment.

I never understood the student debt meme. Before I went to school I worked for a couple years and now I will be graduating debt free. I didn't even try to get a job during school because I had savings. Is it just different in canada?

Choices are limited at inexpensive local colleges. I probably will end up teaching, unless I transition into an actuarial certification.

Loan forgiveness wouldn't screw the taxpayer, since forgiving the debt makes it go away. Nobody pays it at all. Not the taxpayer. Not the student. The only losers are the banks.

how can you possibly be this ignorant.

It's more employable then physics, chemistry and biology based upon statistics, and is arguably as good as a CS degree from a shitty university.

The only STEM degrees with any economic value are engineering and even then the job markets are saturated short of a graduate degree.

You don't understand what debt *forgiveness* is, do you?

>It's more employable then physics, chemistry and biology

Get a degree in physics and find out for yourself.

Effective cost might be different.

It's almost unheard(now) of for families, or individuals to work and save before hitting school here.

If you put away 10-20% of a reasonable job per year, you'll get through almost any private school for 2-3 years without debt.

We also have shitloads of grants, that just don't get used(properly).
Ex. The Pell grant can give a dependent individual from a bad home, 5-6k a semester.
they spend it on luxury expenses.

No politician would approve of a bill that screwed the banks. Not even Sanders.

How about fed loans? Most of my friends in debt took those

Forgive everything and from that point loans are no longer handed out so easily.