Kayla, I summon you

Kayla, I summon you.

Hi, It's me Kayla.
You can donate to me at [email protected]



no i will not show my penis


Behave user

What are we donating for? I just gave my life savings to Bernie.



Stupid whore

Yeah, idk... I mean, this hoe better start showing some ass or I'm gonna split soon

dat ID


So you thought this post was so funny that you used it to create a separate thread?


post an adress where we could send semen

Talk it to /soc/

>not being able to send semen over electronic mail and or paypal
simply pleb

>Sup Forums now has a resident trap
You fucking faggots have ruined this place

you're based and all plus we're happy to have you in our ranks but you don't get money for nothing

get a job or ask /soc/ for money

always dreamed of waife's son ?
post her email and i will deliver within less than an hour


When a girl says something, it's your duty as a man to believe her until proven otherwise.

So far only 201.89 has been sent to my paypal.
You can do much better anons. Have at it!

why don't you b8 jews on /biz/rael they all have good paying jobs at ebay

B8 harder bitch. Pic and timestamp

up to 276.00 now.
great work guys. keep it coming!


Explain this

You faggots I told you it was a female.

And I haven't even tried to jack off yet so I'm not trying to rationalize

fucking more

QUEEN OF Sup Forums