Indonesia introduces death penalty and chemical castration for paedophiles

>Indonesia’s president has approved tough new punishments for child sex offenders, including a maximum penalty of death and chemical castration, after the brutal gang-rape and murder of a schoolgirl.

>Convicted paedophiles could also be forced to wear electronic monitoring devices following their release from jail under new rules introduced in an emergency decree.


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Sounds like a nice place.

Harsher punishments do not necessarily make a better society.


That's why we have a bunch of Dindu's running around, ameribro

It's the Orangutans that will suffer from this ruling

They are muslims.

Wasnt this a case of local mudslimes doing there thing as opposed to sex tourists?

I agree, we should base our system on America's 'justice' system. Murderers should be given 25 to life only for the most humane or justifiable of killings. Brutal sadists and multiple killers should be given no more than 5 years, eligible for parole within 2, so that way we don't run out of diversity too quickly.

why would you castrate them if you're just going to kill them afterwards

There is legally nothing wrong with castrating rapists if clearly guilty

I assume it's a punishment for the after life?

Any Germans around to comment on this?
I'm sure it's unthinkable for you all to try this.

Well since they are a Muslim country I doubt they will enforce these rules

Muslim countries seem so advanced to me. Like they don't even need laws to keep themselves in line.

That seems slightly redundant.

> Shoot pedo in the head.
> "Now Ahmir, chop the pig's balls off!"
> .... Why?

How do they feel about having to chemically castrate their prophete if he ever comes back on Earth

Honestly theyre about as Muslim as America was Christian back in the 50s. Only Muslims wear a uniform.

t. Vacationed in Jakarta & Bali

> Indonesia introduces death penalty and chemical castration for paedophiles
> child sex offenders,
cute misleading title, friend.

Chemical castration, while unfortunately named, isn't that harsh. Most pedos can control their sexual urges and never touch a real child. But if they can't control their urges they should have those urges controlled for them.

and a lack of punishment does not necessarily equate to a better society.

i'd rather a pedo be either sterilized or "put to sleep." it'll stop him from diddling kids, and hopefully deter others from doing so.

in a perfect world, this will be in conjunction with some sort of therapy. therapy's nice and all in this sort of situation, but i'm not sure how effective it is in this situation

So they're saying they'd kill their own prophet given the chance?

i thought it was more like "castration for repeat offenders, death for those who still rape after they're castrated" (or "castrate or death, depending on the severity of the crime"), not "castrate and then kill because why not?"