Are you happy now Sup Forums? You ruined this qt3.14 latinas life over a TWEET

Are you happy now Sup Forums? You ruined this qt3.14 latinas life over a TWEET.

I tried to warn yall niggas about the dangerous powers of meme magic. Now look what you've done

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Despite having a high GPA and a scholarship, she still wasn't smart enough to not reveal that she's an illegal alien.

When is she getting deported? She literally admitted to being her illegally. Shes pretty fucking stupid for having a 4.5 gpa

forgot link

good, good.

The smartest person can still be an egotistical fuckwad. The snowflake generation doesn't seem to realize this.

Good, she doesn't belong here and doesn't deserve to have her tuition payed for by us citizens.

Getting high scores in a test doesn't give you common sense.

beaners be gone REEEE

Good get that illegal alien outta here ASAP. MEME MAGIC IS REAL


>qt3. 14
>Looks like Carl the cuck
What the fuck is wrong with you?


I hope she gets deported and barred from re-entry ^~^

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Daily reminder that the Mexican invasion will never stop though you knew it was like that

Impying good grades have something to do with intelligence (it's about effort)

>thinking she still wont get a free ride


Some wymxns foundation or latino/hispanic or democrat foundation/fund will pay for her college full ride. At least it wont be you and me though.

I hope ICE comes and busts down her door at midnight and drags her ass down to Juarez to get pozzed by some narcos.


Beaner with high iq? Anyone else smell bullshit tacos.


Better this way. Still, I hope she gets raped behind a dumpster

>4.5 gpa

what did she mean by this?

Bless'd by Kek, Check'd.

First post best post

Can we recreate jessie slaughter here?


She's illegal. Case closed

OUT OUT OUT... why don't you take that supposedly 'smart' brain (that admits you're illegal and make mexico great again?)

>the high school she attended has 11% literacy in math, and 35% literacy in english

its her high school GPA, shes nothing special.

No, we ruined her over being here illegally. SHE ruined herself over a tweet.

>Be illigal immigrant
>Get free edumaburgercation
>Brag about it
>Not realizing you're a minority
You gun goofed

She went to crockett highschool. It's a complete shit school

She'll probably get a job at Google out of this--"cool legs Guadalupe"


> fpbp

Yes. She took scholarship money from some deserving American while saying how shit the country is. I hope she's forced to go live in Mexico. I bet the cartel will tell her just how smart she is while they're raping her.

think of all the good she could do back in mexico

oh thats right, she'll likely be gunned down in gang violence because its a hot shithole that no one who lives there can rightfully take pride in

Is she getting deported

over here if you are illegal you will need a NI need that to get college or uni

without it you cant get in.

how the fuck can you allow this america?

i litterally could get a plane to mexico...jump over some barb fucking wire...walk a few miles then walk straight into a college


So graduating at the top of her school is like being the smartest person with downs syndrome?

I love how these retarded females think they're smart when they get all these rewards in HIGH SCHOOL, where literally all you have to do to get straight A's is show up, write your name down, participate in a few "projects" that an 11 year old could put together. If they're so smart, why do so few go off to college and major in STEM?

I won't be happy until she's shit by one of her fellow gang rats and dies.

Goodbye! Have fun in Mexico with your GPA

>"cool legs Guadalupe"

I'm pretty sure she's on deferred action (I believe I saw it on a tweet) so sadly nothing can happen

This article is worthless. Besides the cry to be left alone, literally nothing happened. Fuck you OP

It doesn't say anything about high scores on any cognitive test - it says high GPA.

Getting a high GPA at a majority NAM school means the number of days you attended slightly outpaced the number of stabbings you did.

That's the thing, you can't. I had to give my social security number to join high education. Illegal scum tend to engage in identity theft, paying someone to get you anothers social security number so you can engage in society. Someone tried this shit on me a few years back. I want these filthy spics OUT!! REEEEEEEEEEE

I must be really dumb to understand how America works, but how the fuck do you even apply to a college if you don't have an ID?

I wish mexico had trees so it could burn just like leafland

>couldn't become a legal citizen despite being here since she was a small child

this piece of shit literally rode the gravy train with her family just to avoid paying themselves

But they aren't nice legs.

Why do they lie so much.

They would just pull your pants down, see you are uncut and know you're an illegal m8.


This country is a total joke. Trump is our last hope

I'm sure there are plenty undocumented immigrants who are doing what she did. They will never be as dumb as her, by opening her mouth and being an egotistical dumbass.

>She literally admitted to being her illegally.

Fuck off you racist shithead. She's undocumented not illegal.

she knows outsiders are now protected by the media. she's aware of her, emm, privilege I guess is the word

Actually there's been a few who've come out of the woodwork to post that they're also "educated" and undocumented, just for social support.

Im from burgerland, and I dont even know.


qt? They even have any standards? She looks like a rat.

If you're in a country without documentation, you're there illegally.

Rule 1 for illegal immigrants: Do not talk about your illegal immigrant status.
Rule 2 for illegal immigrants: Do NOT talk about your illegal immigrant status.

Pretty much this.

It's alarming to see how many people show off their book memorisation and teacher's pet skills. Or the ultimate bonus up multiplier - not looking like a member of the indigenous population.

No she is not legally here..
She is illegally here
She is illegal...

Incorrect. The term is unlawful, that you have no lawful reason to be there. But there is no crime of being in a country without documents.

>Are you happy now, Sup Forums?


It must be a state thing because I've never heard of this happening outside of the southwest.

Even here in Mexico she would be a 5 at most

No. Just no dude. Take your racist attitude out of this thread you're clearly too fucking stupid to understand what undocumented is. Don't bother posting some stupid ass link "proving" me wrong either, just because something is a law doesn't make it legal and I absolutely will not tolerate such stupidity any longer.

To be honest she's the biggest argument AGAINST immigration. She has the capability of being one of Mexico's best and brightest and help their country advance and instead she's a tax cheating taking a deserving student's place cunt.

You don't make other countries better by taking their best and brightest. She has to go back.

AP classes scale your GPA higher than the 4 celling

Walk into a store. Take an item off the shelf and leave without paying. Tell the cops:

>Just because something is a law doesn't make it legal


>Americans are so lazy even their valedictorian jobs are getting taken over

of course

she's not illegal, she's here on unlawful, not yet documented circumstances

not illegal

how is her life ruined ?

also, why is it Sup Forums-tards who did anything ? this was national news anybody in the country could have been talking shit to her

Tbqh she had the gaul to say it so she can't complain now

>equating items to people



>You ruined this foreign plain jane's free ride over a MISDEMEANOR


And yes I'm happy. Have we gotten that one "fug Drump nigguh" faggot in San Jose deported yet, while we're at it?


The cuck state shows its face again

Who passed that law to let illegals get tuition? Governors have been Republican since 1995

What the fuck does this mean?

How is it even possible to vote without an ID? What stops you from voting 2 times or more?

Pls no bully

Is it because he's a white male that he's wrong also?

>dont bother "arguing a point"

She has to go back.


>Those comments

She ruined her own life. Her hubris shows that at least some of her high credentials come from affirmative action. If she was more than just book smart she wouldn't have made such a stupid statement. OP is a faggot

If they arent registered they cant pay taxes right? That means they work illegal jobs and destroy legal jobs in return.

And it's not a secret exactly that many of them are involved in the narcotics trade. Dont deport them; eliminate them, let God sort em out.

Dems promise it won't happen.
Ironically Bernie supporters, who cry racism at the the mention of voter ID, claimed Clinton was busing in unregistered voters

Here's another one

this, I may be shit at tests but I know how to get shit done, I also know not to put personal info online

Shut the fuck up you racist.

You were trolling pretty good but this one was too obvious