What does pol think about the modern muslim

what does pol think about the modern muslim

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Stop. No one gives a shit about sand niggers. You give us all a bad name.

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I care about Muslims you BASTARD!!!!!!!

if they were modern they wouldn't be Muslims.

I think they are a plague on the Earth that needs to be cleansed.

Thats cool, go fuck off to Iran then, we're fucking full.

I'm white. I was born here. Canada is my fucking homeland, man. But Muslims are GREAT PEOPLE.


No. Please. Why don't you like me? I am Canadian to the roots, man. Please don't do this to me.

This is why Sup Forums hates us.

Can't be trusted. Accept Christ

Sup Forums hates us because Sup Forums is sexist and racist. Sup Forums is a cesspool website. Have some pride in your country, stop basing your worth off of right wing neckbeard validation on an anime debating website.

Muslims are great. I love Canada. Everyone is welcome here.


Fuck you Sweden. Your country is a model for what us Canadians want to BE.

Muslims are always going to be somewhat unpopular unless islam is reformed. There's no way for the average non-muslim to know who is moderate, especially when militant ones will often hide it in public.

While it's somewhat unfair it's not as though islam is a race, muslims can easily just get a different religion, a black person can't wake up one day and decide they aren't black anymore.

I have pride in my country, but we're too full to take on any more sand niggers.

Also basing my worth? I ain't basing shit, I'm genuinely this fascist. Ever try getting a job in real life? Wanna know how many Canadian jobs are outsourced to Chinks, Indians and now sand niggers?

They're bringing nothing to this country but an out dated culture and the increase of poverty due to there being no fucking jobs for any of them as Trudeau can't stimulate an economy worth fuck all.

Love and Compassion are good traits, but we've gone too far over the fucking idiocy end and need to get back on the fucking deck so we don't drown cause we forgot our floaties.

>"modern" muslim
is that like a
>"mexican" intellectual?

>Bigotry and Racism: THE POST

Please stop trolling you sound like an idiot

>tfw the lib says I'm not allowed to have an opinion if it doesn't fit his ideal world

>tfw hypocrisy

Not even an attempt to prove to me anything I said was wrong too.

I thought my job was to be noninclusive, man you guys fall way to far off your ladder just to prove to yourself you can argue with someone different then you.

Traitors 'n sheit.

I'm not trolling you fucking bigoted moron. Idiot.

I proved what you said was wrong by telling you that your post was racist, and bigoted.

If by "modern muslim" you mean ones who reject all of Islam's stupid regressive bullshit and are about as religious as your average American who goes to church on Sunday then makes better use of their time until next week, then I say bring em on.

And that goes double for the "muslims" who would just as soon say "fuck this religious horse shit, give me a beer and a BLT" but are still technically muslim because according to Islam you're born into it and if you don't like it you're free to get stoned to death.

>Having pride in being Canadian
>blaming other people for being unemployable NEET trash
as expected of a leaf.

Statues are haram.

That doesn't prove anything, thats just telling me I'm biased but then again so are you. Everyones Biased.

>modern muslim

Islam does not change and can not change, Muhammad was the last prophet. Muslims are the same today as they were 1000 years ago, enslaving people, killing homosexuals, chopping the hands off thieves, oppressing women, having sex with children and trying to conquer other lands. Naturally I don't like them.